How to Get Paid to Watch Videos

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We often choose watching videos as our new-age favorite way of procrastinating even when we have tones of dishes waiting in the sink, dozens of emails waiting to be read, and even some serious work craving to be done. Yikes!

Did you know that your favorite way of procrastinating can pay off?

Yes, people are getting paid for watching videos during their spare time (and their procrastination sessions likewise!), while you can join these lucky champs already today. Whether you are looking to get some extra pocket money, working on saving cash for that trip you’ve been fantasizing about, or just looking for ways to get the most of your free time with the good old maxim “time equals money,” you can start earning extra cash by watching diverse video content.

Watching videos and getting paid for this activity that doesn’t ask for an exceptional talent won’t make your bread and butter, but it can indeed become a time well-spent with a perfect “side-effect” of earning some extra cash. Let’s see what some of the best ways to get paid to watch videos are.

6 Best Ways to Get Paid for Watching Videos

1. Swagbucks


Similarly, to earn some extra pocket money with iRazoo, you can join Swagbucks for free to earn points that you can later exchange for cash. Points are earned by watching videos, while you can also complete surveys or become a product tester for earning extra points. There are over ten different video categories, so you won’t get easily bored, in addition to having new video content regularly uploaded to Swagbucks. Earned points can also be exchanged for gift coupons. To have your very first five bucks arriving at your account, you will need to earn 500 points. And as for the cherry on the top, newcomers are getting a 10$ welcome bonus upon registration. You might not get rich with Swagbucks, but you may surely earn some bucks for your swag (all puns intended!).

How much can you earn?

Swagbucks offers numerous video categories with a decent number of playlists you can watch in exchange for points, i.e., cash, while you are earning points based on your activity. With a great variety of videos to watch and surveys to complete, you can theoretically earn up to 5$ per day, which is almost a 100$ per month. Not bad for a side gig!

How to get started?

You may find a registration form on the official Swagbucks website. Once you complete your registration, you will get a 10$ welcome gift and the right to start earning some extra cash by watching videos.

Go to: Swagbucks’ website

2. MyPoints


Operating for more than two decades, MyPoints can be a rather stable source of side income. It might not be your first and original choice for earning extra cash as there is a daily limit on how many videos you are allowed to watch. However, you can get a hold of affiliating for MyPoints or complete surveys to earn extra points that you can later convert to cash or various gift cards. You can watch videos directly on the website by using your desktop computer, or you can download the MyPoints TV app and start earning cash by watching videos on your smartphone. The minimum amount you can withdraw is 25$, while you can also play games in exchange for cashpoints.

How much can you earn?

Compared to other alternatives for earning some extra cash while watching videos, MyPoints may ask for a more vigorous activity before you can redeem your first gift card or your very first 5$. You need at least 700 points in order to exchange your earned credits for 5$ in cash, coupons, gift cards, or even air miles. Since there is an excellent variety of activities you can turn to on MyPoints, earning your first 700 points shouldn’t take too long.

How to get started?

You can register and start earning via the official MyPoints website. You will only need to insert your name, zip code, and email address, in addition to taking only several minutes to create your account and start earning a pretty decent passive income. Upon registration, you will become eligible for getting a 10$ worth Amazon gift card.

Go to: Mypoints’ website

3. InboxDollars


InboxDollars is yet another pocket money haven for those who enjoy binging on various types of video content. Different categories catalogize videos, so you can easily choose your favorite playlist and start earning some cash. Aside from making some extra money by binge-watching videos, you can make more points and exchange them for cash by printing coupons, playing games, and reading emails.

How much can you earn?

By investing from two to three hours in watching videos and getting involved with other activities available on InboxDollars, you can easily make up to 50$ of additional income. By registering and opening your very own account on InboxDollars, you are already making 5$ in bonus cash reserved for newcomers.

How to get started?

Visit the official InboxDollars website where you will find a registration form. It will take you less than several minutes to fill the form and verify your email address before you can start making some extra greens.

Go to: Inboxdollars’ website

4. iRazoo


iRazoo offers free 100 points upon registering on their platform and sharing your email address, in addition to offering free registration for all users. The website offers a great variety of different videos, movie clips and trailers, as well as new ads you can watch on-demand and get paid in coupons or cash. Users can redeem their points for coupons or cash, while you may exchange your points for PayPal cash once you have collected enough points to match 25 dollars-worth of PayPal cash. In addition to watching videos and getting paid, iRazoo also pays users for playing games and leaving comments and reviews.

How much can you earn?

You can probably earn a decent share of pocket money weekly by watching videos on iRazoo. However, you are less likely to get rich with an average payout of 10$ per week, which includes some prime-time activity on your end.

How to get started?

Feel free to visit the official website and fill your registration. It will only take several minutes to get registered and confirm your email address before you can start watching videos in exchange for cash and coupons. Registration is free, and anyone can join.

Go to: iRazoo’s website

5. SlideJoy


If you like watching movie clips and trailers and also enjoy crunching online ads, you will most certainly find a steady source of extra income on Slidejoy. You can earn money by watching videos via the official Slidejoy mobile app, which you can easily download and find online. There is a chance of earning extra cash by connecting your Facebook account to your app, in addition to making extra points for referring your friends. Any interactions count as activity, so you don’t need to watch entire ads in case you don’t want to. Navigation is rather simple as you only need to swipe left for loading new videos.

How much can you earn?

For an average time, a smartphone user would spend on their phone, and you can earn between 5$ and 15$ per month. Sure, it’s not much to brag about; however, in case you invest more time in this money-making app, you can easily double your monthly pocket cash.

How to get started?

Lookup for Slidejoy mobile app online, download the app and register. Once you open your account, you can link it to your Facebook profile to start making more money.

Go to: SlideJoy’s website

6. SuccessBux


SuccessBux might not be the first choice of pay-to-click fans, given the fact that this website has a smaller scale of work scope for eager PTC bingers. However, you may find it as an excellent opportunity to earn some change you can keep on your account for small purchases or savings. SuccessBux offers a money-making opportunity by allowing you to watch ads and earn cash by doing so. Additionally, you can increase your earnings by listening to the radio, going through surveys, and acting as a referral agent.

How much can you earn?

Perhaps a deal-breaker for some, the maximum you can earn with SuccessBux is 25 cents per day. However, the provider allows you to make your withdrawals after collecting the minimum of 1.1$, in addition to offering the ability to work every day and earn your share of extra bucks.

How to get started?

You may easily open your account on the official website by submitting necessary information such as name and email address and start earning money momentarily.

Go to: SuccessBux’s website


Getting paid to watch videos, movie clips, trailers, and ads is a simple and easy way to earn some extra pocket money and save some cash in your spare time. The amount of cash flow generated this way might not be the most thrilling part of the deal, but it certainly beats watching videos for free in exchange for zero dimes. You can combine several ways of earning money while watching videos by opening accounts on several money-making websites and apps, that way combining your sources of passive income into making more profit.

This article has been financially reviewed by Ben Heir, CFA Last Updated on December 4, 2020 by Philip Horton.

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