Cash For Gold Near Me: Where to Sell Gold for the Most Cash?

If you found this article you’re probably looking to get rid of old gold jewelry, coins, or some other items, and make a pretty penny in the process. Whether you’re cleaning your home and trying to sell stuff you don’t need, trying to get rid of jewelry, or want to take advantage of the recent record high gold prices;

The question is always the same – where to get the most cash for gold near me? 

If you live in a larger city, you’ll most likely find several pawn shops or local jewelers close to you that are interested in buying your gold jewelry. That said, going with this option you’ll never get the fair market value for your items. Why is this? Because they have to pay rent, utility bills, salaries and are mainly in the business of making as much money as possible.

So what options are you left with if you want to get a good price for your items? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Read this article to find out everything you need to get the most out of selling gold and other precious metals.

Stop Searching for Gold Buyers Near Me — Sell Your Gold to a Legit Online Buyer

Instead of going to a physical cash-for-gold location in your town, consider online gold buyers. Nowadays, several legit and trustworthy online companies are disrupting the cash-for-gold industry because they can offer high prices for their clients since they don’t have expensive overhead costs and can operate super efficiently.

Not only this but going through online gold buyers is a much more convenient option for you on the other side as well, as you can count on a very user-friendly service. You don’t have to walk or drive to the store, wait in line or haggle with anyone at the counter to get a slightly better price for your item. You can complete any transaction from the comfort of your home.

This detailed guide will cover everything you need to know about selling gold online. With that in mind, if you’re looking for a quick answer and don’t have the time to read this entire in-depth page, I’m going to spill the beans and say it out – GoldBroker.

Quick Takeaway: GoldBroker is our recommended online gold buyer. It’s a legitimate and honest company and based on my personal experience and our expert research, we can say it’s the best option out there.

A few facts about the company:

  • In business since 2011, with a very experienced board of directors
  • It is easy to physically take delivery of your precious metals
  • They charge a one percent commission that starts at a $75 minimum commission total on any buyback sales.
  • USPS or UPS mailer will pick up the gold from you
  • There are no middlemen between you and your precious metals
  • Reputable and reliable network based in four major financial centers (New York, Hong Kong, London, and Malta)
  • Very strong confidentiality and privacy policy for all of their clients

Go to: GoldBroker’s Website

Selling Gold

While there might be many suspicious places claiming to buy your gold at a high price, reputable platforms abound that can match the value of the metal with cash sooner than you can imagine, and you won’t feel cheated in the process.
To top it off, you don’t have to waste valuable time or bother about schematics as your gold can be sold online for cash – innovation has penetrated the gold trade sector.

Have doubts about the total gold trade? Perhaps, my personal experience could help you to understand how things have changed.

Some months ago, pressing issues required me to sell my treasured gold chain for cash. I tried some middleman on the street, and he wanted to rip me off for a significant amount of my profits.
After this unpleasant experience, I went online to see if there was any platform that could help me. After rummaging through different suspicious platforms, I stumbled upon GoldBroker. Their staff was very friendly, although I still had my doubts about whether I’m going to get scammed or not.
While I couldn’t complain about the price, I wasn’t sure how the transaction was to be carried out. I was informed I had the option of picking between two mail services to handle the exchange.
I opted for UPS as I still had unresolved issues with the US Postal Service – that’s a story for another day. The UPS guy arrived. A funny guy. My gold jewelry was delivered without any cost to me. To avoid the unpleasant stories that have saturated the online space, I took up an insurance premium on the chain.

It wasn’t up to 48 hours before GoldBroker got in touch with me through an email. They offered me the estimated price they could pay.  I dilly-dallied a little because my treasured gold chain was about leaving my neck forever. Then I remembered my financial mess and I agreed to their price.

It didn’t take more than a few hours before I got a check for the amount agreed. They seem to have other means of getting paid, but I am a sucker for the ‘check.’ I still wasn’t sure about the reality of the trade. But I went to cash the check, and I got paid.

During those turbulent times, when I was cash-strapped, I discovered a few things about GoldBroker that motivated me to sell my gold to them. I found out that they aren’t newbies in the business, and they had a lot of testimonials as proof of their authenticity. Also, they do much more than buy and sell just gold, as you can also trade silver, platinum, and palladium. Good to know, if I ever get my hands on a platinum chain. Fingers crossed.

Is Now a Good Time to Sell Gold?

There’s sufficient evidence to suggest that gold prices tend to soar or at least remain stable in the face of an economic downturn or sharp fluctuations in the prices of stocks.

The year 2020 might have been a turbulent year for the global economy, but that has played to the advantage of gold as the metal is currently at its peak for the year while its fellow mineral resource, crude oil, has continued to tank.
If you are cash-strapped at the moment, and your expensive gold coins, gold jewelry of any kind is lying dormant, gathering dust, perhaps you can take the hard way out (it’s certainly not easy) and sell them off for cash. You can get those jewelry cheaper in the future when the gold market drops as predicted in the next few years.
If you’re not broke but want to make a nice profit from the ebbing stock market, you can let go of all that precious metal now for a high price and buy your preferred stock to invest for further profits. Need more information about the current prices? I recommend you visit GoldBroker for more details.

How Much Is Gold Worth?

Discerning what your gold is worth isn’t something you visit the pawnshop for, for a simple reason – they want to make as much money off of you as possible. The gold bullion price in the open market determines what any trustworthy buyer will agree to pay for your gold. And this frequently changes with each passing second. At the time of writing this piece, the price of gold had risen to around $1850/ounce and $60.00/gram.

It is worth noting that the price of gold has witnessed an increase of over 20% from this time last year. Frankly, this wouldn’t come as a surprise to many in the business as the price of gold always receives a boost whenever the economy is in tatters or stocks are crashing. And, with the pandemic keeping the world spellbound, you should take advantage of the high price and sell gold while its price is so high.

A lot of people tend to imagine their gold jewelry is pure gold when there’s a substantial chance it’s not. Most gold jewelry is a combination of gold and another metal. Gold bullion, which is pure gold, isn’t that much in circulation.

To get the best price for your gold, it needs to have a substantial quantity of pure metal. In a nutshell, the worth of that supposedly gold jewelry is tied to the amount of the actual gold in the item.
Gold jewelry is sold and purchased in karats. That’s why you see jewelry stores selling those gold ornaments in karats. There are different delineations of the karat, but the 24-karat is at the apex of the purity table.
There’s a certain trepidation that comes with selling your precious belongings – gold jewelry inclusive. If you are not sure about the prospects of selling your valued ring or necklace, you are not alone. It’s hard selling your valuables, especially if they are attached to special events like an engagement or a birthday.
Regardless of your thoughts on disposing of items you don’t need, you shouldn’t hesitate to sell your gold item for cash, even more, if the memories attached to it bring you to tears. With the price of gold at its peak, you couldn’t ask for a better time to sell your gold item.

How Much Does Gold Sell For?

In the last seven years, the price of gold has been breaking records left and right. A recent high of around $1850/ounce and $60/gram suggests that the alluring metal is on the rise again. Being involved with investments, there’s no reason to doubt that this surge in gold prices wouldn’t continue as the ill wind affecting the stock market always serves as a breath of fresh air for the valuable metal.
If you’re among the many that locked their gold items away in some shelf or deposit box, consider going a different route. Saving gold at this time is it’s not an awful idea, but you still need to change if you want to maximize your savings and profit.

Value of Gold Today – Check the Price of Gold

Gold Price Calculator

If you decide to go ahead and sell off that gold item in your possession, you’ll want more details on the gains before proceeding with the transaction. No one wants to let go of their treasured piece for cheap, whether it’s objectively worth a lot of money, or has significant sentimental values. Fortunately, getting accurate information on the price of your gold item is as easy as checking gold calculator websites for a near-accurate estimate.
While many gold buyers might attempt to cheat you out of your money by offering a meager price, to make sure you get the best price from the real-time market value, it’s always best to calculate the value at an impartial site. To help you get ballpark figures, the price of gold is currently hovering at over $1,850/oz.

Scrap Gold Price Calculator

Different forms of gold can be sold, and that includes scrap gold. If you have some scrap gold in your possession and you are not sure of its value, you can also cash in by selling it. Gold price scrap tends to fluctuate like most items that are market-driven, although you can still get a very fair price.

Pricing Gold Today

The London Bullion Market Association agreed model forms the basis of the gold pricing as we know it. Currently, the group has deployed an electronic auction system that handles pricing, and many gold buyers all over the world are linked to it.

What Is a Gold Spot Price?

You must have seen the gold spot price among the several figures listed regarding gold and wondered what it was. Well, the gold spot price is the worth of the metal after some massive sales. But the gold spot price holds more information about gold futures than the actual metal.

What Are Gold Futures?

As their name suggests, gold futures are tied to futuristic events in the gold trade. Gold futures revolve around the need to transfer the ownership of gold between entities within a delineated timeline. Gold futures also prioritize the guesswork on the supply and demand of the metal as well as the overhead associated with moving the metal.

The Kitco’s Gold Pricing Model

One of the stakeholders in the industry is Kitco. They aren’t just limited to trades but making information regarding the industry available to everyone. Buyers and sellers use several parameters to settle on the price of gold in real-time, and the Kitco Gold Index is one such. Kitco belongs to a cluster of gold markets, which, regularly, put forward gold prices – different from the ‘feisty’ stock market.

Can You Make Money Selling Gold?

The financial reward obtainable from the gold trade is significant, and evidence from the history books suggests that this metal has always been the most sustainable investment you can make.
With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic hammering stock values and crude, there couldn’t be a better time to sell gold as the precious metal’s price is known to peak whenever the economy is on its knees, and the stock market appears to be a shadow of its former self.

When Should I Sell My Gold?

This is the right time to sell your gold items as the price could tank as soon as the stock market finds its footing. If you possess any gold item that’s lying fallow on your property, then you should take action immediately.
The proceeds from the sales of your gold belongings could change your financial situation as it could be invested in real estate or stock, clear your credit card debt and other useful benefits. It’s always important to have movable money, which you can invest in various ventures to get the most of it long-term.

Should I Sell My Gold?

If you’re skeptical and need some form of reassurance that you’re doing the right thing, then here’s the confidence booster you seek: sell that item off right now!

Remember that we live in a world where cash rules. Gold isn’t cash, but it can be converted to such.
Letting your gold item rot (not literally) in your drawer or a deposit box while you are financially handicapped to carry out a lot of necessities should never be the case. This especially goes in periods like these, during which the price of gold maintains a very good value compared to the Dollar.

How Can I Get Cash for Gold?

Don’t know how you could get cash for gold? Reliable platforms such as GoldBroker and others have risen to the challenge of buying gold from sellers virtually. With such convenient sites, this means no more spending money on transportation just to sell your gold jewelry to a pawn shop in your neighborhood.

Where Can I Get Cash for Gold Near Me?

Due to the existing lockdown due to COVID-19 in many countries and states, jewelry stores that could purchase your gold items (often at unreasonable prices) are still not open for business. Fortunately, the Internet is always accessible for business as lockdown measures aren’t applicable virtually, so online gold buying platforms are still exchanging your precious metal for cash.

Gold Related FAQs

Here, we look at specific questions that have been asked by people on the status of the precious metal. Whether it’s the pricing, some background information on the valuable metal, and ways of getting the most cents in trade, everything is covered.

What Is the Reason for Gold’s Immense Worth?

The massive value of gold dates back to centuries ago when the metal was used as a legal tender and investment avenue. Much of the precious metal’s value is attached to its use in jewelry and art pieces.
The strength of gold is that it’s alluring and tangible – attributes lacking in stocks.

Gold is a metal, and there’s only a limited amount of it. Regardless of the claims in certain sectors about the metal being reproducible, evidence suggests gold can’t be produced, only mined. It’s this cap on available gold that reinforces the value of the precious metal.

Due to the value of gold, the metal is recycled over and over, which just points to the efficiency of gold’s recycling process, especially when compared to other existing ones in the world today. Gold has continued to be shrouded in mystery though it has passed through different generations.

How to Tell If Gold Is Real?

While you might be interested in selling your gold, here are a few tips that should guide you on your journey of identifying genuine gold from fakes and imitations:

The Stamp Method

Not everyone has the discerning eyes to tell when gold is genuine or fake. But you can always learn. Start by looking for a stamp on the gold item. Authentic gold items, regardless of the quantity of the pure metal in them, usually have a mark that highlights how pure the gold is. You should see some numbers within the square.

If you’re wondering what those numbers are, take a look at the breakdown below:

  • 375 = 9 karat which suggests that the item contains 37.5% gold
  • 585 = 14 karat item contains 58.5%
  • 750 = 18 karat item contains 75% gold
  • 916 = 22 karat item contains 91.6% gold
  • 990 = 24 karat item contains 99.9% gold

The Flame Method

Determining whether your gold is genuine or fake can be done simply using a heater. You place the item on the flame, and you could easily tell what category your gold item belongs to. If the gold item remains unfazed in the fire, it’s genuine. Fake gold changes color when exposed to heat.
The effect of heating on gold can explain this – it doesn’t destroy the metal but improves its aesthetic appeal. Testing the genuineness of gold items using heat leaves your gold plated items exposed as the gold plating gives way under the effect of the high temperature.

Via the Use of a Magnet

You can also confirm if your supposedly gold item is genuine using a magnet. Though a precious metal, gold lacks magnetic properties. It will not be drawn to the magnet, regardless of what you do. With the scarcity of the precious metal, you might experience a situation where a part of your gold item is attracted to a magnet while other portions pass the magnetic test. This hints at the unreliable nature of this approach to testing for the genuineness of your gold item.

Does It Float or Sink?

If you’re still skeptical about the status (genuine or not) of your gold item, you can try checking if the material floats in water. Gold sinks in water, but it doesn’t corrode. Should your item act otherwise then it’s probably another metal painted gold.

Action on The Skin

Many have observed that the donning of certain supposedly gold items tends to leave colorations on their skin. This isn’t an attribute of genuine gold items.

How Much Is Gold Bullion Worth?

Regardless of the state of gold bullion, the item would always have the value of 24K gold, which is the purest form of the precious metal.

How Much Is a Gold Bullion Coin Worth?

The state of the gold bullion doesn’t matter. The value remains the same as 24K gold.

How Much Is Gold Worth per Ounce?

1oz of 24K gold is over $1800 at the moment.
If you’re not sure about the size of the gold, it’s akin to a thickened military dog tag. With dimensions 0.95″ x 1.65″ x 0.08″, an ounce of gold is quite small.

How Much Is a Gram of Gold Worth?

A gram of 24K gold currently hovers around $60. It’s likely to change with each passing day, going in an upward trend as it tends to do most of the time. To understand just how small a gram of gold is, take a look at its dimensions: 0.32″ x 0.59″ x 0.02.”

How Much Money Is a Gold Dollar Coin Worth?

The value of a gold dollar coin is tied to several things. This isn’t only about the purity of the gold, but the state of the coin. Its weight also plays a pivotal role in its worth. The dollar value of the coin could range from as little as $200 to as high as thousands of dollars, depending on the availability of the coin and its state. For example, if you have the American Eagle, you could get around $1,700 for the collectible that weighs 1oz.
If you are not sure about the value of your gold coin, platforms like GoldBroker could provide you with a fair market estimate and even buy it off from you at a reasonable price. With the firm’s involvement in the purchase of different gold items, including coins of different types and conditions, it’s a no brainer that you should seek their input.

How to Sell Your Gold for Cash?

Before making any large transactions, it’s understandable to feel the need to study the market, be sincere about your expectations on pricing, and carry out some background check on the possible buyer.
The gold market is so vast that you’re certainly going to find a buyer, regardless of the gold item you want to sell. With this in mind, since there won’t be a shortage of buyers, the most important thing you should look for is that you get a fair price. Scared of being shortchanged? Here are some pointers to ensure you get your gold’s worth:

    • Get an insight into the worth of your gold item. No matter the nature of the item, a gold calculator, is bound to help with a price range. For instance, your grandma’s boring old ring could pull as much as $200, while that small gold unpaired earring you have laying around might fetch you some $50 to $100 on the gold market.
    • With an estimate in mind, you can proceed to some upright jewelry stores in your neighborhood. It could be a pawn shop or the local business down the street that’s looking to assist people that need some cash for their gold items. If you’re not sure about how reliable these outfits are, then look at what others are saying about them in the Yelp reviews left by patronizing customers and their ratings on platforms like Better Business Bureau.
  • If your local jewelry shop isn’t giving you a good price, you can always take advantage of online gold buyers.

Due to intense rivalry in the virtual space and the desire of every competitor to have a decent reputation, the customers often get to enjoy exclusive perks when doing business over the Internet. This is one of the main reasons why you’re always more likely to get better prices compared to what’s obtainable with your local jewelry store.
Add the inclusion of insurance coverage for the delivery process – which is done promptly – and you have a lot to gain compared to the jewelry stores or pawn shops in your neighborhood.

While there are many gold buyers online, I can only speak of the one I have transacted with – GoldBroker. Beyond their impeccable online reputation, I had the opportunity to try out their service in practice, and it went even faster and smoother than advertised on their site. I can attest to their reliability, reasonable estimate, and convenience, and will definitely be choosing them the next time I sell gold online.
If you’re also in the business of selling gold or want to get rid of some piece you have laying around the house, this website is currently the best option for doing so. Visit GoldBroker now for a more detailed rundown of their latest prices.

Where to Sell Gold for Cash?

Finding a buyer and selling your gold for cash is not that hard, irrespective of your location. But, the reliability of these outfits is put under scrutiny as many are quite shady and only looking for a way to make money from scamming unsuspecting sellers. That said, there are a handful of channels that aren’t like this and which you can go to sell gold. Here are just a few of the best options which you can use to sell your gold:

  • Jewelry stores
  • Pawnshops
  • Exchange platforms
  • Online gold buying sites

No knocks on the hustle of jewelry and pawn stores in your area, but they might not offer you the best price. They might be trustworthy and operate completely in accordance with the law. But, the bottom line is that you are less likely to get your gold’s worth when trying to get cash for gold. If that’s something you can deal with, then great, I wholeheartedly recommend you use them, as you don’t have to worry about getting scammed when doing business with these stores.
However, if you want to make as much money as possible in today’s day and age, going on the Internet is always the better option. Transacting with an online gold buying website comes with a lot of perks that you won’t get when dealing with offline businesses. These include:
1.You don’t have to leave your home for a second, you can complete everything from the comfort of your chair – which isn’t possible with your local jewelry store.

  1. Due to the broad coverage of these online buyers, they have more checks and balances to contend with as the spotlight is always cast on their activities with third-party platforms like Better Business Bureau, Trustpilot, Angie’s List, and Google Reviews, putting them on the spot with their rigorous standing evaluation process.

3.With particular gold buyers like GoldBroker, you have the added convenience of accessing helpful charts, and in the case of this site, in particular, even native Android and iOS apps that provide you with extra tools that make your experience even more intuitive and straightforward.  

  1. The price you’ll get for your gold item is tied to a lot of things like its karat level (which holds the key to the purity of the gold) and the weight of the gold item – which highlights the quantity of the gold in the item. This arrangement applies across all items, whether it’s jewelry, gold bullion, or coin.

List of Online Gold Buyers


Age is often considered to be just a number, but that’s not the case in the gold buyers circle as it provides insight into the reputation and financial capacity of the merchant. GoldBroker has this in its favor, as this gold buyer has been in the business for years. What’s more, their board of directors consists of several very well-known investors and entrepreneurs that have been in the business for decades.

Any gold item in your possession, whether it’s a gold necklace, pendant, or any other gold jewelry, GoldBroker can give you cash for gold, at some of the best rates on the market. Gold coins aren’t excluded as the platform pays a premium price for gold coins in good condition, while others do get their price worth as well.
To transact with the GoldBroker platform, you’ll need to submit your name and address through the provided spaces on the website, then choose your preferred shipping option, which could be either the US postal service or UPS if you’re from outside of the US. The selling process is extremely efficient and streamlined at GoldBroker. From the moment you sign up with their very secure website, to the execution of the transaction, everything will take less than 48 hours. Here’s how you can expect the selling process to play out:

  1. Make your Sell Order – Using the secure, SSL encrypted messaging service, you send them a message indicating what you want to sell.
  2. Confirmation – When GoldBroker receives your order, they will confirm your request and send you a document to sign.
  3. Wire Transfer – Your funds are forwarded to your bank shortly after, with GoldBroker taking only 1% sales commission (a minimum of $75).

As you can see from above, the entire process can be completed quickly and without too much hassle. Want an estimate for your gold item? Head over to GoldBroker right away.

Liberty Gold and Silver

This is another gold buyer that’s headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Having been in operation for close to a decade, Liberty Gold and Silver is undoubtedly not a greenhorn in the gold buying business. With the gold buyer A+ BBB standing, they are certainly no mugs.
Should you decide to sell your gold item to this gold buyer, you might have to ensure the item yourself if the worth is beyond the $1000 mark (reimbursement will happen later), and shipping is only possible with the US Postal Service. If your item is below that sum, you can have the item shipped to the buyer via UPS, and the company handles the insurance coverage.
On your approval of the price, Liberty Gold and Silver’s payment options are limited to only checks, but the gold buyer can carry out a bank transfer though there’s a fee attached.


Based in Manhattan, Luriya is another gold buyer that has been in the business for a long time with a reputation for buying gold jewelry and coins, regardless of the nature of the gold item. Typical of most top merchants, Luriya has a Better Business Bureau standing of A+.
Those residing within the state of New York can enjoy the luxury of an appointment with a representative of the gold buyer. Regardless of your proximity to the merchant, a mailer is made available to handle the shipping of your gold item. With Luriya, you have the option of using any of the popular delivery agencies like UPS, FedEx, DHL, and of course, the US Postal Service.

Luriya offers premium coverage of your gold item to the tune of $1million, but that’s only if it’s necessary, but a basic coverage of $1000 is always available. It shouldn’t exceed 48 hours of the item being shipped before you receive an offer from the merchant.

Money Metals Exchange

If you have gold jewelry to sell, you might want to avoid this gold buyer; else, get ready to be turned back. Money Metals Exchange might not be buying gold jewelry, but you can bring your gold bullion and coin without hesitation and get cash in exchange.

If you’re planning to use Money Metals Exchange, you might want to prepare to have your shipping and insurance done yourself as this gold trader wouldn’t do anything other than provide you with tips on packaging your gold item. Despite the inadequacies of this merchant, its reputation is an upright one, as confirmed by its Better Business Bureau A+ standing.

Unlike Money Metals Exchange, SellYourGold buys all sorts of gold items, including jewelry from designers, chains, bracelets, estate jewelry, and others. Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, this merchant began operations in 2014 and has been growing ever since.
If you decide to transact with SellYourGold, the merchant handles the mailing of your gold item with insurance coverage of up to $25000, though this is only on request as the primary coverage is $1000. Shipping is limited to FedEx, and you can keep track of your item.
With your item shipped, you could get an offer in a day – as long as the gold buyer receives the item on that same day. You could get paid within a day of accepting the offer put forward by the gold buyer, and they have the basic payment options –PayPal, bank transfer, and check.
Though is relatively new to the gold buying business compared to other merchants, its Trustpilot 4½-star grade is impressive. Add the A+ standing with Better Business Bureau, and you know you’re dealing with a reputable outfit.

US Gold Buyers

This gold trader started operations around 2013, so it’s relatively new to the scene. But its reputation is topnotch with a Better Business Bureau A+ standing. US Gold Buyers buys top-quality gold items, family heirlooms, precious metals, and stones.


This merchant started operations in 2003, so it’s new to the game. American Precious Metal Exchange (APMEX) operates a unique model. APMEX doesn’t only buy gold and precious metals; it sells them to those in need as well. You can switch the precious metals in your possession if you wish through the same company – no need to get a third-party involved. If you need a storage facility for your precious metal, the company can provide such for you, but this comes with a fee. With a Better Business Bureau A+ standing, APMEX is a reliable gold buyer.


This merchant is among the most prominent enterprises in the sector. Based in Canada, this gold buyer has been in operation since 1977.
Kitco is buying and selling precious metals like gold, silver bullion, silver coin, sterling silver, and many others. Besides transacting the metals, the company also has a profound stake in gold price indexes. It also promotes the growth of the industry by creating content of different formats revolving around the potential of precious metals.

While you can sell your gold bullion and valuable coins to the merchant, it won’t touch your jewelry or scrap gold or precious metal with a barge pole. However, this doesn’t stop the outfit from transacting such items with jewelry stores and other stakeholders in the business.

JM Bullion

This buyer only buys gold and silver coins, but they have to be worth at least $1000, so you might want to rethink your patronage if your gold coins aren’t that valuable. It’s worth noting that this JM Bullion is more involved in the business of selling precious metal coins and estate jewelry, though it handles Gold IRA brokering on the side. As far as reputation goes, its Better Business Bureau A+ standing is enough proof of the reliability of this gold trader.

American Bullion

Though American Bullion started operations in 2009, this outfit isn’t a gold buyer as they are devoted to the transfer of personal assets to precious metals like gold, silver, and others. If you plan to buy some gold items in the future, you shouldn’t hesitate to use their services as they have a Better Business Bureau A+ standing.

Goldco Precious Metals

Similar to American Bullion, Goldco doesn’t buy gold items, specializing in the act of assisting those looking to increase their precious metal IRAs by utilizing their current assets. If you’re looking to sell your gold, Goldco is undoubtedly not everyone’s cup of tea, but most precious metal enthusiasts find their services worthwhile. And don’t forget they have a Better Business Bureau A+ standing, which suggests they’re as reputable as the best in the precious metal industry.

Where Is the Best Place to Sell Your Gold Online?

Within the virtual space, most of the platforms highlighted above stand out, but GoldBroker stands taller than the rest, as confirmed by thorough scrutiny of these entities.

Where Is the Best Place to Sell Gold Bullion?

There are many different places where you can sell your gold bullion, but GoldBroker remains the most viable option if you’re looking to get the best price for your item. Also, all the information you need to sell your gold swiftly and get cash in return is displayed.

You can conveniently buy gold and silver bars and coins with a few clicks. The site also deals with other metals, such as palladium and platinum. Such options are scarcely available at other broker sites.

What Is the Best Way To Sell Gold Coins

Considering the increasing value of gold at the moment, your gold coin could fetch you a load of cash, depending on the nature and condition of the coin. You might want to stop by the local buyers of gold coins in your neighborhood like the pawnshop to get a figure. That said, the pawnshops often offer unreasonable prices, as they are also in it to make money, so be careful if you’re set on selling or buying from them.
With that in mind, buying over the internet is always a better option, as you can always be extra cautious and do more in-depth research before making transactions. If you doubt how reliable the gold coin buyer is, you can look further into their reputation and read reviews left by previous users. Moreover, you can always surf online platforms like eBay for similar gold coins that have been put up for sale.

With the global demand for gold on the increase and the geometrical rise in price, big-time gold merchants have been hit with a wave of scarcity, which should favor those looking to sell their gold items. However, to get the most out of it when selling gold, you should know where to do it. This brings us to the next important page of this blog.

Where to Sell Gold Coins and Gold Bullion
Gold bullion is often the purest form of gold, as it’s a popular choice for those looking to invest their resources in precious metals like gold. Gold bullion exists in forms such as coin, bar, or ingot. Though among the purest forms of gold, you can sell these items on platforms such as GoldBroker, I’d always recommend selling the bar to a gold mint as the first option.

Whenever I’m cash-strapped, my jewelry collection is the item I fall back on to get me out of the hole. There have been several such times before, and in most cases, I would opt to seek out my local dealer. However, I always felt cheated whenever the deal was done. After several such unpleasant experiences, I decided that the best route would be to take this business online.
That’s when I started doing heavy research on the top broker sites in the industry and narrowed my choice down to a few options. Ultimately, the final decision came down to GoldBroker. As usual, when you’re completing transactions for the first time on a platform, mistrust did creep in. But, the risk involved wasn’t so overwhelming when I saw their online rating and the reviews by previous clients.

GoldBroker Review

You can’t talk about precious metal buying without the name GoldBroker coming up. On one of the most renowned online review websites, TrustPilot, GoldBroker maintains an excellent reputation. With over 30 unique user reviews and an average rating of 4.7 out of 5, GoldBroker is undoubtedly among the top sites in the industry in terms of reputation and trustworthiness.
Pricing is always a touchy subject when people are looking to sell their gold or other precious metals. Fortunately, GoldBroker is offering a pricing model that’s significantly higher than the competition, and the prices are always transparently available for you to see before every trade.
As we mentioned before, if you have palladium or platinum items that you want to sell, GoldBroker is worth looking at for this as well.
When buying gold, or any other metal, on their platform, you can look forward to a streamlined and easy-to-use platform.  When using their service myself, I found it particularly convenient that the site doesn’t require too many details from me when buying items.
What’s more, the entire process went entirely smooth every time I used their platform. Just last time when I sold my gold chain for $560, the payment arrived in less than 24 after making the delivery to GoldBroker.

FAQ about GoldBroker

Is GoldBroker legit?

GoldBroker is undoubtedly a legit outfit. You shouldn’t hesitate to sell your gold to them. They are professional and credible and are recognized by several top review sites as one of the most trustworthy and user-friendly sites out there.

Does GoldBroker Have Restrictions on the Items They Accept?

GoldBroker is renowned for buying gold items of different grades. If you have other precious metal items like silver coins, silver bullion, sterling silver, this site has got you covered. The company is open to buying and selling a variety of metals, regardless of the condition of the item – as long as you are at least 18 years old.

If I Am Not Pleased With the Amount Offered, Can I Get My Gold Item Back?

Of course, you can. But you must reach out to GoldBroker quickly, and the gold or silver buyer will send back your item at no cost, shipping inclusive. Since GoldBroker is an internationally-recognized site, items are moved and sold quickly.

What Currencies Does GoldBroker Accept for Sellers?

GoldBroker is one of the best sites of its kind in terms of financial policy. They accept transactions in Euros, Dollars, Pound Sterling, and Swiss Francs. Judging by personal experience, I can say that you’ll always get a fair price, regardless of your preferred currency.

How Much Does GoldBroker Pay?

Calculating your potential profits is fairly easy with GoldBroker, as they list all of the useful information directly on their site.

GoldBroker Complaints

Like any website operating online, GoldBroker has seen the occasional complaints arise, but nothing related to failing to pay for items delivered or scamming its users. In fact, no such complaints have been raised during the entire existence of this broker.
Moreover, if you comb through the GoldBroker reviews at some of the bigger user review sites, you’ll notice that this website is lauded for its dedication to its customers and stands out in particular for its support staff. With no significant complaints tied to their name, GoldBroker is an ideal choice for even the most skeptical user.

Besides GoldBroker, Can I Sell My Gold to Another Legit Gold Buyer?

Sure! There’s also a site called Worthy that might be ‘worthy’ of your attention. Worthy isn’t a paperweight in the industry as the company has made appearances in Forbes, New York Times, and others. It’s Better Business Bureau A+ standing is an indication of its capability and efficiency in meeting the demands of those looking to sell their gold items. Worthy has an incredible reputation for buying jewelry of different types like classic jewelry, the prized family estate, and other very valuable items.
Worthy is also very dedicated to supporting the industry and sponsors the activities of several relevant non-profit organizations, most notably the International Gemology Institute and its American counterpart. If you want to find out more about their business, I recommend you to visit Worthy’s website. You can expect to get fair estimates for your valuables sooner than you can imagine.

FAQ on Gold Jewelry

What Is Gold Filled Jewelry?

A gold-filled item has a layered arrangement with a central non-gold metal and the adjoining gold alloy connected to it by welding. Current legislation demands that 5% of the gold-filled jewelry’s weight must be constituted by gold.

What Is Gold Vermeil?

Gold vermeil is gold-plated silver. Though the purity of gold used is usually of the highest grade.

What Is Gold Plated Metal?

This is based on the principle of electroplating, where metals like silver are plated with a thin layer of gold.

What Is White Gold?

White gold isn’t just the regular gold but a combination of a few metals, including gold, which explains the white metal appearance of the gold.

What Is Gold Used For?

Gold has a lot of benefits. The precious metal for more than its alluring appearance. Its resistance to corrosion and the ease of conduction makes the metal a highly sort raw material in different industries:

Healthcare. Gold plays a massive role in the treatment of the symptoms of arthritis, as well as the easing of stress and anxiety.

Computer technology. Metal is used in the manufacturer of electronics.

Aerospace. Gold-coated films are used in space vehicles.
Interesting fact. Did you know that the great depression saw an astronomical increase in the price of gold?

Final Verdict: Cash for Gold Near Me

Being in a financial quagmire isn’t a bad thing. We have all been there. If you’re lucky to have gold or silver items that are currently gathering dust in your home, then you are just one step away from getting out of your predicament.
Plus, if you’re already aware enough to ask yourself: “what’s the best option for cash for gold near me?” you’re in a better position than most people out there who are looking into the same options.
Selling your gold for urgent cash can help you get back on your feet, and with the current high price of gold, you have no excuse. The essential aspect is to know where to sell, and with the information I’ve provided you with on this page, you’ll have no problems getting the most money out of your item.

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