6 Best Online Tutoring Jobs

Have a passion for a subject? Need a way to make money online? Are you already experienced in teaching? If any of these describe you, then you are right for online tutoring!

In recent years, online tutoring has seen a significant rise. It is convenient, feasible, and an easy way of making money online. Online tutoring is also very flexible, meaning you can make it fit around your schedule too!

Each year millions of people gain access to the internet leading to surging demand for online tutors. People are looking for tutors for SAT prep, ESL teaching, and math practice. Online tutoring is more convenient for people as it allows them to access high-quality education, which might not be available or affordable in their region.

Online tutoring websites are always on the look-out for tutors who are passionate about their subjects, meaning you don’t always need a degree or experience to start tutoring online. There are lots of websites out there, which allow you to start tutoring from the very beginning.

Online tutoring is one of the most flexible online jobs out there. It’s also suitable for a wide range of people, including stay-at-home parents, retired teachers, and students. Online tutoring websites often allow you to choose the hours which work best for you, and you don’t always need previous experience (bonus!).

In this article, we have highlighted six online tutoring jobs with very different goals, requirements, and rates of pay, so there will be something for everyone! Take a look below to find the one which is perfect for you:

Best Online Tutoring Jobs By Required Experience

1. Learn to Be – For those who are new to tutoring

  • Overview: Learn to Be is was set up for a particular reason. They are a non-profit organization that connects their tutors with underprivileged youth across the country to provide them with a quality education at affordable prices. All of their prices for students are relative to what they can afford to pay, allowing students to access quality education at a price they can afford.
  • Website: Learn to Be
  • Pay: Tutors on Learn to Be can expect between $14-24 an hour.
  • Requirements: Learn to Be asks for their tutors to be high school age and above. They require no educational background and only ask that you have a passion for the subject that you’d like to teach. So if you love language or have a passion for problem-solving, then Learn to Be is right for you.
  • The application process: The application process is super simple. You have to fill out an application, including a short video, so Learn to Be can understand you a little better. After a successful application and background check, you can start finding students who could benefit from your tutoring.

Learn to Be’s easy application process means you’ll be tutoring in no time. There’s also the bonus that in tutoring online through Learn to Be, you’ll be helping underprivileged children access quality education, which they wouldn’t otherwise have.

2. Chegg Tutors: For beginners and those with experience

  • Overview: Chegg Tutors believe that all students should have access to extra educational support when they need it without getting into debt. They hire quality tutors and state that they are available 24/7 for their students. 96% of lessons on Chegg Tutors have positive reviews, so this is a well-developed online tutoring website to work for.
  • Website: Chegg Tutors
  • Pay: Chegg Tutors offer a starting pay of $20 per hour, but they boast that their top tutors can earn up to $1000+ per month. They also offer bonuses for in-demand subjects such as the sciences and math.
  • Requirements: Chegg Tutors require you to send them a high school diploma and two different forms of ID. Chegg Tutors say you’ll hear back from them within seven days.
  • The application process: To start, you’ll have to fill out an application form and have a successful background check conducted. Some subjects will require you to take an online exam to check your subject knowledge is adequate for the level you’d like to teach. If all of this goes well, Chegg Tutors will contact you within seven days, and you can start tutoring online. It’s as simple as that.

Chegg Tutors has a relatively short application process. As a bonus, if you’re successful and start tutoring for them, you won’t have to go looking for students. You log in to your account, and Chegg Tutors matches students to you based on your experience and their needs.

3. Tutors.com: For students in high school

  • Overview: Tutors.com was set up in December 2013, and so is relatively new in the world of online tutoring. Despite its youth, it has over 1 million students linked with tutors, over 18,000 active tutors, and over 400,000 students using the website. Tutors.com is appropriate for those who are new to online tutoring. It is also suitable for a range of people as it has less specific requirements than some other online tutoring websites.
  • Website: Tutors.com
  • Pay: Tutors are paid an average of $30 per hour, but this can increase to up to $60 an hour, depending on relevant experience and qualifications. It’s one of the most well-paid online tutoring jobs that we’ve recommended here.
  • Requirements: Tutors.com has a few elementary requirements. All they ask is that you hold a high school diploma or GED.
  • The application process: Applying with Tutors.com is simple. First, you set up a profile where you talk about yourself, your skills, and specialist subjects that you would like to teach. This process is a way of advertising yourself to your potential students. Tutors.com has lots of tips on setting up the best profile to attract the most customers possible. You then wait for tutoring requests from students, and you’re ready to go!

Tutors.com has a straightforward application process, which makes it friendly and easy for you to start tutoring and making money from the comfort of your own home. The rate of pay is pretty good too!

4. Tutor.com: For those with higher education degrees

  • Overview: Tutor.com was set up in 1998 by a group of people who wanted to use the internet to connect tutors and students. It thrives on convenience, allowing tutors and students to connect while remaining in the comfort of their own homes. Tutor.com boasts thousands of expert tutors for over 40 different subjects. Tutor.com is not aimed at those who are new to tutoring; a high level of knowledge is expected for tutors, and places are very competitive.
  • Website: Tutor.com
  • Pay: Tutor.com has a beginning salary of between $10-11 an hour, but this quickly rises with experience.
  • Requirements: Tutor.com does have a list of specific requirements that you must meet before you start tutoring online. You must reside in the US, be able to work in the US, and have a social security number. They also request 5+ hours of availability per week. You must be an expert in your subject and hold a degree that is credited to the US or Canada. Tutor.com also asks that its applicants are proficient in the English language to give their students the best teaching experience possible.
  • The application process: There are five stages to becoming a tutor on Tutor.com:
    • Fill in an application form detailing information about yourself, why you’d like to become a tutor, and your educational background.
    • You are then required to take a subject exam to check your subject knowledge is appropriate for the level you’d like to teach.
    • You will then be asked to participate in a mock tutoring session so they can see how you teach.
    • Tutor.com will then conduct a comprehensive background check.
    • Then you’re ready to start tutoring!

Tutor.com has a slightly longer list of requirements compared to some of the other online tutoring jobs we have suggested here, but the rates of pay rise as you progress, and they are very thorough in selecting the correct people for their tutoring roles.

6. Special Ed Resource: Special educational needs

  • Overview: Special Ed Resource vows to help children with special educational needs meet their full potential. They offer customized 1-2-1 tutoring by connecting students with the appropriate tutors to achieve the best results. They have three different tutoring options: homework help tutoring, an advanced learning program, and a homeschool tutoring program, so there are a lot of possibilities for tutors.
  • Website: Special Ed Resource
  • Pay: Special Ed Resource has a beginning salary of $13 per hour, but this rises with experience.
  • Requirements: Since Special Ed Resource offers unique programs, you do need a BA in Special Education and a successful background check to start tutoring online with them.
  • The application process: On Special Ed Resource’s website, there is an application that you have to fill out. You must also submit a resume. If accepted, you can start tutoring with them right away.

If you’re looking for a fulfilling and specific online tutoring experience, then Special Ed Tutoring could be for you. Due to their specialist tutoring, they do have more specific requirements, but if these suit you, then you’re ready to start!

5. VIPKid: For those with some experience

  • Overview: VIPKid is an online education company based in China. They aim to provide Chinese students with an experience of American education to improve their English skills. VIPKid is more suited to people who already have an experience of teaching, or a teaching degree is preferred. If this describes you, then VIPKid is right for you.
  • Website: VIPKid
  • Pay: VIPKid pays between $15-22 per hour.
  • Requirements: VIPKid does have a few specific requirements to ensure that they hire the best tutors. You must be eligible to work in the US or Canda and hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. VIPKid is also looking for at least one school year of teaching or mentoring experience before you can start tutoring online with them.
  • The application process: You first must fill out an application form, and if successful, you will be invited to do an online tutoring demonstration. This is so the team at VIPKid can understand how you teach and whether you will fit into their team of online tutors. After this, you will be expected to attend a mock class where they will supply you with teaching resources. Then you’ll be able to start tutoring.

VIPKid’s application process is relatively lengthy, and if you are successful, they ask that you sign a minimum 6-month contract. Despite this, they are a well-known organization in the world of online tutoring that offers a competitive rate of pay.

Final Thoughts on Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is a rewarding experience that offers people an opportunity to work from home and make money from doing something they love. Depending on your relevant skills, degrees, and experience, it’s possible to make decent money from the comfort of your own home and at your convenience.

Something to consider is your technology. You’ll need a good internet connection, a microphone and a webcam which you can use. Most people in this day and age have these things already, but it’s always good to check. You should also be able to troubleshoot fundamental issues such as internet connectivity issues and microphone problems.

It’s worth noting that your hourly rate of pay will be entirely dependent on your experience, degrees, and the subject, STEM subjects like math and science usually tend to be higher paid than subjects like English. If you have a master’s degree or are teaching a particular topic, then you are also more likely to generate additional money.

Make sure you choose the website which suits you and your experiences best. This could even be a combination of the ones we’ve recommended today. Nothing is stopping you from earning money by online tutoring on a range of different websites.

With all of this considered, if you’re looking for a work from home jobs, and you love helping students reach excellence, then any of these websites are suited to you.

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