How to Save Money

There are many ways to save money. In this post, we have put together over 60 easy-to-implement savings tips for you.

Not every tip fits in with every life situation, but this list should be a good start if you want to save some money. If you have any other ideas, share them in the comments!

Table of Contents

Best 101 Ways to Save Money

1. Write a shopping list and stick to itsave money with shopping list

Go shopping only if you know exactly what you need. For regular purchases, always write a grocery list. There are only items that are on the list, no matter how tempting the offer appears. For small purchases in the supermarket, you should do without the shopping cart.

2. Refrain from ready meals or delivery services

Instead, cook twice as much as you need!

After a long day at work or in the lecture hall, something edible should often be served quickly. Instead of resorting to delivery service or ready meals, cook twice as much as you need more often. So you always have a second meal in the fridge, which can be warmed up quickly.

3. Plan your meals according to the special offers of your supermarket

If your supermarket distributes weekly specials magazines, use them to set up your diet. Which products are on special offer? Which dishes can you conjure from them? So you can quickly save 10 to 20 percent on food.

4. Use public transport

If you live in a place with a dense public transport network, you should use it more often and leave the car in the garage. Bus and train not only save money, but the way to the stop also keeps you slightly fitter.

5. Replace the Cable TVReplace TV

Many financial advisors advise that to save, and you need to focus on the basic needs and cut the superfluous. But you do not necessarily have to cancel your cable TV package. Look for an economical package or watch TV through streaming services like Netflix that cost less than $30 per month, and we can count on Youtube as an entertainment channel. Cutting your cable TV service and replacing it with one of the services mentioned will have a significant effect on your accounts.

6. Read on the tablet

Do you love reading magazines? Are they used as a source of professional information? Try replacing your physical signature with a digital one. It’s cheaper, delivery is immediate on your device and still helps save some trees. Do the same with digital books and save money and space.

7. Use cash and ask for a discount

Put a stop to the temptation of time buying. Choose to use the money, buy cash, and always ask for a discount. Merchants pay fees on every transaction with cards, so paying in cash is a great deal for both. Using credit cards on time purchases causes a sense of delusion and tends to accumulate and become a debt.

8. List expenses with children or dependents

If you have children or dependents, list these expenses in a separate category. Be sure to include expenses with gifts, walks, computer, cell phone, and a student welfare plan to pay for college.

9. Calculate your purchases for hours worked

It’s hard to say no. Especially on the weekends when you have free time to stroll and spend money. Try this trick: Calculate how much you earn per hour and then when you are deciding on a purchase, you will know exactly how much time you need to work to make the purchase, compare the price by the number of hours you worked to earn that amount.

10. Plan your routePlan your route

Write down everything that needs to be done on the street, plan the route, and take a day of the week to solve your problems like laundry, supermarket, bank, pharmacy, etc. You will save time and fuel by changing your habits.

11. Save fuel

Know how much your car consumes and to save even more maintain your tires calibrated, avoid unnecessary load as a full trunk, keep the car clean, control the use of air conditioning, drive calmly and perform maintenance regularly.

12. Reduce transportation costs

Is having a car really necessary? Calculate expenses for fuel, IPVA, garage, tax, fines, parking, maintenance, cleaning and evaluate if it is worthwhile to continue with the car or opt for an alternative means of transport like Uber (get discount using this code ” x22xxomp”), electric or conventional bicycle or even public transportation.

13. Meetings by audio/video conference

How many 15-minute meetings have you seen in recent times that you had to drive for almost an hour or more? Using the phone or Skype can save you from stress, save time, fuel, and save the atmosphere.

14. Borrow

Do not run to a store every time you need something. Instead, ask a family member or friend if they have what you need to borrow. For example, you have a wedding and need a dress, ask your friends if someone has some party dress to borrow rather than buy. Have the piece cleaned in the laundry room and return it under the same conditions as were borrowed.

15. Search for pricesSearch for prizes

Search for similar service prices and try to negotiate discounts with current suppliers. If they do not reduce the tariffs, exchange them for cheaper ones. Add up the savings you’ve made with the changes and plan the best way to invest.

16. Buy online

Take advantage of the internet facilities and search online for goods and services before you buy anything. This can help you save good money and often the difference between stores can reach 150%. Besides, buying online ends up being cheaper because it eliminates the costs of a seller, commission, business point, etc. Just be aware of freight value and return policies.

17. Control the compulsion

Did you see a product and wanted to buy it? Do not give up all your effort and spend with an impulsive purchase. Control your desires and set a period of reflection to think about the item you want. If, after that time, you are still interested in the item, it will no longer be an impulse purchase. Just make sure you have money for it, and it will not compromise your credit.

18. Find out where to buy branded clothing

Saving money does not mean walking around badly dressed. There are ways to dress very well, without giving up quality or branded clothes. Choose to shop for clothes at clearance periods, find websites that sell branded clothing at more attractive prices like nailing, or find outlets in your city that offer designer clothing at a more affordable price.

19. Buy Men’s Products

Did you know that women’s products can cost 50% more than men’s, depending on the store or manufacturers? For items like razors, soap, and conditioner, consider seeing the price in the men session and buying unscented products. This can be a good economy.

20. Give back what you did not useExchange clothes you do not need

Whoever bought a costume and then repented? Whoever? Go back to the store and change the product for something else. If you are not interested in anything at the moment, choose to receive a shopping voucher to use in the future or give someone a gift on the next birthday.

21. Organize a bazaar of exchange between friends

Do you have great clothes and would like to renovate your wardrobe? It is worth organizing a bazaar to sell or change clothes with friends and friends of friends and friends of friends of friends. Prepare some snacks and spend all day enjoying yourself without spending.

22. Sell Your Trash

Do you have a lot of things standing in your house like clothes, appliances, and toys? Enjoy the internet, sell at a thrift store, organize a bazaar, and turn it into cash.

23. Take care of the appearance at home

For women, doing nails, hair, waxing in the salon generates an impact on the budget.

Learn to do your nails or find a friend who knows the technique. Do the same with your hair, learn to tidy your hair with a rotating brush, and save a small fortune in the salon. To dodge the problem of hair removal, invest in an electric epilator. It is much more practical than attending the salon every 15 days to shave, and you can even wear any clothes, without having to wait for the day of epilation, since the device can pull out even short hairs.

24. Exercise outside the gym

The gym is usually the first thing that is cut off when it comes to tightening the budget. Fortunately, you do not have to go to a gym to work out and be healthy!

Running, walking, or cycling on the street is free! You can also search for free classes on weekends at parks or gyms. Also, you can download several apps that help you stay in shape. I like the Seven ( ios / Android / Windows phone ). Small changes like using the stairs or going down a point or two before your destination help keep the shape and can make a big difference. Stay tuned and move.

25. Leisure without costSpend time with family

Learn to value precious things in life that cost nothing, such as a walk in the open air or a home meeting with friends or family. If you have children, take them for a walk in a public park instead of shopping. If you are single, call your friends to cycle on bike paths or play some sports in your city’s parks.

26. Use and abuse loyalty programs

Choose to buy in places that offer some advantages. After all, you have some expenses that you can not escape, for example, fuel, supermarket, and telephony. Choose your favorite program to focus on it to accumulate points faster.

27. Pay half the admission fee

Saving money does not mean cutting your comings. Discover promotional days and times. My tip? Try going to the movies from Monday to Wednesday. I have an advantage through my phone operator to pay half entrance. In addition, on Wednesday it is super cheap to go to the movies.

28. Holidays outside high season

Who loves to take vacations and travel? Who hates crowded flights and lack of space on the sand or the hotel pool? If possible, schedule your vacation outside the high season, save time, and get rid of stress. In addition to traveling in low season, consider buying packages for promotion sites or use Airbnb ( here ) that has a low cost and provides the experience of living as a “local.”

29. Make your own coffee

Many people need caffeine daily, and there’s nothing wrong with having a cup of coffee each day.

Wrong! Do the math and find that paying to buy coffee for espresso can be expensive at the end of the month. So preparing your coffee at home or gathering office colleagues and purchasing a great coffee maker can save you hundreds of dollars annually.

30. Have breakfast at homePrepare your own breakfast

If you have the habit of eating breakfast at the bakery, you know that that buttered bread and a latte can fill your belly and empty your bank account. Make an account of how much you spend at the bakery and start having coffee at home. It’s incredible how much money you can lose having breakfast at the bakery.

31. Give up gourmet meals

Having lunch out every day can be a significant expense, especially if your workplace is located in some prime neighborhood, your meal voucher may not last for at least half the month. Look for restaurants that offer executive dishes at a single price, or try to find a nearby college and dine in that area that usually offers good, fixed price food for student budgets.

32. Eliminate the drink during meals

Drinking water, juices, or soft drinks during meals impairs digestion, can increase the volume of the stomach, and further stimulate the urge to eat. If you can not eat without ingesting some liquid, the problem may be chewing. Try to chew at least 20 times each fork and still save on the drink. If you can not run out of the water, opt for water for being healthier.

33. Make your own lunch

After your meal ends, do you usually spend part of the salary with food? Enjoy that it is fashionable to take care of health and choose to make your meals from home. Cook bent portions at dinner or prepare the lunch pots of the week on Sunday, refrigerate, or if you prefer to freeze. Another option is to look for a supermarket near the workplace and buy ready-made salads. You will save a fortune!

34. Dine Off With Discount

Dining out is one of those expenses that can wipe out your budget quickly if you are not careful. However, it is occasionally great to enjoy good food in the company of family or friends.

Know that it is possible to dine out sparing, you need to stay tuned! Have a set budget for this type of expense. Choose days and times where discounts are offered, such as happy hours. Use the abuse of Groupon discount vouchers to discover new places at great discounts. Loyalty programs also tend to offer benefits in establishments such as pay one dish and get the other, complimentary dessert or bottle of wine. Check the options in your loyalty programs.

35. Stop splitting the accountSplit the bills

Going out to dinner with friends is great, but when it comes to paying the bill, you might feel hurt by having to split the bill evenly with your baggy friend. To escape from this pitfall, when arranging the next exit, offer to make the reservation, and choose places that use individual commands, and have varied options on the menu. Prefer to pay cash and avoid some smartass who conveniently left the wallet at home. Never happened to you? With me already!

36. Get home

A little bit expensive, right? Parking, 10% service, drinks with stratospheric prices. Instead of hanging out with friends, prefer to get them at home. How about a thematic meeting? Organize a game, a movie night, or a DVD show. Recreate a meal from your favorite restaurant. If you plan right, an evening at home with friends will be cheap. Offer them food and have friends bring their drinks. For those who have small children, an evening at home is also much safer and more comfortable for children who can play at ease, with no need for supervision depending on the age.

37. Just say, no!

There is nothing wrong with refusing an invitation to a wedding or any other event or party that can mean a lot of wasted money with clothes, gifts, shoes, salon, etc. Sometimes it’s okay to say no! If you are trying to save money or pay off a debt, this word can make the difference between breaking the bank or taking out your debt.

38. Buy at home

Plan the menu before going to the grocery store and shop at home. Check available items in the pantry, refrigerator, freezer, and plan the menu according to these items. Re-use the leftovers as a filling in pies, tapiocas, or omelets. Make the most of the items that are already at home to save money.

39. Buy wholesale

Buying at wholesale supermarkets that sell in bulk may be a good idea. It saves on going to the supermarket, saves fuel, time, and the main also saves hundreds of reais throughout the year. Choose to buy non-perishable items such as toilet paper, wipes, drinks, dry pasta, toothbrush, snack for children, butter, toiletries, and cleaning, etc. The difference between the same product in the retail supermarket is enormous. You will feel the difference in your pocket.

40. Buy generic brandsSave by buying generics

Consider buying generic versions of your favorite brands. They usually cost less than branded items but have similar taste or performance.

41. Return Impulse Purchases

While shopping. Be sure to return impulse purchases. Let the children help you by checking the list with what’s in the cart! Care for the items arranged next to the boxes, and they are there to distract you and make you spend. Guess? Your money is too precious to be thrown away. Your money is valuable to you and your family. Let him help you and do not throw him down the drain!

42. Always carry a snack in the bag.

If you have to take your kids shopping, bring bottled water and snacks from home. This will prevent you from having to stop to buy. Happy children help you, and hungry children help you make impulse purchases. Get rid of the marketing calls made to children as well. Explain the rules to the children before leaving home, give them the promise of a reward if they follow the rules. On the other hand, tell them the consequences of breaking the rules. A good bonus is spending time with them doing something cool.

43. Stop buying water

Stop buying bottled water and opt to invest in a water purifier, and use a reusable bottle to carry water with you. Think about economics and practicality.

44. Use less of everything

Maybe you’re throwing money down the drain literally? Note the amount of water you use to bathe or wash dishes. Do you need so much shampoo to wash your head? Just do not overdo this kind of economy

45. Open the refrigerator only oncerefrigerator

To save money at home, before cooking, remove all ingredients from the fridge. Avoid opening and closing the refrigerator every time you need an onion, a carrot, etc.

46. Use the washer at maximum capacity

If you need to use the half-capacity machine, select the least-water wash program. If you use lava crockery, you do not need to use the full cycle for dirty dishes and cutlery, the short cycle caters perfectly and helps you save money at home.

47. Immediately remove clothing from the machine

The forgotten clothes in the washing machine get very messy, requiring a lot more work and time to pass and thus consuming much more electric energy.

48. Hang the clothes instead of using the dryer

You can save up to 317 pounds of carbon dioxide by hanging clothes for half a year instead of using the dryer. Not to mention the energy bill.

49. Use only rechargeable batteries

They are undoubtedly expensive, but to use in the medium and long term, they pay very profitably and help save money at home. They last for years and can be recharged on average 1000 times.

50. Replace your incandescent bulbs with LEDLed light

Fluorescent lamps spend 80% more energy than an LED light. So you’ll save 136 pounds of carbon dioxide annually and save money at home.

51. Invite friends home instead of going out

Activities at home are almost always cheaper than going out. Together with friends, you can easily conjure a beautiful dish or ask each guest to contribute a small contribution. A fun game, a movie, or an animated conversation complete the evening.

Self-cooked food is not only cheaper but with little effort, usually much healthier!

52. Make your own gifts instead of buying expensive ones

There are many creative things that you can make yourself and wrap as a gift. A homemade gift creates special attention. Beautifully packaged and with a personal, handwritten message, you create a great but also a very cheap gift!

53. Clean up your wardrobe

Too often we buy clothes that we do not need. If you want to save something or need money quickly, look closer at your wardrobe. There are certainly some pieces that you can sell. If you are never quite sure what exactly you could do now and what you want to wear again, try this trick:

If you come across garments that you cannot or do not wish to sell, read this post about donating clothes.

54. Patch holes or broken clothes instead of throwing them away

In the past, garments were repaired much more often. Today they are often thrown away carelessly. Paradoxically, there are also new clothes to buy, which are trimmed to “old.” Why not instead repair torn clothes or make a new one out of two old clothes? Try it! It is much easier than it may seem. So you can save a lot of money quickly, and with a little skill and creativity, you can make clothes that your friends will envy.

55. Swap clothes instead of buying new onesSave money by swaping your clothes

Almost everyone knows the problem: the old clothes are just dull and how nice it would be to be able to wear a new piece. The old clothes are still perfectly fine.

You can counter this problem with a dress exchange party. Organize with a few friends in a private circle or a public square. So your “old” treasures continue to be used, and you get different garments.

56. Drink more water

Drinking water often and at the right time is good for your health. But it is also good for the wallet, especially if you do without bottled water and instead resort to tapping water. The savings potential is enormous! In many restaurants, it is now reasonable to order tap water for dinner.

57. Buy regionally and seasonally

Not always, but often it is cheapest to buy local fruits and vegetables that are currently in season. So apples and tomatoes do not have to travel long distances or be kept fresh in cold stores. Let yourself be inspired by our local and seasonal fruit and vegetable shopping calendar.

58. Is there free food?

Supermarkets have to sort out unsold food that is still perfectly fine. Also, there are often people who harvest too much at once in the garden or do not want to let food leftovers on vacation. Food sharing platform was founded to counteract for wasting food. Check it out if there is free food in your area.

59. Fruit, nuts, and herbs without their own garden

Even if you do not have your own garden, there are various ways to get fresh and natural ingredients without leaving much money in the supermarket. Here you will find three ways to sow and harvest in “foreign” gardens.

Information about too many fascinating wildlife and medicinal plants you get on a wild herb walk. For a start, you can conjure up straightforward and delicious dishes from healthy dandelion, the nettle, the daisy, or the wild garlic.

In spring, the firm provides its tops, and in the fall, the rose hips light up. With a bit of background knowledge, love, and skill, you can create delicious foods and beneficial remedies.

60. Say goodbye to expensive vicessave money by quitting expensive habits

Habits such as the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, coffee quickly go into the money. With some willpower and support from friends and family, you will not only live healthier but also save a lot of money instantly. If you’ve been trying to quit smoking or drinking for some time, but have not made it yet, we recommend these books:

61. Make good use of flea markets

Many things for the apartment, the garden, or the wardrobe do not necessarily have to be bought new. Well-preserved used items are usually just as useful and often cost less than half. Find out where there are flea markets in your area and where online forums are available for second-hand items near you.

This approach may take a bit more patience than the trip to the nearest IKEA but can save you a lot of money. Besides, you will receive things with more character than with standard goods, which can be found in every second household. But beware: flea markets also easily lead to senseless purchases, which one regrets later. Keep a list of things you need and use the 10-minute rule to make sure you do not spend money unnecessarily.

62. Install LED lamps

LED lamps cost more to buy, but consume only about two to ten percent of the electricity of conventional lamps. As a result, they pay off after only a short time, and you can save permanently. In addition, the life of LED bulbs is many times higher than conventional incandescent or energy-saving lamps.

63. Create your own furniture

If you want to move or reorganize, it does not always have to be new furniture from the Swedish furniture store or similar chains.

With some creativity, skill, and maybe some help from dad, you can make fantastic unique pieces yourself. A popular raw material for homemade furniture is pallets. Here you will learn how to make different tables from pallets.

Unique pieces of furniture do not have to be expensive. With a little skill and creativity, you can build coffee tables or work tables cheaply yourself!

If you clean your air filter regularly and replace it now and then, you save up to seven percent on fuel. This is very easy and done in just a few minutes.

In addition to the replacement of the air filter, you should always pay attention to the correct tire pressure, so as not to waste fuel unnecessarily.

64. Buy high-quality home appliances

Refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, and other household appliances are often very cheap to buy. But especially with these devices, it is essential to pay attention to the costs over the entire lifetime. Reviews and comparison portals with reviews are beneficial. A device that costs 100 dollars more, but keeps two years longer and requires 20 percent less power, can save you much more than the 100 dollars.

65. Check regularly if your supermarket is really cheapSave by shoping the cheapest supermarket

About twice a year, you should check that your supermarket is your most affordable option. Make a list of 20 to 40 products you regularly buy. Then compare all the supermarkets that are suitable for you. If you find that another market is cheaper, and then does your weekly shopping there. After a few months, however, you should repeat the test.

66. Check regular expenses

Many of the most expensive things in our lives are deducted from our account each month. Rent, electricity, water, mobile phone contracts, insurance, credit installments, and much more. You should list these costs at least once every twelve months and check for potential savings.

67. Make your own products instead of buying them

Instead of buying everything, you can do many things yourself. This saves money and is often useful for your health and the environment. Did you know that it’s easy to make your own laundry detergent and save about 80 to 90 percent of the purchase price?

With the simplest means, you can make your own home-made detergent, all at a biological cost, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional laundry detergents.

68. Use 100% natural household products

If you like the last tip, you can go one step further. Did you know that you can also do laundry with different plants? From chestnuts, ivy leaves, and the leaves and roots of the soap herb, you can produce natural detergents almost completely free of charge.

69. Avoid expensive skincare

As described above, you can make many care products yourself. But you can completely do without some of them. There are a few straightforward but important rules on skincare, and you need little more than a simple apple cider vinegar for daily, natural skincare!

With some knowledge and skill, but you can also produce many natural cosmetics products yourself!

You can easily make ointments and other skincare products yourself. Use the powers of nature to make them even better and healthier!

70. Shop seasonallySave money by buying christmas stuff after it

Christmas, Easter, and New Year’s Eve come again every year. Decorations for the tree and greeting cards too. But these are much cheaper after Christmas than before. Plan and buy everything you need in January and not in November. This saves you every year. You can also buy calendars in January at a meager price.

71. Buy private labels instead of brand names

Many supermarket chains produce private labels, which are usually 10 to 30 percent cheaper than branded products. Often, however, these products are made in the same factories and with the same ingredients as the more expensive branded products. With house brands, you can regularly save a few euros without sacrificing quality.

More savings tips for the supermarket can be found here: Best Cash Back Apps – Get Discount from Your Purchases

72. Rent unused rooms in your house or apartment

If you have more living space than you need, it makes sense to rent it. Either on short notice to travelers on portals such as 9flats and Airbnb or in the longer term to subtenants. If you find the right tenants with whom you can live well, that can bring a lot of extra income in cash!

73. Consume coffee wisely

Tip number 10 recommends you do without coffee altogether. If you do not want that, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you still have a capsule coffee machine, you can save a lot of money with reusable capsules, while at the same time relieving the environment of the waste of resources associated with disposable capsules. Of course, you can save even more with filter coffee. This also has the advantage that you can reuse the coffee grounds varied. Even with coffee on the go, there is enormous savings potential.

74. Have breakfast like an emperor

A rich breakfast gives you plenty of energy for the day, and you avoid the need for larger meals during the day. The breakfast you can prepare cheap at home and do not need to buy expensive food on the way.

75. Regularly check the air pressure of your tiresCheck your tires regularly

Too low tire pressure increases fuel consumption by up to ten percent. In addition, the tires wear faster. That’s why you should regularly check the air pressure of your tires. Tire pressure of 0.2-0.3 bar above the standard value also saves fuel!

76. Sell your car

In larger cities, car-sharing offers are becoming increasingly popular, and for many people, a vehicle hardly pays off. How much does your car cost you every year? Take into account not only initial costs and fuel but also things like insurance and parking costs. How many trips can you make for the same money with a car-sharing service?

77. Save on haircutting

Haircutting takes some practice, but you do not have to cut your right away. Team up with friends or family members to cut each other’s hair. Of course, this is only possible with easy-care hairstyles. For more sophisticated hairstyles or if you need a particularly useful cut for a date, ask at hairdressers if models are needed. So you can get a professional cut for little money or even for free.

78. Prepare food for travel

When you travel, you should pack something to eat. Ideal are self-lubricated slices of bread, but also a few apples or biscuits help you to save a lot of money. When you’re on the road, the choice of providers is greatly reduced. Whether at the train station, airport, or motorway service area – you almost always pay more than in the supermarket around the corner. The forward-thinking traveler can save here. More tips on how to save money at the airport can be found here. You can find more tips for cheap travel here.

79. Read more and use the library

Reading is an excellent way to pass the time. Far less expensive than cinema, theme parks, or sporting events. There are entertaining books to suit all tastes, and you can learn from each book something that will help you in other life situations. Most cities also have a library with a favorable annual membership. Read as many books as you want for 5 to 15 dollars a year. Most libraries now also have a rich selection of music, videos, magazines, and computer games.

80. Borrow instead of buyingBorrow instead of buying

What applies to the library can also work for commodities such as ladders and drills. In more and more cities there are also rental shops for toys, bike trailers and much more.

81. Build a small garden

If you have a plot, use a part for growing vegetables and fruits. Many easy-care plants provide you with cheap ingredients for your food.

Save money with your vegetable garden. Even on the balcony or even in the apartment, you can quickly grow a few tomato plants or legumes such as beans or peas. You can also pull potatoes in a mortar pan.

Even in winter, the cultivation of vegetables is possible with a warm, raised bed.

82. Replace nutritional supplements

We are often reminded that we need to supplement our diet with additional supplements. For pills and powder, we spend a lot of money, although this is usually completely unnecessary.

Instead, pay attention to a balanced and varied diet. Regional alternatives to many popular superfoods will also help you.

83. Give up the gym

Gym membership is getting cheaper and cheaper, but you can save 20 € a month by integrating exercise into everyday life and doing exercise on YouTube with fitness videos.

84. Eat less meat

Meat is costly compared to fruits and vegetables. Many Westerners eat more meat than necessary habitually. That’s why you can easily save a few bucks by reducing your meat consumption.

85. Exposure power guzzlers in the householdSave electricity

To save power, you first have to find out which devices cost the most. You can easily do this with a power meter. These do not cost much, but in many places, you can borrow a power meter for free.

86. Saving electricity in the kitchen

In most households, most of the electricity or, more generally, most of the energy in the kitchen is needed. How you can save energy costs for cooling and reheating of food and beverages, you will experience here. With these tricks, we could halve our energy needs in the kitchen.

87. Energy saving in the household

There is also much potential for savings in the other rooms. We have listed the best tips here on how to save energy without sacrificing comfort.

Simple things like air venting instead of permanent ventilation and optimizing device utilization can save a lot of money.

88. Compare providers

For regular cost points such as electricity, gas, oil, credit, and the like, a provider comparison is recommended. Many of these markets have been deregulated in recent years, and vendors are battling for new customers. So, if you’ve been using the same provider for more than a year or two, it’s worth comparing. Often you do not even have to change the provider. A lucrative offer from the competition can also get your current provider to improve your terms.

89. Sharing saves a lot of money

Similar to Car Sharing, there are many other things you can use with friends or neighbors. Be it the drill, the ride, or the community garden. This will save you a lot of money and ensure that resources are used optimally. Interesting ways to share and share resources can be found here.

90. Recycle by upcyclingUpcycling instead of trowing away

Instead of just throwing away used items, you can also use them. An example of upcycling is the bracelet made from an old jogging sock. So you take your phone or MP3 player with you. Another idea is to make winter accessories from an old sweater or a shopping bag from old T-shirts. When up cycling, you need a little skill and creativity. 

91. Tinker children’s toys together

Children’s toys are expensive and often only a few months in use. Children quickly lose patience and are always looking for new things to explore. You can save a lot of money by making toys with your children.

92. Turn kitchen waste into fertilizer quickly

Instead of buying expensive fertilizer, you can also use your kitchen waste. Things like coffee grounds and eggshells can be used directly for targeted fertilization. For everything else, you can quickly and cheaply build a Bokashi bucket. This is composting you speedily and cleanly in the kitchen.

93. Repair instead of throwing away

Repairing things instead of throwing them away sounds banal. But what about items that you can not fix yourself? More and more volunteer experts help you in so-called repair cafes.

94. Turn off the TVSave by turning off the TV

A straightforward way to save money is to let the TV off. Not only do you save electricity, but you are also exposed to less tempting commercials. You can spend your time being more productive, training, or doing sports.

95. Use your razor longer

Traditional razors do not last very long. They quickly cost a lot of money and produce garbage. But with this trick, your razor will last for months, and you can save a lot of money.

96. Do without system razors altogether

The razors with the interchangeable cartridges are very handy! Three blades at once, protected by a grid and often even with a swinging head. At some point, a suspension is added, as with the Dr. med. Best toothbrushes;)

Does one wonder what was used in the past? Often it was simple razors that lasted a lifetime. After that, the razor became more and more popular, and this is exactly what Max uses for his daily shave. The result is very satisfactory, the effort is minimal, but the savings are enormous! The ten-pack of blades costs less than two euros and usually lasts as long as five disposable cartridges!

97. Woman saves money in the period

In the life of a woman, a lot of money is spent on bandages and tampons. Besides, they still produce plenty of garbage. Instead, you could use moon cups. In the long-term, they will save you a lot of money, and they are environmentally friendly as well.

98. Use food leftovers sensibly

Every household has kitchen leftovers. However, these can often be meaningfully reused and money saved.

There are also some different ideas for delicious dishes for the remaining utilization.

99. Do not waste time and invest in your education

Far too much time is spoiled today with mobile games and other entertaining activities. Use waiting times by learning something. Here are some new and free websites where you can quickly learn something interesting and useful.

100. Pay attention to your health!Be healthy!

Being ill is uncomfortable. Hardly noticed, however, that it can also be expensive. Starting with handkerchiefs on medication to less income due to work loss.

Therefore, pay attention to your health even in good times. Invest some time and effort into a healthy diet and regular exercise. In the long run, not only your body but also your wallet will thank you!

101. Check OnlineMoneyPage regularly for new information

Unless your daily job is related to personal finance, and you usually explore new ways how to save money, you should make it a habit to read a blog that brings you all the information you need.

We are continuously monitoring and testing new methods on how to save, make, and invest money, so if you want to excel your personal finances – stay tuned.

Final Words

I hope you have learned some valuable tips on how to save money. By following these tips, you will put your hard-earned money back into your pocket and get out of debt earlier.

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