7 Ways to Get Paid to Test Products at Home

Can you get paid to test products? Fortunately, you can!

Some companies are ready to pay you to test their products. Companies get the merit of saving money when they get test results from actual people. They can decide whether to sell or modify a new product/service. Furthermore, they can understand why a particular product is performing well in the market.

Product testing is considered unusual and rewarding. Some companies go the extra mile to ship the physical product to you.

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How to Get Paid To Test Products

I will help you to understand how you can make money by testing products.

The first step is to register to sites that offer paid product testing, and there are several of these sites.

Next, these sites require one to fill a short register survey emphasizing essential specific information. The information you provide to the company will enable them to identify you with the type of products to review.

Last, but not least, you send them your opinion to get rewards in forms of cash or gift cards. As a bonus, you can keep the product for free as compensation from the company.

Too many promotional emails tend to be annoying to most people. Most of these sites tend to send emails regularly whenever the need arises. The best way out of it is by creating another email account to direct the emails.

Several companies are searching for people to test their products or services. We listed up the top seven approved companies to work for and which are currently looking for people to check their products.

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These companies have presented themselves to be trustworthy to work for and competent to do business. We shall now look at each of them at a time briefly, what they offer, why we like them, and why we don’t – the good, the bad, and the ugly

1. American Consumer Opinion

Having a payout record of over $30 million to product testers, American Consumer Opinion abbreviated as ACOP is the place to be. American Consumer Opinion supports over 7 million users worldwide. It is the best site to register to be beneficially like all the other 7 million members.

How do I become a product tester?

Becoming part of the product tester team at ACOP registration process is easy. Also, you can create an account through syncing your login either Facebook or Google with their dashboard. You see, Shouldn’t be too complicated.

Upon being a panel member, one participates in several surveys per year; you are expected to give your honest feedback about a product or review. The study consists of short and simple questions with a duration of 10 minutes per survey. In every research you cooperate, you earn points.

ACOP makes it attractive as they request you to take a screener survey which guides them in identifying the opportunities to offer you every month.

What do they offer?

In their research, ACOP asks its users about their thoughts on different areas, which include; the economy, advertising campaigns, new product ideas, and so on.

What do we like about them?

American Consumer Opinion has a wide range of topics. They work with fortune 500 companies; the subjects include hip retailers, tanning lotion, snack food, and many others. Hence you can be lucky to get a fantastic product or service due to their vast cover scope.

When a new opportunity arises, ACOP sends text alerts immediately to you in order not to miss out. It is excellent for us since we are occupied with our daily routine and can end up forgetting. ACOP ensures we do not miss out on most opportunities due to lack of information.

We are all connected as one people, no matter your gender, race, living standards, or culture. American Consumer Opinion understands this fact. Thus they offer multiple ways to utilize your points. Instead of cashing them, you can use them to make donations to various charities.

2. Vindale Research

The Vindale Research is the next fantastic product tester to work for which w to look. Its popularity comes from the cash-only reimburse. When you test a product for them, you are sure that the reward will be in the form of money.

Vindale Research has paid out its members over $7 million. Being in operation since 2005, they assist various companies in testing products. Through Vindale mobile device or Vindale desktop, you can offer your thoughts about a product. They ask you about your experience with the use of a product or service.

How to get paid?

For you to become a member at Vindale, you have to apply for available surveys, then respond to a series of short questions to prove that you are qualified. When you picked, you will be returning to some questions and earn cash bonuses for every survey you take.

Once you attain a balance of at least $50, you can make a payment request. You can withdraw the achieved cash bonuses via PayPal or check. We can view this as a saving plan rather than being paid for every $1 you make and end up misusing it.

What do they offer?

Vindale research asks opinions about trends in fashion, experience with products you have used in your past, and questions concerning digital services.

What do we love about them?

The fantastic thing with using Vindale Research is that you get paid for referring friends and watching videos. You also get a $2 cash bonus for signing up with them. It is such easy money you can earn at the comfort of your couch.

The reward is purely cash; in the current society, money has become a fundamental requirement in all our undertakings in life to satisfy our daily needs. Vindale research method suits us all.

Vindale research gives you detailed information about a survey before taking it. You are informed about how much you will get from a study and the duration it takes to complete the survey. It is useful for psychological preparedness and decision making.

What don’t we like about them?

Vindale does not send a physical product for you to research; thus, there is no product for you to keep. There is also no payment made until you reach a minimum balance of $50. It tends to be a long wait to get your reward.

Finally, Vindale Research is worth signing up for due to the various details we have looked above. It is easy to get paid for the product test.

3. National Consumer Panel (Nielson)

National Consumer Panel (NCP) is mostly associated with Nielson. Nielson is a company that has built its name to the level of market research. Nielson TV rating is accessible to many since they have carried out a study on American consumers for years.

National Consumer Panel works hand in hand with iRI; IRI is a marketing research and data analytics company. National Consumer Panel is a sub-brand managed by Nielson. This merger has brought about Homescan program hosting.

How does the Homescan Program work?

Once you sign up for a membership at National Consumer Panel to become a product tester, you are allowed access to their mobile application, or you can get a handheld scanner.

With either of the two devices, you can use scan the barcode of the items you buy when shopping to gain points. It is that simple. However, to earn extra points, you can take part in surveys.

What do they offer?

Interview about the when what, how, and so on about why Americans watch some shows. It is carried out as a type of market research.

What do we like about the program?

Ease of registration. It is not complicated and should take you no more than 3 minutes. The types of questions they ask are easy-to-answer.

Fantastic reputation, this is the basis for every giant company that you have ever heard. Good standing means that the program is sincere and delivers what it sets too.

What do we like about them?

Operated by Nielson company, a well-established and trusted company. Hence signing up with them is a guarantee of value for what you work for, registering with National Consumer Panel puts you in the waiting line for recruitment.

Points earned from the scanning products are used to win merchandise and gift cards. Extra points earned from participating in surveys enter you into a draw to win gift cards, cash or bonus points.

What don’t we like about them?

They select people occasionally; this is not a significant issue. The issue is about their criteria of selection as they pick according to a particular group of the people or a specific geographical region.

4. Pinecone Research

It is of importance to note that Pinecone, just like NCP, is a sub-brand of Nielson. It is unique because it is concerned with a test for products which are not yet in the market.

Pinecone research site claims it is in the front line in airing out the thoughts of consumers nationwide. Once becoming a research panelist, you will have a platform to give out your ideas about a particular product/service.

How does it work?

The initial step for one to be a product tester at Pinecone research is by signing up to be a member. The process is free of charge. After signing up, you will get email notifications about new opportunities for product testing and more important, about upcoming surveys.

Pinecone allows you to directly be contacted by the companies about product idea through surveys or they can have Pinecone send you the product to you for you to test it at the comfort of your home.

After sending the products, you are required to complete the questionnaires about the product. It, in turn, enables you to earn points; you can convert these points to prizes and cash. Most important noting is that you are required to be the actual product tester to attain reliable results.

How to get paid?

Just like the other sites, Pinecone research awards you with points whenever you participate in a survey or home testing case. To prove that you are the indeed the account holder Pinecone sends a check for your first payment to your home address.

What do they offer?

After submitting you a product, they accompany it with a questionnaire. Upon becoming a research panelist, you can provide your opinion on a product or service.

What do we like about them?

Pinecone has a reputation excellent similar to that of the National Consumer Panel since Nielson operates them. This alone satisfies the question of trust and reliability.

Pinecone Research offers better pay per survey. You earn $3 for every successful product test survey. Pinecone provides a wide variety of gift card alternatives, and as a means for the compensation, they offer sweepstakes.

What don’t we like about them?

You have to reapply again for recruitment in case you do not succeed. This is because Pinecone research only keeps your details for a short time waiting for an opportunity to arise, if it does not, then you repeat the whole process.

Since Pinecone research focuses on families/ household view of a product, the panel slots are not available to all. They are open to only those that household’s details are what they want.

5. JJ Friends & Neighbors (John & Johnson)

Whenever we hear the words John & Johnson, we automatically relate without any struggles. They are the manufacturers of baby and beauty products, besides; they also own Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, Aveeno, and a couple of more other brands. They are among the most prominent brands globally and have undertaken the business for over 100years.

It is effortless to be a member at JJ Friends & Neighbors, all you have to do is visit their website where you will find a register button. Click the button where you will be requested to enter your email, and you are also required to create a username and password.

Next, you go to the link as directed to wind up with your membership. Then you will receive emails about surveys that suit your specific strategy; alternatively, you can look for product testing opportunities from their website. The procedure is worth taking, considering the name of the company.

Some of the opportunity also available at JJ Friends $ Neighbors include; panels, focus groups, taking part in online survey and discussion groups.

What do they offer?

JJ Friends & Neighbors allows you to test products even before they launched. The company also provides on-site test at-home test and company test. This program also allows us to give our view on the products which they produce.

How to get paid?

A prepaid visa card is what you get as an appreciation.

What do we like about the program?

First and foremost merit of the JJ Friends & Neighbors is that they permit you to keep products after testing for free incredible, right? The tests include trying cosmetics like makeup and smelling a fragrance; this sounds fun as well as paying.

Being one of the most prominent company and having stayed long in business JJ Friends & Neighbors provides professionalism, reliability, and high reputation in all their dealings. This program is a great deal to sign up for and start off earning.

They are accommodative; anyone is free to join the program. When the recruitment is complete, the company emails those successful and fit for a test.

What don’t we like about them?

JJ Friends $ Neighbors do not address payment details appropriately. This is a turn off to most of the people. People want to know the reward for what they are working for before offering any services. The amount of the prize is proportional to the attitude.

The cards are released 3-5weeks after completing the study. Furthermore, you have to wait for everyone else to finish their study, which may take a couple of weeks as well. It is unfair due to the longer time you have to wait to get paid even though you have done your part.

6. McCormick & Company, Inc.

Just like JJ Friends & Neighbors, McCormick & company have been in business for over 100 years. They are popularly known for making sauce, spice and other flavoring products which you might have used in your lifetime or probably still using.

How does it work?

First, you sign up to be a panelist at McCormick & Company. In the signup form, you will be required to fill out necessary specific details on whether to be an at-home tester or an in-tester situated at their headquarters.

An in-tester you spend 30minutes to 2 hours at testing session while at- home tester one use the merchandise at home. Thus it depends on your preference and considering all variables like; availability and your convenience.

How to get paid?

Product testers who finish the internet are at an advantage of prize drawings from Amazon gift cards held by the company. Payment to at-home tester ranges from $10 to $15 per every test — payments through a check to your home address.

What do they offer?

Consist of a panel run by consumers that assists them to test for new products and existing ones.

What do we like about them?

Having stayed for long in the business and still thriving indicates that the company is solidly established and reliable. You can also earn up to $30 an hour as compensation according to the length and complexity of the study.

People consider it a budget saver since they can help to solve your out of money problems. It can be of great help in such moments.

What don’t we like about them?

Rewards come as gift cards rather than cash. We prefer money rather than shopping vouchers. The reason behind this is, when using gift cards for shopping, you end up buying things you do not require to ensure your money is thoroughly exhausted. It is not the case with cash as you only buy what you need.

7. UserTesting.com

We are going to wind up the seven best ways to get paid to test products with the UserTesting.com approach. Here you earn by visiting the website and applications. For a digital business, this is very important. The aim is to detect faults in their sites and enable the company to modify the website.

A poor website tends to be a turn off consumers from the company’s product; hence, companies are willing to pay you to test their website.

How does it work?

Similar to the other approaches to join you begin by signing up. Next is to do and finish a sample test. To get you started, you can visit their websites or applications or even download the software. It will enable you to respond correctly to questions concerning your experience with the product.

The company gives tasks to complete whenever you visit the site or applications. Their feedback is through a video or audio.

How to get paid?

You can earn $10 for every task you complete; the study lasts for about 20 minutes. You access your payments through PayPal.

What do they offer?

They deal with the product tester point of view about their product/services.

What do we like about them?

The reward TheUsertesting.com is paying you after completing the test is impressive and motivating. As we had seen earlier compensation is directly proportional to the user’s attitude. Note that good mood builds up motivation, which is great for business growth.

What do we not like about them?

They have complicated ways to give back feedback. In case of a microphone failure on your device, it’s over for you. We can make a hypothesis and say you get a cold or have difficulties speaking then; you are not fit to take the tests.


I hope this article has inspired you to give a shot to paid product testing. The good thing about product testing is that you have nothing to lose, but everything to win. I would recommend you to sign-up at least 3 or more companies. Therefore you will get plenty of free stuff to test.

Believe me, when I say, it’s a damn good feeling when companies send you free stuff and ask for your bank account to send you money as well.

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