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Please don’t hesitate to contact me. No matter, if you have a question you are looking for an answer, blog post idea about topic you would like to read about, or just would love to talk about ways to make money online and throw ideas around.

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Here are some FAQs which might answer some of your questions.

Even though making money online is pretty easy, getting quality information on this topic is surprisingly hard.

Every time I hang out on online money related Facebook groups or blogs and see someone ask about the best methods to make money online, it’s ALWAYS the same. You get thrown a list of tactics that kind of work sometimes. You get NO details on how this actually works in real life, how much can you really earn, and that’s it.

Figure it out.

And most people are fine with it because they don’t know any better.

While I’ve been making money online for years (actually, I run several online businesses), many friends of mine have been asking my help and guidance to get started. As I saw high interest against this topic, I decided to launch a new blog dedicated solely on these topics.

Yes, and no!

Even though there are several blogs which aim to cover the same topic, our content is absolutely different.

How? Most of the high ranking articles on the internet about “how to make money online” are FULL OF SHIT (sorry, pardon my French).

Why? Because they are aimed solely on collecting the advertisement fees, thus they make tons of false claims to make people try these methods out, like “EARN UP TO $75 PER HOUR WITH PAID ONLINE SURVEYS”.

In reality, you are going to make around $4-10 per hour.

For our website, this is actually good. It’s how we are planning to succeed and stand out from all the other blogs out there which cover these topics.

We aim to be brutally honest! Doesn’t matter, if we are not going to collect any short-term advertisement fees, we have a long-term strategy, where we want our readers to: 1) visit this blog regularly; 2) be a community where we share knowledge and case studies.

Even though I knew pretty much about this topic before we launched OnlineMoneyPage, we decided to do everything from scratch.

How we did it?

First of all, we listed up all the methods which seemed worth to consider.

Second, we ignored what other people have posted on their blogs.

Instead, we put together a team of freelancers who started field testing everything.

In total, we tested hundreds of methods, each at least a 6-12 months. Through trial and error, getting scammed several times, we’ve managed to sort out the best and working methods.

On top of that, we know exactly how much can you really earn, all the tips and tricks, and in contrast, which sites to avoid.

Believe me, I know what I am talking about, as I am running a blog called OnlineMoneyPage, I have made it my business to know everything about it. This website covers all the topics on how to make money, save money, and invest it afterward.

Although there is no simple answer for this question, it depends solely on you and the formula is quite simple: the more time and effort you are willing to invest, the more you earn, and vice versa.

However, keep in mind, that usually there is no such thing as free money. Yes, some companies may give you a few dollars or gift cards for free, but if you desire to make thousands or even 5-7 figures per month (no, it’s not a typo, several of my friends are earning 6 figures per month with method #6 on the list), then you have to invest either your time, money or a little bit of both and follow the guidelines provided in this blog.

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