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Best Working Methods How to Make Money with Easy Step-by-Step Tutorials

No matter how good you are at saving and budgeting for your needs, you are not 100% covered from the surprises that life offers. Emergencies exceeding the weight of your pockets are bound to occur. It might be a flat tire in the middle of the night or an accident in the house that needs the hospital’s attention. Sometimes, your pockets are empty and the “I need money now” cry knocks in.

Before asking your relative to cover up the unexpected expense, we’ve searched for the best ways to access quick cash while still maintaining your independence. Here’s a scoop!

TOP 15 Ways to Get Money Now

1. Paid-Surveys

The industry of paid surveys has greatly evolved. Swagbucks, Survey Junkie and MyPoints are among 2019’s best-paid survey sites.

a. Survey Junkey

Become a member

Survey Junkey is the easiest survey site that any newbie can sign up. The only requirement here is for you to be 18 years old or more and you will qualify. It is free! Upon signing up, you will have the chance to view the available offers, ranging from paid surveys to clinical trial opportunities among other work offers. The work is just answering some simple questions from the site. This means that money can be made even when you are watching the television or when waiting for your doctor’s appointment.


Hereafter, you can make up to approximately $100 – $ 300 within a week, depending on your capacity. These cash payments are made via PayPal. On completing a survey on the site, you are rewarded with points. The points can be converted to gift cards at your preferred store.

Why Survey Junkey?

The high quality and intuitive interface of super Junkie will give you a warm stay. Having an 8.9/10 rating on TrustPilot (Highest online survey Company), it prides itself in offering members with the best experience ever. Be paid by sharing your opinion and completing surveys at whichever time and place you want. It is convenient.

b. Mypoints

How it works

Do you need extra cash, for free? Mypoints will reward you in unique ways when you participate in its online activities like playing games, reading emails, online surveys or printing out coupons. The main activity is paid-surveys. Take a paid survey anytime and earn cash via Cell Phone, Tablet, PC or laptop.


Members are paid in their currency called “points”. The points are redeemable for cash via PayPal, gift cards, travel miles among other offers. Minimum payout for the rewards is $10 but due to PayPal’s minimum, you ought to have a minimum payout amount of $25. When the “points” are redeemed for cash via PayPal, the request is processed between 4-5 days. For the remaining prices, however, the wait times tend to vary.

2. Play with your Smartphone and earn at Swagbucks

How do you earn?

Utilize the idle time you spend on your phone to make quick cash. Swagbucks pays you for doing this! In other words, you will be paid for doing the things you are fond of doing in your idle time. Make extra money in Swagbucks by just completing some simple tasks like surveys, online shopping or playing games.

Unique Bonuses

Outside surveys, you can make money with Cash Back in the following manner: Watch videos and get $5 bonus, search the web and get a $5 bonus or get cash back program for shopping online and earn a $5 bonus. Isn’t this just awesome? I would opt for this if I were you.

Did you know?

You can cash out your Swagbucks as a gift card to millions of merchants. Also, cash can be sent by PayPal. Research has actually shown that Swagbucks even offers more money-making ways as compared to other options. Even though much may not be earned through Swagbucks, the site will help you earn some few coins that will help you reduce the cost of some billings.

3. Sell CDs & DVDs

How it works

Are you having a pile of CDs and DVDs that fill your house for no good reason? Why not dispose of them by selling and earning some quick cash? Decluttr will help you do so in a short while. With Decluttr, you can sell your CDs and DVDs and earn money within a short period of time. It also buys games, books, LEGO’s and Cellphones.

Become a member today

Visit the official website of Decluttr and enter the bar-codes of the items you would like to sell. Once this is done, Decluttr will tell you the amount they’ll pay for each of the items.

Pricing and Payment

Price per item will basically be determined by the item’s popularity. This is to mean that, the higher the demand for an item will be once it is resold, the higher Decluttr will pay you. After approving your sell-list and accept the prices offered, a free shipping label will be sent to you by the company.

Upon its arrival, label the box containing the CDS and/or DVDs to be sold than take it to the nearest accredited store. Payment is done a day after
receiving your stuff. No sellers or auction fee is charged. Time and energy are saved when using Decluttr to dispose of your CDS and DVDs

4. Earn some $25 from JOANY


Note that JOANY is not a person, but a healthcare company that helps people to find and compare different health insurance schemes, navigate medical bills and find the best doctors. For the company to best cater to its customers, it is currently carrying out a Research Study to get feedback from customers about their insurance scheme.

Qualification Requirements

For you to qualify for the survey, the below requirements ought to be attained:

  • You have not enrolled for a short-term plan
  • You should have an active health insurance
  • You are not receiving medical insurance through your university/college/school
  • You are not on VA, Medicaid or Medicare health insurance
  • You do not receive any medical insurance from your employer
  • You bought health insurance for 2017 by, state exchange or a plan like Aetna

If you meet the above requirement, you will pocket a free and quick $25 for only 10 minutes of your time. It is that simple!

5. Earn $15 from Ebates and Dosh

One of the most popular ways of earning credits, points or cash for your online shopping is through cash backs. Sites like Dosh are usually free, and you will make funds by earning small commissions on each and every purchase made. Having plenty of stores, the sites will accommodate your taste, needs, and preference. Shoppers are rewarded by the sites. I would strongly recommend this to you.

a. Ebates

About the Company

Ebates is a Cash Back and shopping rewards company. You can only make money in Ebates if you are an official member. Once you are a member, any purchases made from the Ebates stores guarantees you of saving more.

There are actually more than 1250 online dealers. To know if there are any available special offers, you will be required to regularly check the Ebates official website. This is especially for the goods that are on the market.


Basically, you can earn up to 25% Cash Back at any of our stores. Some eBay purchases may also earn you Cash Back. For new users, a welcome bonus is offered. Being a newbie, you can request a payout as soon as you have earned $5. Sign in for membership first.

Nonetheless, a minimum qualifying purchase adding up to at least $25 is expected of you. This should be done within 90 days of becoming a new member. No fees or forms will be required from you. In simple terms, Ebates pays you for accepting to become one of its official members. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this opportunity. Would you?

b. Dosh

Earn from Dosh

Dosh allows you to link up your Debit and credit cards and get cash back whenever you eat, travel or even shop at any of the registered local and state retailers. There are different offers at dosh that can earn you quick money.

Awesome Bonuses

Earn a $5 bonus cash for just downloading the Dosh App through a referral link. I also couldn’t believe this was true until I tried it out. Additionally, you will get another $5 bonus when you link your 1st card. Get another $5 sign-up bonus.

Sometimes, the sign-up bonus bumps up to $10. Therefore, stay tuned! The $5 sign-up bonus is not usually displayed but is on-going. $15 referral bonus is once again offered to the current members who participate in the referral program which involves initiating new members.

It is of importance to know that you will be required to have at least $15 in cash back rewards so as to transfer your cash to your bank or PayPal account. Therefore, you will need to earn an extra $10 in cash back rewards aside to back up the $5 card-linking bonus for you to redeem your cash.

6. Earn $5 from Inbox Dollars

About the Company

Inbox Dollars is an online platform that prides itself in rewarding quick and easy cash to its customers for their minimum effort of just being the site’s member. There are very many ways through which you can earn money from this site. Get paid to take online surveys, complete offers, read magazines and emails, play games, watch videos, surfing, refer friends and even go shopping, just at Inbox Dollars!

1st Become a Member

Enroll and get a sign-up bonus of $5 just for joining the site. Each activity you complete earns you real cash. Pile up the pennies and have an additional amount for your needs.

How to Make Money

Once you have an account, you can log in at your leisure time and get some easy money. On the homepage, the site will give you a list of surveys. At any given time, you will get around 10 survey options just for you. More will always be added.

For some surveys, topics are listed, and an approximate length of a survey disclosed. The most amount of money paid from a survey is $5. After picking a specific survey, a new tab opens. The amount earned from the survey is reflected in your account immediately.

Follow the given instructions to complete the survey. Since you will be getting multiple emails from the things you have filled out, sign up at Inbox Dollars with an alternative email address.

7. Earn $5 from Acorns

How it works

If you want a micro-savings platform, Acorns will suit you well. It lets you invest. For every purchase made with a linked debit or credit card, guarantees you of some cash. The purchase amount is rounded up to the nearest dollar and the difference is micro-invested.

You will begin small but shoot up over a period. In simple terms, investments are done for you. These automatic savings
will quickly stack up automatically. The sooner you begin on these savings the better. In Acorns, investing is cheap.

Investing costs $1 monthly if you have an account balance of at least $5,000. A free $5 bonus in stocks is also offered when you have made your first investment. You can as well gift your family members with the bonus and rewards of investing around $25 Acorns cards.

Try out Acorns and get a free $5 bonus for sign-up. All you will be required to do is signing up. Once you have completed your registration, $5 will be credited to your account. Depending on the available offer present, inviting 10 of your friends guarantees you of a $1,000 bonus. The Acorns app is free to download.


You will take less than 5 minutes to open an account. No minimum investment amount is required. From here, you will be asked a few questions about risk tolerance, your age, among others. Once the questions are well answered, there are many ways in which you can add to your new account.

This may include: depositing the “extra change”. The app will then round up the purchases on your debit card to the nearest dollar and move the surplus amount to your new Acorns account. You may as well make large deposits and use the sites’ “FoundMoney Program”

8. Generate some money with your car

With advanced technology, it is very possible to do some activities that could not be done in the past when technology was yet to evolve. Nowhere else is this more applicable than in the field of private transportation. Nowadays, the options for getting a ride are not just limited to public transport. Instead, transportation technology-based companies have gone out of their way to help fix this gap by introducing a method of renting vehicles from private owners from the convenience of your android phone. Let’s find out how this is possible.

a. Uber

By now, everyone has heard of Uber. This does not, however, make it less valuable in earning money as a side hustle. You have a car idling at home and has no use? If yes, the Uber company can make good use of it and ensure you earn an amount worth the pennies that had been spent on the car.

Once your car has met the minimum requirements, you can rent it out and see yourself make money by this generous act. The center of your car will be able to drive people around. With Uber, you can earn as much money as you want to depend on the location you are.

Sign up

It only takes at least 3 minutes to sign up with Uber. Henceforth, you will be your own boss and you can set your preferred working hours. In short, you will do things your way. Whether or not you are willing to make money by delivering items or riding people totally depends on you.


Averagely, working for Uber guarantees you of an income of between $1500-$2000. The amount is greatly determined by your efforts. For the 1st few trips, you will complete guarantees you of some extra bonuses. To make maximum amounts, you can think of working during peak hours and peak days.

Factors Determining the level of income

The amount you will be paid will be greatly determined by these factors:

  • Number of trips made in a day
  • The average revenue per trip
  • Incentives offered by Uber

b. Lyft

So why do you think it is more appealing to use Lyft than a local taxi service? There are very many reasons. For starters, Lyft’s rates are considered significantly cheaper than taxi rates. Also, customers find the services of Lyft more personalized and private than the services offered by a taxi. You can make money with Lyft by starting a Smart Business. In fact, success in a business is not just offered by the services or products they offer. Instead, there MUST be some “smartness”. Register under Lyft and see your pockets fattening.

c. Getaround

About Getaround

Getaround is a car-sharing company that allows you to rent a vehicle from a private owner. The company carefully links the renter and the car owner and helps them reach an agreement. The renter then gets the vehicle to use for commercial purposes.

The car owner, on the other hand, get a percentage of the income generated from the use of this car by the renter. This amount is negotiated first by the two parties and an agreement reached. The amount ought to be able to cover the car’s payment. Generally, Getaround has been availed to residents of major cities in the US. Some include Seattle, Chicago, Washington, D.C, Portland, Boston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Earn from Here

Looking for a way to earn some quick cash? Then try our Getaround today. It is a service that you can rely on to earn money. You will simply be paid to rent out that car that you are not using. Once you have listed the car in Getaround, you will start earning money.


For your private car to qualify for Getaround, it must be having some of these requirements:

  • Must have a year 200 model or newer than this
  • Should be less than an 8-seater
  • Should have either manual or automatic transmission

How it works

Before accepting the terms, be keen to check out the lease terms to see if they limit car-sharing. Note that renters can rent the vehicles for as little as 1 hour. A device will be installed in your car by Getaround that enables its app to lock and unlock it and track its location.

Therefore, the renters can get the car even without meeting you in person. With Getaround, you can schedule the times your car will be available using an online calendar tool. Whenever your car has been rented out, you will always know its exact location. Once the renter is done using the car, he/she will drop it where they had picked it from.


If you need money now and you do not have the time to drive people, then Getaround will help you. You will be covered with $ 1 million as an insurance policy. Therefore, you will not have to worry about your vehicle being damaged.

9. Negotiate Your Bills Skillfully

How it works

Had I not tried this option, I would have believed its potentiality of generating cash. Assuming you have a cable and your bill is very high, way beyond your capacity. You can contact your cable company and let them know that you are planning to switch to DIRECTTV. Inquire from them if they would consider lowering the bill to get you to accommodate and hence stay with them. Surprisingly, the answer can be yes!

Try it out

Trim, a free tool, helps to scrutinize and analyze the way you spend your income, find the unnecessary subscriptions that can be canceled
out, negotiates your bills and even helps you find a better insurance option for your car. Using it has enabled me to free up some unnecessary costs in my monthly budget that I had earlier not realized I was wasting. You can give it a try and see it working for you too.

10. Deliver Groceries with Instacart

You can do it

Everyone in the world is looking for a convenient way of living. That is why they will NEVER mind having someone delivering groceries to their doorsteps. I advise you to be this “someone”. Instacart, just like Uber Eats, allows you to sign up in their app whenever you feel like making money and then make yourself available for delivery of groceries to customers at their residential homes.

As a Personal Shopper of groceries in Instacart, you will be doing the shopping alone. Your rate of pay is dependent on various factors such as the number of orders, the average size of the orders and average miles covered per trip.

Other than the basic income, you can get additional tips on the pay that comes directly from the site. Generally, Instacart grocery shoppers have reported an average earning amount of $15 in an hour.

To make sufficient cash, take your time to shop for the groceries (Shop thoroughly) to ensure you get everything that the customer has
listed down, deliver the goods on time and keep you’re the vehicle you are using to sell as neat as possible.

11. Deliver Different Food through Uber Eats

I find this funny. You will be delivering food instead of people yet find a slightly higher amount as compared to those delivering people.

To qualify for an Uber Eats Delivery person, you will need a scooter, bike or a car.

12. Get Cash Back On your Receipts using Ibotta

I have experience!

Ever heard of receipt-scanning apps? Ibotta is one of them. Ibotta gives you a cash back on every daily purchase that you will be making. After knowing this, I had to go back to my trash bin and look for the receipts I had earlier thrown that week. Having learned this, I carefully keep my receipts knowing they will always earn me cash back at Ibotta.

Sign up

Once you have signed up with Ibotta, take a picture of the receipt you received from any store and send them. I promise you that you will be paid just by this act. Payment is done through gift cards, Venmo or PayPal. Let me whisper this secret: The receipt may not even be yours, it can be from any other household.


Ibotta pays you $5 for every referral you make. Therefore, tell your friends to start filing their receipts. Refer as many friends as possible and increase your total earnings.

13. Get Gigs on Upwork and Fiverr

Are you passionate about a skill like an article writing, web development, creating resumes or graphic design? (This is not the end of the list; the skill can be literally anything). See how Fiverr and Upwork can be of help.

a. Upwork

If skilled, then you can find new freelancing gigs on Upwork. Very many companies and even individuals are looking for proficient gig freelancers, especially on Upwork. This is whenever they need work done but have no time to look for a permanent employee.

The freelancing jobs on Upwork can be a side hustle since they are usually finished in 1 or 2 days. You will have the privilege of working on the time you want to schedule. Payment rates are determined by the weight of work you have been asked to do.

b. Fiverr

About the Company

Fiverr has recently been ranked among the top-most premier sources of micro-outsourced services on the net. It increasingly tries to help people from across the globe to find a quick and easy way of earning money. Because of the high demand posed by Fiverr’s clients, your income here can flashily transform.

It’s Benefits

If you are perfectly skilled at just one piece of work, you can get up to 3 million orders and this will earn you lots of money. It will make you a micro-entrepreneur. Depending on how good you are, you can earn up to $4000 per month. In fact, every $5 Gig you sell and effectively deliver credits your account with $4.

14. Fill tasks on TaskRabbit

Sign up for TaskRabbit and start carrying out tasks like running errands, cleaning, carrying out deliveries, putting furniture together or carrying out some home repairs. Sign up as a tasker at TaskRabbit’s official website and upon approval, the company will be notifying you on the available tasks in your location. This is done through their free app.

You will choose the task that meets your needs and suits your preferences. You also get to dictate your availability. Once you are done with the task, you will be required to submit your invoice then collect payment from the client you worked for. You will be receiving your regular pay-check
from TaskRabbit on a weekly basis.

15. Find Gigs on Craigslist

If you have been looking for gigs, you can find some on Craigslist. The jobs may be computer related, writing-related or labor jobs. The company helps gig-walkers to find different tasks that are well-paying. The tasks might be simple and even take 5min-1 hour.

You will get to know the weight of the task and the amount it’s paying before you decide to choose it. Depending on a task, the approximate range for a gig on Craigslist in $3-$100. The payments are made via PayPal.


If you need money right away, you have no excuse of not getting some. The above is just but a few ways of making quick money without involving family fundraisings or loan sharks. You’ll not need any proficient skills but only a decision on what option to settle on. If your payday is still far or your debts are piling up and jumping deadlines, do not think any further! It is time to go for money. I guarantee you of one thing, once your side hustle income starts increasing, you will wipe the “I need money now” tears away.

Philip Horton

Philip Horton

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