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How to make money online? In truth, there is no one-size-fits-all method; the best way how to make money online for you depends on your goals and possibilities.

That’s why the experts at OnlineMoneyPage have compiled a list of the best methods in each major category, from paid survey panels and sign-up rewards to full-time online businesses and more.

Explore our top picks and find the best method for you.

At OnlineMoneyPage, we strive to help you make the right financial decisions with confidence. To do this, many products and services featured here are from our partners. However, this doesn’t, under any circumstances, influence our evaluations. Our opinions are our own.

13 Best Ways to Make Money Online in 2019

You don’t need me to tell you that it’s pretty easy to earn money online. Or maybe, do you? Anyways, you shouldn’t!

In this website, I’ll show you how to earn money. I’ll also help you avoid many mistakes which I made at the beginning and thus, save you a lot of time.

If I would have to start all over again from zero, these are the best 13 methods which I’d like to be aware of.

I am still using most of these myself daily and running several blogs is my full-time business.

NB! If you are a kid, teenager, college student, or a stay-at-home mom, take a look at the FAQ section at the very end of the article – there is something tailored especially for each of you.

PS! If you get stuck with any of the methods (which I highly doubt), please don’t hesitate to contact me – I’ll help to sort this out.

That said, without further delay, here are the best ones:

1. Paid Surveys

Our recommendation: Survey Junkie

make money online with paid surveys


People looking to earn a small side income with low effort.

on SurveyJunkies’s site



usually $3-10 per hour



depending on the number of surveys you are eligible.



very straightforward



impossible to scale

Summary: Participating in paid survey panels is very simple. After registration, you are usually required to fill out a profile survey which is often already rewarded. Later, you’ll see all the ongoing surveys where you are eligible. Just choose which one you like, answer honestly, and get rewarded.

Besides, all these sites offer a lot more ways to participate in market research than just paid online surveys. For example, you could use their search engine, plugins, and extensions to earn some extra dollars while these are running in the background, play games, watch videos, etc.

In the end, all these dollars from here and there add up, and on a monthly/annual basis, you could earn a quite considerable amount of extra income.

Earnings: You are probably going to earn around $3-10 per hour, depending on your profile. In some rare cases, where a specific focus group is targeted, you could make about $10-30 per survey. But this is not something you could do 8 hours per day and five days a week, so don’t count on that.

Companies: Our most recommended companies are:

All these sites offer a $10 sign-up bonus (they keep changing it quite often) after registration at the moment.

PRO TIP: If you want to make money with this method, consider using all 3 companies. This way, you’ll never run out of surveys and can always look for the ones with the highest payout.

Participating in Market Research

This can be done either by directly answering survey questionaries or allowing companies to track your activities while using different apps anonymously.

In other words, you are trading information about your behavior and preferences for rewards.

1. Take Paid Online Surveys

best paid surveysThere are thousands of companies out there, who would like to get to know you better – why? Because you are their target customer.

That information helps them to make either better products/services in the future or fine-tune the current ones.

Therefore, there are several market research companies which are offering you paid surveys in order to get your opinion on different subjects.

Summary: Paid Surveys



Depending on the number of surveys you are eligible.



Very easy.



Usually $4-10 per hour, depending on your profile.



You can boost your earnings with other features they offer.

Summary: Paid Surveys

What We Like

  • It's a very easy way to make some money.
  • You don't need any money or skills to start.
  • Many different ways to get rewarded.

What We Don’t Like

  • People from some countries are not eligible.
  • Sometimes you might not qualify for surveys.
  • For some people, earnings can be low.

Summary: Answering paid surveys is very easy. After completing registration, usually you are required to fill out profile survey which is often already rewarded. Later, you’ll see all the ongoing surveys where you are eligible. Just choose which one you like, answer honestly, and get rewarded.

Besides, all these sites offer a lot more ways to participate in market research than just paid online surveys. For example, you could use their search engine, plugins, and extensions to earn some extra dollars while these are running on the background, play games, watch videos, etc.

In the end, all these few dollars from here and there add up, and on a monthly/annual basis, you could earn a quite considerable amount of extra income.

NB! If you have already seen many other websites on this topic which claim you could earn up to $75 per hour with paid surveys, then, believe me, it’s FALSE information and aggressive marketing.

In reality, you are probably going to earn around $4-10 per hour. In some very rare cases, where specific focus group is targeted, you could make about $10-30 per survey, but this is not something you could do 8 hours per day and five days in a week, so don’t count on that.

Our favorite and most recommended paid survey company is SurveyJunkie

There are around 100+ international paid market research companies out there. During the last year, we tested most popular top 20 companies out and what we discovered was SHOCKING – on 8 instances out of 20, we did not receive any rewards during withdrawal process or got our accounts suspended.

best paid survey pro tipThe good news is that you can avoid these mistakes which we did because we sorted out the 9 Best Paid Online Survey Sites to Make Money. There is also a comparison table of all these companies which could save you a lot of time.

Our favorite TOP3 paid survey companies are:

All these three sites are equally good and stood out from their peers. They all offer a $10 sign-up bonus (they keep changing it quite often) after registration at the moment.

PRO TIP! If you want to make money with this method, consider using all 3 companies. This way, you’ll never run out of surveys and can always look for the ones with the highest payout.

How to get started with these sites:

  • best paid survey sitesRegister: You’ll need to fill in your information, like your name, location, age, sex, contact details, and payment method, etc.
  • Fill Surveys: Based on the information you’ve provided in your profile, you’ll be shown multiple surveys that you are eligible for. For instance, you might be provided with a survey about men’s grooming products based on the information in your profile that says you’re a man in your mid-twenties.
  • Cash out: The final step is, of course, reaping the rewards for your time and effort. You to cash out to your PayPal account, or you can choose gift cards redeemable at retailers like Amazon or Walmart.

It’s as simple as that!

If you want to see a more comprehensive overview of these sites or learn some tips and tricks on how to maximize your earnings, please read our: SurveyJunkie reviewSwagbucks review, and MyPoints review.

2. Collect $50 Per Year with Nielsen App

trim app reviewEver thought you could make money off of merely keeping an app installed on your phone?

Well, now you can get with the Nielsen App.

Nielsen is an information, data, and measurement company that collects metrics on what media content people are consuming.

That’s precisely what they’re trying to achieve with the Nielsen app; they collect data about how you use the Internet and apply this information to their market research.

Summary: Nielsen App



No further time except the initial installation.



It’s very straightforward, just install the app.



Exactly $50 per year.



There is no upside or way to scale up.

What We Like

  • Very easy, you don't have to do anything.
  • It's recurring, you get $50 each year.
  • Low hanging fruit - free money.

What We Don’t Like

  • No change to increase your earnings.
  • You get only a $50 per year.
  • There are no more apps like this.

How to earn $50 from the Nielsen App:

  • Install the lightweight app that does not have any adverse effect on the performance of your device on any of the mobile devices that you use to surf the Internet. All of the data collected is anonymous, and so, you can rest assured that you’re not selling your privacy or allowing the company to track you.
  • Keep the app installed to have it run in the background and use the Internet as you would normally, while it collects metrics about your usage and sends it to Nielsen.
  • You earn $50 just for keeping the app installed for a year. It’s about as close as it gets to free money.

Use the button below to register, download Nielsen App, and start earning $50 per year.

3. Collect Quick $25 with JOANY Survey

joany survey reviewJOANY is a healthcare startup that has raised millions of dollars, and it aims to help people find and buy the best health insurance suited for them using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

It doesn’t cost users anything to use JOANY, the insurance companies pay them for every purchase they direct to them.

But what does this mean to you, as someone looking to make money online with JOANY Survey?

Easy money!

Summary: JOANY Survey



It takes around 10 minutes.



Very simple survey.



Only $25, but with 10 minutes.



No upside, just one-time offer.

What We Like

  • You get $25 with 10 minutes.
  • Super easy and straightforward.
  • You will get real money, not gift cards.

What We Don’t Like

  • Only for US citizens.
  • Unfortunately, one-time deal.
  • Many requirements to be eligible.

Summary: JOANY is currently conducting market research studies to analyze their target market.

If you meet the following requirements, then you might be eligible for their survey which nets $25:

  • You used your state exchange, healthcare.gov, a broker, or a health plan like Oscar to buy insurance for 2019.
  • Your employer does not provide your health insurance.
  • You aren’t currently enrolled in any short-term plans.
  • Your health insurance is currently active.
  • You must not be on Medicaid, Medicare, or VA health insurance.
  • Your school/university must not provide your health insurance.
  • You have not taken the survey before.

The survey takes around 10 minutes to complete, and you’re paid through PayPal within 48 hours of completion of the survey.

Click the button down below, complete the short survey and grab your $25 dollars in matter of minutes.

how to make money online fastTake Advantage of the One-Time Offers

Quick wins are usually one-time offers which you can get by completing registration/sign-up forms. Sometimes you are also expected to complete few first tasks or assignments to be eligible for the reward.

In this section, I listed up a few best rewarding quick wins which doesn’t take much time, but pay you pretty decent amount of money (some pay real money to your bank account, others give gift-cards).

4. Collect Quick Money from One-Time Offers

This method is about collecting quick low hanging fruits.

It is done by registering to different apps or websites, completing sign-up procedures, where necessary taking introductory surveys or referring these platforms to your friends.

Summary: One-time offers



Each method takes just a couple of minutes.



Very straightforward and easy method.



It’s not much, but considering the time spent it’s good.



There is no upside, just one-time offers.

What We Like

  • Takes so few time.
  • Straightforward way to get money.
  • These apps have useful features.

What We Don’t Like

  • All countries are not eligible.
  • One time earning opportunities.
  • Referral bonus depends on your friends.

SummaryWe kick off with the most significant amount per time, which is $40 from Ibotta App.

Ibotta is an app that provides cashback options when you make a purchase. What many people are unaware of is that you can earn a quick money on Ibotta by only referring your friends to the app.

The app itself is easy to use and very straightforward. On top of that, it’s handy and helps you save money. Therefore, it’s easy to get your friends agreed on using Ibotta aswell.

Use the button below to start registration to Ibotta App.

where to get free moneyWhere to Get More Quick Money:

  • Get $10 – Ebates offers a $10 sign-up bonus after making $25 of qualifying purchases within 90 days.
  • Get $5 – Dosh offers an instant $5 bonus upon linking your credit or debit card to your account.
  • Get $10 – Swagbucks offers $10 for all new users after completing registration procedures and downloading the app.
  • Get $10 – MyPoints is currently offering a $10 Amazon Gift Card for new users after completing a few basic tasks.
  • Get $5 – InboxDollars is currently offering a $5 signup bonus after registration.
  • Get $5 – Acorns investment app offers $5 for every new user currently. There are no minimum requirements to open an account.
  • Get $50/year – Nielsen offers you a $50 per year just for keeping their anonymous statistics app on your mobile/tablet/laptop.
  • Get $36/year +$3 – Shoptracker offers a $3 sign-up bonus and pays you a $3 per month for allowing them to track your Amazon (only) shopping activity/history.
  • Get $300 – Lyft is currently offering a $300 bonus for new drivers if they complete 100 rides within the first 30 days.

Of course, there are more are many more ways how to get free money, free amazon gift cards, or birthday freebies. These above were just the easiest low hanging fruits you may want to crab. On top of that, many of these apps may be useful afterward.

best freelance jobsOnline Job Ideas

The main reason why many people are looking for online jobs is to be able to work from anywhere. If you are one of them, then fortunately, we’ve put together a list of work from home jobs.

Even though some companies might make full-time contracts with people who work remotely from home, then most of the time, online workers do freelance jobs. Therefore, the following method covers different types of freelance jobs.

5. Become a Freelancer




Usually, you get paid on an hourly basis.



Task-dependent, may vary a lot.



Skills and task dependent, in general, around $20-100 per hour.



Not so easy to outsource or scale your income.

What We Like

  • You can work from anywhere.
  • Flexibility, set your own working time.
  • You can earn more as your skills develop.

What We Don’t Like

  • Income may be inconsistent and unstable.
  • Hard to outsource or scale your earnings.
  • Not much real personal interaction.

Summary: Freelancer is, by definition, someone who is self-employed and is not engaging in a long-term contractual commitment to one employer.

Most common freelance jobs are the following:

  • virtual assistant,
  • writer,
  • proofreader,
  • editor,
  • teacher,
  • data entry and transcription specialist,
  • IT systems developer,
  • graphic designer.

Depending on your skillset and job you are going to perform, earnings are usually between $5-$100 per hour

One of the best websites to look for freelance work (also to hire freelancers) is FlexJobs.

freelance jobsFlexJobs is offering a wide range of possibilities, not just only to freelancers, but also for people who are looking for remote, part-time and other types of flexible jobs.

You can sort the job offerings by the type of freelance job or any other way you like. On top of that, you don’t have to worry about getting scammed or applying to spam job listings, because they continuously keep checking their listings and take serious effort to avoid you being scammed.

If you already know what type of gigs you are looking for, then there are many sites which have more specialized in some kind of freelance jobs.

Common Types of Freelance Jobs & Platforms:

If you are looking for a specific type of freelance jobs (e.g., writing, teaching, proofreading, etc.), then it’s wise to choose a platform which is focused mainly on this.

Freelance jobs platforms with very narrow focus have only relevant jobs listings, and their work measurement systems are built accordingly. For example, the writing-focused platform should measure the work by word count and content quality, while the transcription-focused one by minutes of text transcribed.

Freelance Writing

get paid to writeDo you have a knack and passion for writing? Think you could create polished content for people while meeting strict deadlines?

If you answered ‘yes’ to both of the above questions, you might want to find yourself a freelance writing opportunity, which shouldn’t be too hard considering the endless demand for content creators and ghostwriters.

There are way too many people looking for someone to write for their blog or their niche website. If you think you can write well with impeccable grammar, you can earn a comfortable living just off of freelance writing.

One of the best sites for freelance writing jobs is iWriter. You can earn up to $80 per 500 words, with proper due diligence on the topic; this should not take more than an hour.

make more money by writingYou can sharpen your writing skills and learn how to perform well as a freelance writer by taking this great course on earnmorewriting.com.

It’s designed especially for online freelance writers, and this course will teach you how to:

  • write as per your client’s requirements;
  • market yourself as a freelancer that someone would want to trust with their work;
  • make much more money as a freelancer than you otherwise would.

They offer different membership tiers that start from $199 and go up to $599. The courses provide valuable content and are worth their price. I would recommend it to anyone looking to maximize your earnings as a freelance writer, no matter if you’re starting or have been in the game for a while now.

Freelance Proofreading

get paid to readIf you’ve got a flair for the English language and grammar is your forte, then you can monetize your skills by becoming a freelance proofreader.

If you’re good at proofreading, you can make some serious money with this method and create several thousand per month. An excellent site to start with is ProofreadingServices.

However, keep in mind, that with this method, it might not be enough to have perfect grammar, you need to be able to market yourself to your prospective employers well enough, so they are going to want to keep coming back to you.

This business is all about personal marketing and building yourself a loyal customer.

That’s precisely what Caitlin Pyle of Proofread Anywhere intends to teach you through her free workshops.

If you’ve been considering getting into proofreading, then you should check her workshops out. She teaches you how to be a successful proofreader, to become better at proofreading, and to find high-paying employers for proofreaders.

Freelance Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant jobsContent creation and proofreading are the most common freelance jobs out there. However, that might not be everyone’s slice of pie, and some people would instead handle administrative tasks than being posted in a creative role like that of a writer.

Virtual assistants handle organizational and clerical jobs like planning itineraries, managing and answering emails, and managing social media handles.

The pay is pretty good, on average starting salary is about $35-$50 an hour, and the best part about these jobs is that they have prospects for growth, just like in a regular job.

If you have no further questions like how to become a virtual assistant, then all you need is a good platform to get started.

Best sites for freelance virtual assistant job listings are UpWork and Fivvr. Getting started on these websites is as easy as signing up and putting up listings that advertise what you do and how much you’d be willing to do it for. Interested employers will contact you, and you will be paid within the framework of the platform.

Even though you are not physically present at the employer’s office, you are as good as a traditional employee of the company and can expect promotions and increases in pay scales.

They can provide you with a stable source of income, and it’s one of the most lucrative jobs you can work online, in the comfort of your home.

It is crucial for you to know that these jobs are typically demanding in nature, but the pay justifies that.

If you’re prepared for hectic schedules and being required to be available at all times, you might have good prospects working as a virtual assistant, so I would advise you to apply for such positions if you think you fit the bill.

Freelance Data Entry

best data entry jobsWith the onset of the digital age, the market for data entry specialists has exploded.

There is demand for data entry specialists never like before, majorly because the conversion of offline data formats, that were prevalent before the age of the Internet, into digital, computer-readable formats is the need of the hour.

Data entry specialists manually enter this data into a system and digitalize because there is only so much optical character recognition systems can do, and they are often inaccurate.

One of the most loved sites for data entry jobs is Clickworker. On this platform, you can expect to earn around $8-$12 per hour.

You can sign up without any cost to you and start working immediately. You can work as many or as few hours as you please as long as you have a computer or a phone with an internet connection.

See also our article on the best data entry jobs.

Freelance Transcription

freelance transcription jobsAs a transcriber, you will be responsible for listening to audio tracks of recorded voice calls, meetings or video clips and type that into a computer.

While it might not seem like much, it requires you to be skilled at typing and listening carefully to what’s being said. There is no room for error here, and you must be sure that what you’re typing is precisely the same as what’s being said.

It is a well-paying job that you can grab online with relative ease owing to platforms like Scribie and Go Transcript. On average, they pay you a decent $15-22 per hour, which is not bad by any standards.

These services streamline the whole process for you by providing you with the audio/video tracks and the required interface that will help you get started without much effort.

If you are specialized with a background in medical or legal fields, you stand to get paid much more.

If you’re considering this as a viable job opportunity for yourself, I would recommend giving these platforms a shot as they are reliable and they provide a steady flow of work throughout the year.

Freelance English Teacher

online teaching jobsOnline tutoring has caught on the mainstream and become a significant contender for the spot of the most well-paying work from home jobs.

Even Forbes recognizes this and named VIPKID, a company based out of China that allows you to teach Chinese kids aged 4-12 English according to US Common Core Standards, the TOP1 work-from-home company of 2018 and TOP3 on 2019.

All you’ll need to start tutoring these kids is a Bachelor’s degree, English classroom experience and a computer with a webcam and a working Internet connection (lessons are taught through the webcam, so it’s an interactive experience for the kids.)

You can make about $500 each month by tutoring for just 90 minutes each day.

Other alternatives to VIPKID include Chegg, and Wyzant, though I would recommend VIPKID considering its payout and streamlined interface.

online business ideasOnline Business Ideas

Most pure online businesses are either niche or authority blogs/websites or e-commerce stores.

These are both methods which require a lot of time and persistence at first but can reward you with a significant income in the future – I’m talking about up to millions per month.

Read also: Top 24 Best Online Business Ideas

6. Start a Blog or a Website




It’s time-consuming because you have to provide new content regularly.



Except for setting up a website and doing some SEO, it’s all about content.



Range 0 to millions per month, usually $1k-50k per month with one blog.



There’s unlimited upside potential on this method.

What We Like

  • Unlimited upside potential.
  • It may grow to online business.
  • You can make a living out of it.

What We Don’t Like

  • It's very time-consuming.
  • Takes 6-12 months to start earning.
  • At first, your earnings are light.

Summary: It doesn’t matter whether you launch a blog, a website, or a combination of both. Lately, the latter is the most common choice, because it boosts your rankings on the search engine if you keep regularly posting new up-to-date content. Therefore, blogs come handy.

The main idea of this method is to make a webpage, where you advertise products or services, either directly suggesting these and publishing reviews or selling advertisement space (for example, via Google AdSense).

The key element which determines your success is webpage traffic (visitors). There are two ways to how to acquire traffic:

  • paid traffic from ads (Facebook, Google, others)
  • organic traffic, ranking on search engines

Unless you are very experienced on CTR (conversion rate optimization) and know how to build a great landing page, I suggest going with organic traffic at first.

Later on, if you see your CTR is high, you can easily invest your webpage income and buy paid traffic and see if it pays off.

Usually, it takes around 6-12 months to get your site to appear on search engines.

Of course, as soon as your site gets a decent amount of traffic, you will start earning.

Your earnings might not be significant at first, but with this method, the sky’s the limit. Several blogs out there about traveling, credit cards, web hosting, and other services are making more than a million dollars each month from advertisements.

If you are interested in this method, I suggest to check out our full complete guide on how to start a blog.

However, if you don’t want to waste any more time reading tutorials and feel confident that this is something you want to do, I recommend starting with Bluehost.

In our opinion, Bluehost is one of the best and most popular hosting companies out there. Their introductory price starts from $2.75 per month, and they give you .com domain for free (first year).

Although there are several hosting companies out there between you can choose, I recommend selecting someone decent like Bluehost because your website speed and security rely on their hands (and site speed is a factor which affects your search engine ranking position).

Use the button below to get a free domain for the first year with your hosting from Bluehost.

how to create a blogVery shortly, the step-by-step process to start a niche blog/website looks like this:

  • Niche and keyword research (Ahrefs is the best tool)
  • Monetization opportunities research
  • Return/Effort evaluation and niche selection
  • Domain and hosting registration (Bluehost is the best for speed and rankings, plus you get a free .com domain)
  • Install a WordPress (easy One-Click install on Bluehost cPanel)
  • Choose a theme (Astra is the best) or page builder (Elementor is our favorite)
  • Customize your site outlook (Astra & Elementor are both easy for beginners)
  • Upload your content (articles, blog posts, terms of services, privacy, about you, contact)
  • Search Engine Optimization (Yoast is an excellent plugin for that)
  • Add advertisements or affiliate links
  • Keep uploading new content each week
  • After you start making money, hire writers (iWriter, you can automate it with their API)
  • Congrats, now you have an online business which keeps growing

Usually, after 6-12 months, you should appear search engines’ rankings and start earning money.

Keep in mind, of course, that this was a very brief overview of the process. As I indicated on the complete tutorial on how to start a blog, there are many more details you have to focus on to get the very best out of your site.

7. Start a Dropshipping Website




Most of the time takes initial setup. Later you can just add new products.



Setup is more complicated than for a blog (easy if you follow tutorials).



Usually $1k-50k per month with one site.



Although it’s high, you are depending on your suppliers and their capacity.

What We Like

  • Huge upside potential.
  • After setup, the process is fully automatic.
  • You don't have to handle physical inventory.

What We Don’t Like

  • Dependence on suppliers stock.
  • No control over fulfillment and lead times.
  • Hard to acquire organic traffic without additional pages.

Summary: Drop shipping is a direct retail fulfillment method where the e-commerce store is not handling physical products it is selling.

Instead, when someone places an order for a physical product, the request is automatically directed to the third party merchant and shipped directly to the customer.

In that way, dropshipping e-commerce store doesn’t have to own a warehouse, handle packing and shipping, to track inventory for accounting, to process returns, etc.

It’s a straightforward way to start with, and it has no high entry barriers – no need for high initial investments. Anyone can do it from anywhere.

Fortunately, making an e-commerce website is super easy with Shopify.

Shopify allows you to set up a drop shipping store at a minimal cost and it doesn’t require any technical know-how either. They will help you set up your store in little to no time, and it’s straightforward once you sign-up on their site.

Starting prices are just $29 per month for smaller sites which is excellent, so you don’t have to hire web developers and spend thousands of dollars without knowing when your website will earn you all that money back, if ever.

Read also our Shopify tutorial – how to create an online store.

Use the link below, and get 14-day free trial from Shopify.

how to make a dropshipping websitePeople who got good at this have managed to net themselves millions of dollars doing just this.

I am not saying that this is a get-rich-quick scheme, but if you can manage to drive healthy amounts of traffic to your website, by using paid or unpaid marketing methods, your profits will quickly add up.

You probably won’t end up as a millionaire doing this, but you could if you harness its full potential.

Dropshipping has many advantages over regular retail businesses:

  • it’s easy to get started with
  • less initial capital is required
  • low overhead expenses
  • location doesn’t matter
  • very easy to scale up

how to create a dropshipping websiteHowever, keep in mind that these benefits come with some disadvantages:

  • no control over fulfillment and lead times
  • dependence on suppliers stock
  • you’ll get just a part of the profits
  • suppliers may stop working with you

Although there are some disadvantages, while the initial costs are so small considering the huge upside potential, I recommend everyone to try it out if you feel that it’s something you would like to do.

If you want to learn some tips and get you fast on the right track, I recommend reading a full tutorial on how to create an online store.

Optimize Your Finances

how to save moneyThis section covers methods which are all super straightforward, easy to use, take no time from you, but save you or make you tons of money.

No matter how rich or poor you are, everyone should use these! These are basically pro tips and tricks in terms of life-hacks. I am using these all myself and plan to keep doing that forever.

8. Lower Your Bills with Trim App




Registration and setup take not much time.



It’s very effortless to use.



Depending on your bills and expenses.



Trim continuously keeps saving you more money.

What We Like

  • You don't have to do nothing basically.
  • Trim is free to use, so no extra initial costs.
  • Takes no time from you, but saves you money.

What We Don’t Like

  • They charge 33% of savings as a fee.
  • Trim has no mobile app, just optimized webpage.
  • Some user complains about customer service.

Summary: Saving some money is about as good as making some. That’s where Trim comes in handy.

This nifty little app tracks your daily and weekly spending and will help you to decrease your bills by:

  • showing you all your subscriptions, including ones you might’ve forgotten about, and giving you the option only to keep the ones you need while canceling the rest
  • contacting companies on your behalf and negotiating better terms, thus lowering your payments to service providers.

The app is free to use, but they do take 33% of the annual savings as their fee. It’s great actually because you don’t have to increase your expenses by paying them at first and it’s a win-win, especially for app users who can keep 67% of the savings.

Plus, it saves you several uncomfortable conversations and a lot of time which you would have to spend trying to re-negotiate your expenses with different service providers.

On top of that, it helps you with overall personal budgeting, and it helps to reduce your debt systematically.

Use the button below and check out how much money can you save with Trim.

I recommend everyone to start using Trim. Because the app is free to use and cannot lose with it, it can only save you a lot of money.

trim app reviewFor example, in my case, shortly after I started using Trim, it tackled the problem of high bills and helped to cut my monthly bill from the internet service provider.

First, the app analyzed how much I used to pay for the internet. Then it asked a link to my service provider homepage and a copy of my last monthly bill. After that, Trim negotiated directly with my service provider and got me around 60% reduction in my monthly bill.

Fortunately, all other services which I had subscribed and utility bills were already done at reasonable prices.

However, for today, Trim has saved a lot more money than just this Internet bill. How?

Trim has helped to monitor all my subscribed services, and each time if Trim discovers that there is a limited-time discount offer or something similar, it helps me to get the maximum benefit out of it.

If you like the idea of making or saving money with apps, then I suggest reading our article of the best money making apps, where we tested more than a hundred apps thoroughly and selected out 25+ the best ones.

9. Open a High-Yield Online Savings Account




Takes not much time.



Very simple and easy.



You will earn a % of your deposits.



The more savings you have, the more you earn.

What We Like

  • Higher interest rates.
  • Lower fees.
  • Very convenient and easy.

What We Don’t Like

  • No physical branches.
  • No face-to-face service.
  • Cannot deposit/withdraw cash directly.

Summary: Online banking has become more and more popular lately – especially online savings accounts.

According to Statista report, the number of digital banking users in the U.S. increased more than 24% between 2014 to 2019 (from 133.5m to 161.6m users). This trend is expected to be continued in the coming years.

So, what is it so special about online banking that has lured around half of the U.S. population to start using it?

In most of the cases, the answer is simple:

  • Higher Interest Rates: Online banks can offer higher interest rates to their clients because they have lower overhead costs (due to no physical branches, clerks, and tellers).
  • Lower Fees: Similarly with higher-interest rates, online banks can charge lower fees, because their overall costs are smaller compared to traditional banks.
  • Convenience: Online banks can be via the Internet from anywhere, and these are opened usually 24/7. Therefore you don’t have to drive around the city and look for a traditional bank branch which is opened only during specified business hours.

Although it seems like a no-brainer choice, there are some disadvantages you should be aware of:

  • Cash: Most online banks have no branches, nor ATM’s; therefore, you cannot deposit or withdraw cash directly.
  • Personal service: While there are no branches, you cannot have face-to-face service. Most online banks have either hotline, chat, or both.

Even though if you are frequently depositing and withdrawing cash, I would recommend using high-yield savings account also. There is no point to keep your savings earning the U.S. National Savings APY which is currently 0.09% while you can easily get 20-30 times more.

Moreover, it is so easy and convenient to open an online savings account, and you can do it even from your mobile within just minutes.

Therefore, if you have more money on your bank account to cover running month expenses, then consider using a high-yield online savings account. Most of the online banks offer 2% APY or more on their online savings account.

You may also benefit from the one-time deposit bonuses these banks occasionally offer to new customers. Keep in mind that these offers change frequently and usually have minimum deposit requirements and lock-down period for withdrawals.

Our favorite high-yield savings account is offered by CIT Bank, up to 2.40% APY (tiered).

Click the button below to open the CIT Bank Savings Builder Account, which is rewarding people who regularly keep saving each month. On top of the high-yield interest, you’ll also improve your personal finance habits.

high-yield bank accountIf you are interested in a more comprehensive overview, please read our CIT Bank Savings Builder review.

In addition to the CIT Bank, there are many more banks which offer high-yield online savings accounts.

Here are some which our team and many others have preferred the most:

Synchrony Bank 2.25% APY – If you don’t trust digital banks, then it might be the right choice using a well-known and reputable company like Synchrony Bank. Compared to its peer group average, Synchrony offers higher interest rates and lower fees; which makes it a good option for online banking. Moreover, if you are looking for ATM access, then Synchrony is definitely worth considering.

»Read OnlineMoneyPage’s Synchrony Bank review.

best high yield savings accountAlly Bank 2.20% APY – Even though Ally Bank is pure online bank without physical branches, they offer 24/7 customer support and easy access to cash at ATMs. In addition to high interest rates and low fees, their mobile app is easy to use and great.

»Read OnlineMoneyPage’s Ally Bank review.

Barclays Bank – 2.20% APY – Barclays is a British multinational bank. Although they have no physical branches in the U.S., you can access your account 24/7 from the Internet, and they offer customer service seven days a week from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm ET. Compared to many other big multinational banks, Barclays offers very competitive interest rates. Besides, they have no monthly fees, and there are no requirements in terms of minimum balance you must maintain.

»Read OnlineMoneyPage’s Barclays Bank review.

10. Start Using Cashback Apps




Just download app and set-up your account. That’s it.



Very easy. You just have to withdraw your rewards.



Usually around 50-300 per month. Depending on how much you spend.



The more money you spend, the more you earn.

What We Like

  • It's excellent for lazy people.
  • You don't have to do anything, just collect rewards.
  • With all 3 apps, you can get cash back almost in everywhere.

What We Don’t Like

  • You have to spend money to earn money.
  • You cannot make a living out of this method.
  • You may start spending more because of discounts.

Summary: There’s no difference whether you save or make money; either way, you end up having more money on your bank account.

One super easy and no-brainer way how to save money is to use cashback apps.

The idea behind this method is simple – every time you purchase something online, the app automatically rewards you if possible with giving you some cash back.

It’s not coupons! It’s real money back to your account! You have nothing to lose, but everything to win.

It’s as simple as that. The only question what remains, is which app you should use?

Actually, to get maximum out of it, you need 3 apps. Let me explain which apps and why.

1. Dosh

Dosh is a mobile-only app which gives you cashback on specific restaurants, breweries, stores, etc.

It’s an absolutely passive way to get money back from your expenses.

You have just to download the app, register account, and link your credit card. After that, you will start getting notices each time you get cash back from your purchases.

I have usually got 5% back from my expenses. Combined with my credit card 2% reward, I have got around 7% discount in many places which I tend to visit regularly.

Use the link below to register, and you’ll get a $5 sign-up bonus (after linking your credit card to your account).

2. Drop

Drop is also a mobile-only app which gives you cashback.

Similarly, with Dosh, Drop is also absolutely passive, and you don’t have to do anything after the initial setup.

However, the difference from Dosh is that you have to select five your favorite companies from where you’d like to get cash back. Choose these which you use daily.

They work with many companies which you probably use daily, e.g., Walmart, Cosco, Jet.com, Freshly, Best Buy, Uber, Lyft, McDonald’s, Walgreens, and many more.

Click the button below, and you’ll get 1000 Drop points as a sign-up bonus (redeem for gift cards).

3. Ebates

Ebates is cashback plugin that uses affiliate marketing programs to earn money from your purchases.

They are offering a % of their earnings as a cashback to you. Usually, it is between 10-25% of your purchases.

Each time, when you are on any website where you can get Ebates cashback, this plugin will let you know. It’s a no-brainer method to save money which everyone should use.

You will get cashback automatically once in a quarter. For me, it’s has usually been around $250-350 per quarter.

Ebates is offering currently a $10 sign-up bonus after making $25 of qualifying purchases within 90 days.

best cashback appsThese 3 apps combined will help you save a lot of money and earn rewards on your everyday expenses. No matter, whether it’s at the supermarket when you’re out grocery shopping, or if you’re taking an Uber to work.

The more you spend, the more save. It’s that simple!

If you like to learn more about these apps, consider reading our Dosh app review and Ebates review.

See also: Top 17 Best Cashback and Rewards Apps. This article is very useful if you are not from the U.S. and want to explore different apps which are available in your country.

invest your moneyInvest and Earn Passive Income Online

Investing is an absolutely passive way to make money. Although it requires money to get started with, fortunately, the initial requirements are not that huge.

Minimum requirements:

  • Dividend-Paying Stocks: $5
  • Crowdfunded Real Estate: $500
  • Peer-to-Peer Lending: $1000

As you can see, you can start with pretty small amounts, e.g. with dividend-paying stocks.

best ways how to make money by investingLike always with investments, there is a trade-off between risk and return. Therefore, it’s wise to diversify your investments between different asset classes.

Another thing to consider with investments is the timeframe. In general, institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals are taking more long-term investments, because they don’t need to use allocated capital for anytime soon. Therefore, while most of the people are investing their money for a limited time, it’s good to be aware of the best short-term investment opportunities.

I’ve been using all of these methods for years now, and I’m very fascinated.

NB! I’m not giving investment advice here, but just showing you options which you might want to consider and look more in depth.

11. Invest in Peer-to-Peer Lending




If you use semi-automated investing, it takes not much time.



It’s quite easy and straightforward to use.



Up to 9-13%. It’s depending on the number of notes, grades, terms.



Huge compound return upside if you reinvest.

What We Like

  • With semi-automated investing, it's passive.
  • Easy to diversify your money between loans.
  • You can use an IRA account if you want.

What We Don’t Like

  • Quite high minimum deposit requirement.
  • Adjusted NAR is often just 5-7%.
  • For some people, earnings can be low.

Summary: Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is a revolutionary concept pioneered by firms like LendingClub.

It’s basically a matching service, intermediate companies, like LendingClub, are matching borrowers with lenders.

It makes economic sense because of P2P lending companies primarily operate as online companies, which allows them to run with very minimal overhead expenses. Therefore, they can offer their services with much lower fees than traditional banks.

In general, this means that borrowers can borrow money with lower interest rates, and lenders have the opportunity to earn higher interest rates compared to traditional savings and investment opportunities offered by banks.

Like always, with investments where you can expect an excellent return, there’s also a risk. The primary investment risk for P2P lending is the borrower’s default. Therefore these investments are best suited for investors with moderately high to high-risk tolerance.

Lenders can usually invest in loans with average interest rates between 11-15%. While some of the financed loans might default, it is wise to diversify your investments to many small loans. You can do it either manually or use (semi-)automatic investing, which could save you a lot of time.

Our favorite peer-to-peer lending company is LendingClub.

It’s important to point out that unfortunately Lending Club isn’t available for everyone.

Lending Club main requirements:

  • LendingClub ReviewAge: You must be at least 18 years old.
  • Social Security Number: You don’t have to be U.S. citizen, but you must have a social security number.
  • Initial Deposit: At least $1000, minimum investment per Note is $25.
  • Financial Suitability Level: Depending on a state, you must have a gross annual income of at least $70,000 – $80,000 and a net worth of at least the same amount.
  • Approved States: All states except Alaska, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Please read all related investment documents carefully before investing.

12. Invest in Crowdfunded Real Estate




Besides choosing investments takes no additional time.



Simple, easy and straighforward.



Usually around 10-12%.



Compound return upside if you reinvest.

What We Like

  • It's effortless way to make some money.
  • You don't need any money or skills to start.
  • Many different ways to get rewarded.

What We Don’t Like

  • People from some countries are not eligible.
  • Sometimes you might not qualify for surveys.
  • For some people, earnings can be low.

Summary: Similarly, as crowdfunding has come to lending and borrowing, it has also made it’s way to real estate investing.

There are several real estate crowdfunding platforms out there where real estate investors and borrowers can be mutually beneficial to each other.

There’s the same economic reasoning which applied to P2P lending companies as well – as these platforms are primarily pure online sites, their operating expenses are lower than traditional financial institutions costs; therefore they can charge lower fees, which makes it more attractive to both, for investors and borrowers.

Like always with loan investments, there is also a default risk. Thus, it is probably good to use this method as a part of your overall asset allocation and diversify your investments into many small ones rather than one big.

Crowdfunded real estate investments are best suited for investors who expect high returns and are with moderately high to high-risk tolerance.

Depending on:

  • how much money you are planning to invest;
  • whether you want to invest actively or passively;
  • and if you are an accredited investor;

I would recommend you to choose between two of our favorite and most used platforms.

1. Fundrise

Features and Specifications:

  • Minimum Investment: $500
  • Account Fees: 1% per year
  • Accredited Investor Requirement: No
  • Investment Lenght: N/A
  • Distributions: Quarterly
  • Pre-vetted: Yes
  • Pre-funded: Yes
  • States Allowed: 50
  • Asset Classes: Debt, Equity, Preferred Equity
  • Direct Ownership: No
  • Real Estate Types: Commercial, Residential, Single Family

Fundrise is a usual way to go for investors whose net worth is under $1 million. It’s the most popular choice for new real estate investors, and you can start with just a $500

If you make an initial deposit of $500-$999, you’ll get a Starter Portfolio. That’s diversified portfolio (eFunds and eREITS), and you’ll receive quarterly dividends. Once your account value exceeds $1,000, you’ll be upgraded to Core Portfolio, where you can select between different plans.

Choose FundRise, if your net worth is under $1 million and you are looking for a way to invest passively.

2. RealtyMogul

Features and Specifications:

  • Minimum Investment: $1000
  • Account Fees: 0.3%-0.5% per year
  • Accredited Investor Requirement: No/Yes
  • Investment Lenght: 6-120 months
  • Distributions: Monthly/Quarterly
  • Pre-vetted: Yes
  • Pre-funded: Yes
  • States Allowed: 50
  • Asset Classes: Debt, Equity, Preferred Equity
  • Direct Ownership: No
  • Real Estate Types: Commercial, Residential, Single Family

RealtyMogul is better for accredited investors (a sophisticated investor with a net worth of at least $1 million – excluding your primary residence – or have an annual income of at least $200,000) because their fees are lower and they can offer you investment options which might suit your needs better.

However, if you don’t qualify as an accredited investor, you can still use their services and invest in MogulReit I and MogulReit II, which are very similar to Fundrise eREIT.

Choose RealtyMogul, if your net worth is above $1 million and you are looking for a way to invest actively.

Crowdfunded real estate investment options offered by firms like Fundrise and RealtyMogul allow you to invest in prime real estate around the world that would cost millions of dollars if you were even to consider investing in it singlehandedly.

best crowdfunded real estate platformBefore crowdfunded REITs, these kind of real estate investments were you available to a very high net worth individual who made private partnerships and equity investments. Till today, these desirable investment options were inaccessible to investors with average portfolio size, because of the high minimum investment requirement and high front-end fees.

Fortunately, with the emerge of Internet and technology, crowdfunded real estate investments make this available to everyone.

eREITs have typically no front end fees can you can start with as low as $500.

Please read all related investment documents carefully before investing.

13. Invest in ETFs, Stocks and Bonds




Takes not much (automated trading and robo advisory).



All apps and platforms are quite easy to use.



Depending on investments. (for example, last 10 year S&P500 annual return has been 14.8%).



Equities have usually highest upside (vs. real estate, loans).

What We Like

  • Straightforward way to make some money.
  • You don't need any money or skills to start.
  • Many different ways to get rewarded.

What We Don’t Like

  • People from some countries are not eligible.
  • Sometimes you might not qualify for surveys.
  • For some people earnings can be low.

Summary: The landscape of investing in stocks, bonds, and other asset classes has changed a lot recently.

Before the 70’s, transactions were handled manually. Electronic trading started around mid-70’s and became more prevalent within each decade, although the innovation practically stopped.

Fortunately, lately it has changed, and many new useful and time-saving features have been developed.

First, some of the most modern trading platforms, like eToro, for example, offer in addition to no fees also feature called social trading. Basically, you can track other investors’ (who have given their permission) portfolios, see their returns and holdings, and you can automatically copy their investments.

Second, you can use robo-advisors. Investing and asset allocation requires knowledge about finance, which many people don’t have. While traditional financial and investment advisors charge high fees, these services have been available only to high-net-worth individuals. Fortunately, with the power or AI and deep learning algorithms, these pieces of knowledge and skills are open to everyone with super low fees thanks to companies like Betterment, which have developed robot advisors. Betterment, for example, also offers personal assistance for only those clients who have requested.

Third, microsavings. It’s a very new and revolutionary service that seeks to make investment options accessible to all by investing the spare change from your purchases into ETFs (stocks/bonds/real estate). All you have to do is register account, link your debit or credit card, and from there on they will round all your purchases to the next dollar and invest the change into ETFs.

Here are our favorite, legit, and tested companies which we recommend to use. Please also check their specific features before and read all investment related documents.

Trading Platform

Our favorite: eToro

Features and Specifications:

  • Minimum Investment: $250
  • Account Fees: No fees, except spreads
  • Accredited Investor Requirement: No
  • Portfolio Rebalancing: Yes
  • Access: Website, iOS, Android
  • Asset Classes: Stocks, Indices, Cryptos, FX, Commodities

eToro is a trading platform which is often used for many professional investors who want to make their own investment decisions. They are also offering social trading features, e.g. you can copy the top performing portfolios.

No matter whether you want to make your own investments or copy others, it’s the best choice.

Check it out, it’s free, they don’t charge fees.

Robo Advisor

Our favorite: Betterment

Features and Specifications:

  • Minimum Investment: $0
  • Account Fees: 0.15%-0.4% per year
  • Accredited Investor Requirement: No
  • Portfolio Rebalancing: Yes
  • Access: Website, iOS, Android
  • Asset Classes: Various different ETFs (stocks and bonds).

Betterment is a best robo-advisor investing service out there. They use computer algorithms to generate especially for you personalized advice and manage your investment portfolio taking account your needs accordingly.

Without question, Betterment fees are so much lower compared to traditional advisors.

They aren’t currently chargings fees for 1st year.


Our favorite: Acorns

Features and Specifications:

  • Minimum Investment: $0
  • Account Fees: $1 per month, no trading fees
  • Accredited Investor Requirement: No
  • Portfolio Rebalancing: Yes
  • Access: iOS, Android, Apple Watch
  • Asset Classes: Various different EFTs (stocks, bonds, real estate).

Acorns (full review) is mainly a microsavings platform. You can link your credit card to Acorns, and each time you pay for something, the amount is “rounded-up” to the nearest dollar, and the difference is invested.

You probably won’t even notice how easily Acorns will help you save and grow your money.

Use the button below and get a $5 sign-up bonus.

Investors Underground reviewAs I said, these three (eToro, Betterment, and Acorns) are one of the most popular and our favorite investment apps. However, there are many more investment apps on the market.

Read also: Top 5 Best Investment Apps

However, if you feel like you’d want to know which are other alternative good options on the market, what

If you are interested in active investment management and plan to make trading decisions on your own, I would recommend considering taking some courses on Investors Underground (IU).

They are offering:

  • free trading courses for beginners,
  • paid advanced trading courses,
  • access to chatrooms focused on different trading strategies,
  • daily stock watch lists,
  • video lessons library,
  • monthly Q&A webinars,
  • mentorship.

best trading coursesAlthough it’s not a charitable company and most of their services cost some money, I can say without any regrets, that they are worth every penny I have paid for them.

I have a financial background, which gave me false confidence in my skills in choosing investments. Therefore I lost quite a considerable amount my money at first. After a while, one of my old colleague from a major global investment bank recommended me several sites where to take courses. As these courses cost some money, and I had just lost a decent amount of my savings, I was very skeptical.

I decided to give a shot with Investors Underground because they offered free beginners courses, which gave me a nice sneak peek into their teaching practices and quality. As this free beginners course was way beyond my expectations, I decided to buy access to advanced classes and subscribe to their chatrooms. Today, I can say it was the right decision, and it paid off.

As I said before, I recommend taking these courses and subscribe to IU chatrooms if you are going to trade actively by using trading platforms. If you are going to stick with robo-advisor and be a passive investor, these courses are not necessary.

Final Verdict

best ideas to make money onlineBy the time you have reached to this section, I am sure you have spotted useful methods which could make you some extra money.

The bottom line is that if you need money fast or want to earn some on the side, then participate or market research and take advantage of quick wins. If you’re going to make a lot of money on the long-term, and change your life, start an online business.

Either way, you should always optimize your finances by lowering your bills with Trim, use a high-yield bank account, and use cashback apps. These need no time or any effort from you but could save and earn you thousands of dollars each year. There’s no risk or chance of losing, but everything to win.

In terms of your savings and money you have already, it makes sense to invest it; otherwise, inflation will decrease your savings real value over time. No matter how much money you already have, it’s always reasonable to use microsavings apps like Acorns. If you got more savings than you need for covering current expenses, consider diversifying your assets between different asset classes, like P2P loans, real estate, stocks, bonds, etc.

That said, I wish you good luck and fortune! If you have any questions, feels free to drop me an e-mail to [email protected].


Philip & OnlineMoneyPage’s Team

Philip Horton

Philip Horton

Philip is the Head of Content for OnlineMoneyPage. He is responsible for researching and writing articles. He is also one of the co-founders of OnlineMoneyPage. He is an experienced finance professional with a proven track record in the field of financial advisory. He has a proven history of success in clients’ personal finance planning. His core competencies include: Financial Planning & Analysis, Budgeting & Forecasting, Financial Modeling, Income Streams Improvement, and more. Philip holds a MA degree in financial management and is a CFA and CFP charterholder.

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NB! Bluehost currently offers you a free domain name for the first year.

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