6 Sites and Apps to Get Free Paypal Money Right Now

Paypal is one of the best online payment processors available today.

Not only can it be used to make purchases in a large number of stores, but it is also possible to deposit the money received through this payment processor in our credit card, debit card or even a bank account, which will allow us to withdraw the cash to be used later in any type of establishment.

That’s why this time we will show you a list of applications and free sites with which you can get free Paypal money quickly and easily.

Read on to learn about the 13 sites and applications we recommend to get free Paypal money!

1. Earn money by answering surveys and doing short tasks with PrizeRebel

Overview: PrizeRebel is a site through which you can earn money by answering surveys and performing quick tasks and offers from its advertisers.

While you can make money doing offers and tasks, its strength lies in surveys. Depending on your location, you can receive more than five surveys a day.

This site is available to all countries in the world, but they tend to send out more surveys to English-speaking countries, especially the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

How much can you earn: the amount of money you make with PrizeRebel depends on the number of surveys you take and the country you are in. On average, you can earn from 50 cents to over $5 per survey, so if you take 20 surveys a week and get paid $3 each, you have the potential to earn $60 per week and even more.

Tips to earn: To increase your chances of making money with PrizeRebel, it is advisable to fill out your survey profile very carefully. This will ensure that the surveys the site sends you are surveys that you qualify.

We also recommend that you be smart about the surveys you take; when taking a survey, always look at how long it will make and how much you will be paid for it. With this in mind, try to choose the shortest surveys that pay the most. In addition to checking your mail, it is also a good idea to visit the site a couple of times a day, since not all the surveys you have available at PriceRebel are mailed out.

Payment methods: in addition to being able to withdraw your funds through Paypal, you can choose to receive your payment on a gift card instead. Something exciting about this site is that you can choose from a large selection of gift cards, from common sites like Netflix and Amazon to more rare, specialized stores.

Minimum withdrawal amount: You can withdraw the money in your account once you have accumulated 5 dollars.

2. Make money watching videos with Paid2YouTube

Overview: Paid2YouTube is a website that allows you to earn money watching videos on Youtube. Its operation is very simple: after registering on the site, you will have access to a panel in which you will see a large number of videos. All you have to do is open each video and keep it open for 30 seconds so that the money is credited to your account.

How much can you earn: Admittedly, you can’t expect much money from this website, considering that all you have to do to get it is watch videos on Youtube. After watching a video, you will receive $0.005, as long as you keep the video open for more than 30 seconds.

Tips to earn: If you want to get the most out of this app, you can open videos and leave them open while you do other tasks on your computer so that earning money with this method is not so tedious. You can also take advantage of the different alternative ways to make money. In some cases, you can comment, share, and like specific videos. Each of these actions will represent a payment, which will be added to the payment you will receive just for watching the video.

Payment methods: This site pays through Paypal only.

Minimum withdrawal amount: You’ll be able to withdraw the funds from your account once you have accumulated 10 dollars.

3. Make money translating with Unbabel.

Overview: If you can read and write in more than one language, translating with Unbabel can be an excellent option to make money on Paypal.

To start earning with this site, you will first need to register and select the language pairs you are comfortable translating into. After that, you will have to pass a brief translation test, and if you pass it the first time, you will be able to start working right away.

There is a large selection of languages, and there is usually plenty of work available in the most common language pairs. This site works with translators around the world, so you don’t have to worry about your location.

How much can you earn: The money you can make with this site will depend directly on your language skills and the speed at which you can translate. This site pays by the hour: beginner translators can expect to earn about $8 an hour, and this payout can be increased up to 18 dollars per hour.

Tips to earn: If you want to increase your profits by translating with this site, you should improve your translation skills to be able to translate more material in less time. The more you translate, the more likely you are to increase your salary. You should also make sure you always deliver your best work, as negative feedback can negatively affect the amount of work you are given.

Payment methods: This site pays through Paypal and Payoneer.

Minimum withdrawal amount: The minimum amount of money you can withdraw through Paypal is 5 dollars, and through Payoneer, this increases to 20 dollars.

App rating: In the Play Store, this application has a rating of 2.7 out of 5 and has received 209 votes and reviews, while in the App Store, the rating is 4.7 out of 5, and has more than 250 reviews.

4. Make money transceiving with Transcribe Me.

Overview: Transcribe me is a site that anyone who can understand and write in English can use to earn money by transcribing audio clips for different companies. The audios to be transcribed are usually varied and can last anywhere from one minute to over an hour.

To start working with this site, you must first register by entering your data. Then you will have to pass a transcription test, which is divided into sections, one for grammar and another one that seeks to test your ability to transcribe audios. If you pass this test, you can start working.

How much can you earn: The amount of money you can make using this platform will depend on your speed of transcription, and how much you work on it. For every hour of audio transcribed, Transcribe me pays me $20, so if you can transcribe 4 hours of audio over 8 hours, you can earn $80 a day, which would be a full-time salary.

Tips to earn: If you want to make sure you have the best chances of earning money with Transcribe Me, you should try to improve your skills as a transcriber. Since this platform pays per hour of audio transcription, the more you can transcribe in less time, the better for your earnings. You can also consider taking exams and courses offered by this site to access more technical jobs, which offer better pay.

Payment methods: this site pays through Paypal.

Minimum withdrawal amount: You can withdraw the money in your account once you have accumulated 20 dollars, Something that should be easy to achieve, considering that you will only have to transcribe one hour of audio to get this money.

5. Get free Paypal money teaching conversational English to people around the world with Cambly.

Overview: Cambly is an app that will allow you to earn money teaching English to people all over the world. This app focuses on conversational English, so it is not necessary (but recommended) to have experience teaching this language.

An exciting feature of this app is that it accepts both native and non-native English speakers, so anyone who can speak English fluently can apply to work at Cambly. To use, you will only have to register by entering your data, and you will have to upload a video to the platform in which you speak English.

How much can you earn: Cambly offers its tutors a payout of 17 cents per minute, so you have the potential to earn more than $10 per hour. In addition to this payout, it also offers bonuses that can significantly increase your earnings.

Tips to earn: With this kind of application, the best thing you can do to make money is to work on them as much as possible. You can look at what times there are more students, to connect to those hours and increase the chance of a student chatting with you.

Payment methods: This app pays only through Paypal

Minimum withdrawal amount: To withdraw your funds from Cambly, you must have a minimum of $20. If you have this amount of money accumulated, it will be deposited into your Paypal account every Monday.

App rating: In the Play Store, this application has a rating of 4.1 out of 5, and has received 67,551 votes and reviews, while in the App Store the rating is 4.5 out of 5, and has more than 6000 reviews.

6. Earn money when you shop online with Ebates.

Overview: Ebates is an app that allows you to earn money by doing something that you probably already do anyway, shopping online. The operation is effortless: after downloading the application and registering, you will have to make all your purchases through this site. Fortunately, you can buy from a wide variety of stores (including Amazon). After purchasing through Ebates, it will reimburse you up to 40 percent of the purchase you made.

How much can you earn: It is practically impossible to estimate the amount of money that can be obtained with this type of site. The profits you make will depend directly on how often you buy products online through the website, and how much you are reimbursed for these products. It should be noted that as with some applications mentioned in this list, this is not a get rich scheme, but a way to earn some money for something you have to do anyway.

Tips to earn: If you want to maximize your earnings with this app, it is recommended that every time you have to buy a product, you do it from the app, to obtain the highest earnings.

Payment methods: This app pays only through Paypal

Minimum withdrawal amount: To withdraw your funds from Ebates, you must have a minimum of $20 accumulated in your account.

App Ratings: In the App Store, this app has a rating of 4.4 out of 5, and has more than 24,100 reviews. In the Play Store, the situation is very similar, since the app has a rating of 4.2 out of 5, and has received about 53,505 votes.

As you may have noticed through this article, the possibilities to get free money in your Paypal are almost unlimited, and that is why no matter what skills you have, you will find something that suits your needs.

Luckily, most of these methods through which you can get money on your Paypal do not cost more than time, and some effort by those who want to earn money. This shows that anyone in the world with access to Paypal and an internet-connected device can make money online. What are you waiting for to try these methods? Let us know how it goes in the comments!

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