How to Become a Virtual Assistant

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If you are a social butterfly or amazing at administrative work or even have proficient writing skills, you can put your passion to use as it can get you an interesting job, without even moving an inch!

Not everyone is made for keeping up with a nine to five desk job. If you happen to be one of them, then being a Virtual Assistant can really help you align your work life with your passion.

To chase away the monotony and bring in some excitement in your work life, consider this fabulous option. Creative satisfaction and work-life balance is imperative, which is why being a Virtual Assistant will help you offer the exact services that you are comfortable with and love doing.

Who is a Virtual Assistant?

As the name suggests, a Virtual Assistant is someone who provides aid to various businesses, to give them proper succor for their technical and administrative needs.

If you are a Virtual Assistant, you are self-employed and have the liberty to work remotely from where ever you wish to. So no longer do you need to postpone your travel plans or worry about work-life balance as by being a Virtual Assistant, you can have all of that along with enjoying your work!

I am the type who enjoys the freedom of work and the travel bug has bitten me hard. Therefore, because I’m not able to recover from the bite, I rather gave up my nine to five jobs to become a Virtual Assistant. This gives me so much freedom and I don’t have to depend on weekends to live my life the way I have always wanted to anymore. I have flexible work hours with the liberty to work from anywhere.

Talking about the qualification part, you don’t require a huge file proving your testimonials or several certificates to prove your qualifications as this job recognizes talent and capabilities more than judging you with papers. You can be a fashion designer who is good with handling social media so your virtual assistance for the same will be welcomed irrespective of your degree in designing.

Who doesn’t like saving an extra buck? After all, when it comes to business, every penny matters. So, with the help of a Virtual Assistant, if a business can save up on Employment Tax, then why not? What a win-win situation for you and the business!

Know what you would love to do as a Virtual Assistant

If you are really considering going Freelance and are certain that you want to be a Virtual Assistant, then you should be very clear about the services you would like to offer. If you love your job, then the productivity level can reach the zenith! But you need to be clear in your mind that what are you comfortable with and what is doable for you.

You don’t have to worry about people’s demand, initially. Identification of what you happen to be good at is ace level vital. Moreover, while ascertaining the same be sure whether it is deliverable. After you are done deciding this, you need to look for clients who are in search of the services you are willing to offer.

At the nascent stage of your career as a Virtual Assistant, don’t expect the moon and the stars as your pay, because that will come later with experience and establishing good credibility with your clients.

It is a big decision for you to leave corporate life and follow your passion, but you should be sure that you are up for it. Be sure about your priorities and be reasonable and honest with yourself with what you want. At the end of the day, there must be bread on your plate, wine in your glass and happiness in your soul.

Know your worth!

Ascertaining the service, you want to offer and finding people is just one of the steps. You should also know how much you would want to charge for your services. You should be reasonable with this and should take your time to think it through. You shouldn’t overcharge at the start as it might act as a prime hindrance for you to get clients. On the other hand, you should not charge very less as even if you are enjoying your work, you still need to focus on the monetary part.

The numbers on the invoice you would be generating would depend largely on the level of expertise that you possess. If you think that you are a pro at the service you are offering, feel free to charge accordingly. Just never should you undersell yourself by asking lesser than you deserve. Thus, my friend, decide judiciously, have fun and know your worth.

Research is key

For you to get a hang of things and understand stuff well before starting work as a Virtual Assistant, research is key. A lot of things would be covered in this article to give you an overview of how you can become a Virtual Assistant. But this is not all if you want to start working in this field as you need to read and learn as much as you can about this. You should be able to have a better picture of your finances and expectations from your job as a Virtual Assistant.

Go social!

Let everyone know about your business through our great world of social media. Social networking platforms, other than interactions and selfie uploads can also help your business with creating brand awareness. Sign up to all portals like LinkedIn and even Instagram to create a strong online presence so that a lot more people come to know about the lovely services you want to offer.

Stay optimized

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an extremely crucial term for any business with an online presence, so make sure to create such content which will help you stay optimized. When someone is in search of the kind of services you offer, you should be visible amongst the top results on the internet. This will really help you create your customer base.

Knowledge knows no bounds

You might be a maestro in your field with great expertise but “There is always room for learning” they say. This is something that’s very true as learning is a constant process. With the dynamic and ever-changing world that we have today, the client demands are on a rise to match the current trends.

Thus, to provide great service, never forget to upgrade your knowledge. This will make you a great Virtual Assistant and your client would be really satisfied to have an up to date service provider like you.

Moreover, with constant leanings, you might even be able to do the things that you haven’t ever done before. You can always learn a new skill if you feel that you would be able to ace it. After learning will come your earning!

For instance, I never had experience in social media marketing as I was a Finance student. I learn t to use Photoshop and read a lot on social media marketing, and I got a client for the same. I really enjoyed working and it helped me earn more than I used to at that time.

Launch a website

In this digital age, for you to run a successful business and create a large customer, online presence is very vital. If you have a good website, with a user-friendly and appealing interface, it can be conducive for you to attract customer traffic and build brand recall.

However, just making a website attractive and user-friendly is not all, as for it to go live and gain visibility you need a proficient website hosting service provider. Therefore, to choose the right service provider for your website there are various things you need to keep in mind.

Networking is everything!

Creating new contacts and networking is very important for you to create a customer base. Acquiring new clients and retaining the old ones should always be high on your priority list as they will be your revenue generators.

Therefore, socialize, pitch to possible target customers and create a colossal network for yourself to get more work and earn more.

What kind of jobs Virtual Assistant’s do?

There are various types of services that you can happen to offer as a Virtual Assistant. To give you a fair idea for the same, I will be listing down a few types of services that you can assist various businesses with. The list goes as follows:

Customer Care Assistance

Customers are the key stakeholders in a business and to keep them happy is something which is very important.Thus, if you want a customer to be satisfied you should be ready to help them with their queries and solve their product or service related issues.

Thus, if you want a customer to be satisfied you should be ready to help them with their queries and solve their product or service related issues.

Hiring employees, maintaining special office space and providing
infrastructure can be expensive for a business. You can always save yourself from hurting your pocket by hiring Virtual Assistant and outsourcing them for your customer care assistance.

Social Media Marketing Assistance

One of my personal favorites as I love social media and I have experience in this. What can be better than earning a big buck by tweeting, Instagramming and posting on Facebook? Don’t we do that all the time anyway? So why not aid business with these services and bring bacon to the table with its help.

Virtual Bookkeepers

Hello, there Finance pro! If you are an expert in tracking cash flows, maintaining balance sheets and meticulously keeping a check on the profit and loss account, you are hired for this post! If you enjoy working with numbers and have expertise over it, then look no further as you can be a Virtual Bookkeeper.

Managing your Website

If you are a technical pro who masters in managing content and various other things on a website, then you can always offer Virtual Assistance. Every business with an online presence and a fair running website would require a proficient expert to manage it. You can be the chosen one and give great service to your client.

Administrative Assistance

An admin job can be simple and easy to outsource and is also demanded by many. Administrative assistance is as straightforward of a job as it is to outsource. If you are good with handling journals, getting travel bookings done, can do data entry or similar things like such then you can provide Virtual Assistance to the administrative needs of a business.

Email Management

If you are a great communicator who works well with formal correspondence, then you can provide your valuable virtual assistance as an email manager. All you need is great language skills, email etiquette, and good communication skills. If you have these, my friend, then you’re good to go!

Preparing Slideshows

With proficiency in PowerPoint and a knack of content writing, you can assist with preparing slideshows. In a world where visual effects are more impactful than just plain text, most communication is done through PowerPoint presentations. If you work well with it and can make great presentations, then you can create a fair client base as this is really in demand these days.


Comprehensively, if you are not the one who can do a traditional job behind the desk which really takes a toll on your personal life then you can become a Virtual Assistant.

It is a great option for you to explore as it clubs your interests and passions with your work. At the end of the day, you should enjoy what you do, and you will never get weary of your work.

If you want to be a Virtual Assistant figure out what you are good at, know your worth, figure out your finances, research well and create an online presence. You should also strive to create new contacts and have a great network to get yourself a good business.

Have fun, earn well and do what you enjoy doing!


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