Best Paid Online Survey Sites to Make Money

Do you want to make money with paid online surveys?

Yes? Then this article is especially for you.

Even though there are around 20+ international market research companies which offer paid surveys, not all of them are legit and honest with their users.

Fortunately, you can save a lot of time and avoid being scammed, because we tested out 20 most well know and used paid survey sites on our skin.

We used each of these at least three days a week for six months.

What we discovered, was SHOCKING:

  • 12 of 20 sites – we were able to earn at least something and withdraw our money or gift cards
  • 8 of 20 sites – we were NOT ABLE to withdraw our money or got suspended/banned

While the statistics above speak for themselves, I think these 12 companies which were honest and allowed their users to really redeem their hard-earned points/money need be more emphasized.

Therefore, we made wrote a comprehensive full review for each. In addition, we made a comparison table, see the picture. In our opinion, 9 out of 12 were most outstanding and worth including to the TOP 9 ranking.

Paid online surveys have become one of the most popular ways how to make money online. Mostly because these are easy to do, and they pay quite well. Although it depends on your profile, on average most of the people can expect to earn around $5-20 per survey, which takes approximately 15-20 minutes.

They all differ from each other; some of them offer money to your bank or PayPal account, others solely gift cards. Some companies provide more services in addition to paid surveys, and others don’t.

The rule of thumb is that if you are fine with PayPal withdrawals, you should use these:

That said, without further delay, here is the full list with all the details:

Top 9 Best Paid Online Surveys

If you are into taking paid surveys and want to earn some extra money with these, I recommend choosing more than one site. Around 3-4 sites will keep you loaded with surveys and other stuff. This way, you will never run out of opportunities to earn.

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1. SurveyJunkie

Survey Junkie Full Review Rating

Register: SurveyJunkie (~$2 sign-up bonus)

About the company: SurveyJunkie (Blue Media Ventures, Inc.) is a large market research company that was incorporated in 2011. It has over 10 million members.

Available: U.S, Canada, and Australia

Rewardable actions: Surveys

How to redeem rewards: E-gift cards, PayPal/Dwolla, and bank transfer. Gift cards and bank transfers are available only for U.S. residents.

Minimum payout: You must earn at least 1000 points (equal to $10) to pay out for all the reward options.

More information: SurveyJunkie review

Our opinion: The main thing that we love about Survey Junkie is simplicity. They don’t have many options on how to earn, but in my opinion, this is their strength, because all the focus is on surveys.

I have used it for many years and never had any problems with payouts or receiving gift cards. Surveys are usually exciting, and a big plus is a small reward you get for unqualifying (most survey sites do not pay you anything for that).

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks Full Review Rating

Register: Swagbucks ($10 sign-up bonus)

Register: Swagbucks(EU)  (€10 sign-up bonus)

About the company: Swagbucks (Prodege, LLC) is one of the most famous and biggest rewards sites on the Web. It was founded in 2005, and they have already paid out $337,381,982 + they give out 7000 gift cards daily.

Available: U.S., UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland,

Available Swagbucks(E.U.): Germany, France, Spain

Rewardable actions: Surveys/Daily Polls, finding Swag Codes, using SwagButton, searching the web, watching videos, shopping/buying gift cards, completing offers, playing games, inviting friends

How to redeem rewards: PayPal, gift cards

Minimum payout: Minimum payout for via PayPal is $25 (2500SB), and gift cards are starting from $3 (300SB)

More information: Swagbucks review

Our opinion: Swagbucks is one of our favorites and a go-to site if you are looking for more optionality than just surveys. If you are the type of person who spends a lot of time on the Internet, then Swagbucks is an excellent site where to get paid for activities that you would do anyway.

Also, they have one of the lowest thresholds for gift cards that we have seen (and we have seen MANY survey sites).

3. MyPoints

MyPointsi Full Review Rating

Register: MyPoints ($10 sign-up bonus)

About the company: MyPoints is a popular panel that was established in 1996 and was previously a subsidiary of United Online, Inc. In 2016 Proledge, LLC (Swagbucks) took over their ownership and is running now both sites – MyPoints and Swagbucks.

Available: U.S., Canada

Rewardable actions: Surveys and daily polls, reading e-mails, shopping, using coupons, playing games, watching videos, searching the web, testing trial products, and traveling.

How to redeem rewards: Gift cards, Cash payout, travel miles

Minimum payout: The minimum cash payout is $25. For that, you need 3970 points (1 point equals to approximately $0,0063). Gift cards are starting from as low as $5 (you need 793 points for that).

More Information: MyPoints review

Our opinion: MyPoints is very similar to Swagbucks because they offer a wide variety of rewardable actions.

I think their most significant difference (and it’s a big plus) is that they are partnering with some airline companies (American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines) so you can redeem your points to travel miles.

4. InboxDollars

InboxDollars Full Review Rating

Register: InboxDollars ($5 sign-up bonus)

About the company: Company behind InboxDollar is CotterWeb Enterprices, Inc., which also has trademarks like SendEarnings, InboxPounds, and DailyRewards. It was founded in 2000, and now they have millions of members.

Available: U.S.

Rewardable actions: Surveys, reading paid e-mails, trying new products, watching videos or television, playing games, shopping online, searching the Web, downloading grocery coupons

How to redeem rewards: Gift card, Prepaid Visa card, ePayment/Check Payment

Minimum payout: Minimum payment for cash is $30 and for Gift card $3.

More information: InboxDollars review

Our opinion: There are some aspects that we like about inbox dollar – no complicated point systems, you are earning dollars. Similarly to Swagbucks and MyPoints, Inbox dollars have many different rewardable actions between you can choose.

On the negative side, I would point out that you can’t transfer your money via PayPal, and to cash out, you have to collect $30, which is relatively high compared with other sites. Also, there is a $3 processing fee.

5. Vindale Research

Vindale Research review

Register: Vindale Research ($1 sign-up bonus)

About the company: Vindale Research is part of iGain Company, LLC. Nathaniel Ehrich founded the site itself in 2005. For over a decade, they have served surveys to panelists and have reached over 5 million subscribers.

Available: U.S., Canada, Great Britain, Australia

Rewardable actions: Surveys, product reviews, paid photos, reading paid e-mails, watching videos, referrals

How to redeem rewards: Check, PayPal.

Minimum payout: The minimum payout is $25.

More information: Vindale Research review

Our opinion: Vindale Research is quite similar to previous sites.

Even though usually the rewards are slightly smaller compared to other sites, it’s still worth to look into because you can only complete surveys that exceed your minimum mental threshold in regards to rewards.

Therefore, we recommend to use as an addition to other sites, to maximize your hourly earnings.

6. OneOpinion

OneOpinion Full Review Rating

Register: OneOpinion

About the company: OneOpnion is owned and operated by Critical Mix, Inc., which was founded in 2010. They have BBB rating A+.

Available: US, Canada, UK, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia

Rewardable actions: Surveys and product testing

How to redeem rewards: Gift cards, PayPal, Virtual Visa Debit card

Minimum payout: For all the activities, the minimum payout is $25 (25 000 points).

More information: OneOpinion review

Our opinion: OneOpinion is very simple and easy to use. They also have a beautiful and easy-to-read homepage.

On the positive side – they pay you small rewards for qualifying to 5 surveys every day.

On the negative side – the points system is quite uncomfortable, as mentioned above – you have to collect 25 000 points to pay out $25. It is one of the highest thresholds that we have seen. Several sites have the same minimum threshold for cash payouts, but for gift cards, usually, it is much lower.

7. EarningStation

EarningStationi Full Review Rating

Register: EarningStation (UPDATE: NOW CLOSED)

About the company: Company that is behind EarningStation is iGain LLC. They are BBB accredited, and they have an A rating.

Available: U.S.

Rewardable actions: Take surveys, complete offers, watch videos, shopping, search the web, play games, read paid e-mails, test products

How to redeem rewards: Gift cards, PayPal

More information: EarningStation review

Minimum payout: Minimum Payout for cash is $25, and for that, you need 2500SD (Station Dollars). You can start to redeem your points to gift cards if you have collected 1000SD (gift cards worth $10)

Our opinion: Like Swagbucks and MyPoints, EarninStaion has many different options to earn points. We recommend to use it parallel to other sites to maximize earning opportunities.

8. SurveyClub

Survey Club Full Review Rating

Register: SurveyClub

About the company: SurveyClub was founded in 2005. SurveyClub is a little bit different than many other market research companies. They only match you with suitable survey panels on your location or ideal according to your demographical information.

Available: US, Canada, UK, Australia

Rewardable actions: Take surveys, paid focus groups, clinical research studies

How to redeem rewards: Amazon Gift cards, check, PayPal

Minimum payout: $20 for all the options. But you need to know that they are matching you with many other survey panels, and this $20 threshold means you have to reach this money on their site.

More information: SurveyClub review

Our opinion: On the positive side, we love their bonus system, it is easy to keep track of your earnings because you can see your balance straight in $ (most sites give you points that are a certain amount of $).

On the negative side, as said above, if you earn a few dollars from different survey panels, it does not account on SurveyClub, and it is relatively hard to collect their minimum threshold of $20.

9. VIP Voice

VIP Voice Full Review Rating

Register: VIP Voice

About the company: VIPVoice is part of The NPD Group, Inc. that was founded in 1967. They claim to conduct more than 12 millions of surveys per year.

Available: U.S., Canada

Rewardable actions: Surveys

How to redeem rewards: No gift cards or payments, you can use points in BidLand and SweepLand to win different auctions or prizes like vacations, electronics, gift cards, etc.

Minimum payout: No payouts, just lottery prizes.

More information: VIP Voice review

Our opinion: VIP Voice is different from other sites that pay you a certain amount of points/dollars for your effort – as mentioned above, you only will be rewarded with points that you can use to participate in auctions or win prizes.

Therefore, we recommend to use it only if you love to answer surveys and take part in auctions and lotteries. You should always keep in mind that there is only a slight chance that you will win the auction or prizes; thus, you have to evaluate whether or not these are worth your time.

On the positive side – the more surveys you make, the higher the member level you have, and the more points you get for finishing the surveys. You will receive some points (according to your level) even if you unqualified.

Honorable Mentions

These are very promising paid survey panels that we are still testing at the moment. We didn’t include these to our list, because we cannot do a fair comparison between all analyzed paid survey panels until we finish the testing process. That being said, here these are:

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