Best Cash Back Apps: How to Get Rebates and Rewards from Your Purchases

If you are wondering what it feels to get robbed, then it’s pretty easy to find out nowadays.

All you need to do is go and buy your groceries from the supermarket or grab a couple of drinks with your friends at any random lounge on Friday night. Either way, after you get the receipt and pay the bill, the emotion you get is relatively similar to getting robbed.

Let’s be frank. It’s not a good feeling.

Fortunately, I have an easy solution which makes you feel a little bit better every time you spend some money.

In fact, it will make you money by getting discounts and cashback almost everywhere you go.

All you need is a proper combination of a couple of cashback apps. Even though one single cashback app will already help you save some money, you need probably 3-4 apps to make most of this method, because of none of these apps partners up with all the companies in the world.

Sadly, I cannot give you an easy solution, which kind of combination of cashback apps will be best for you, because it depends solely on your location and consumption habits.

For example, for me, the following combination works the best:

  • Ebates (online purchases; I am using Google Chrome plugin, which automatically gives me a discount from almost every online store);
  • Drop (in-store purchases; e.g., Walmart, Cosco,, Freshly, Best Buy, Uber, Lyft, McDonald’s, Walgreens, and many more)
  • Dosh (in-store purchases; restaurants, breweries, some stores)

These three apps together help me get cashback from almost every one of my purchases. Although their perfect combination might be slightly different from you.

While there are so many cash back, rewards, rebates, and discount apps out there, you can spend several days doing research and finding perfect ones for you.

Therefore, we did extensive research with our team, tested out most of these on our own, and sorted out the best 17 cashback companies.

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Top 17 Best Cashback and Rewards Apps

1. Ebates (Rakuten)

Ebates the best cashback appFirst on my list of best cash back apps is Rakuten formerly known as Ebates until Rakuten Inc purchased it. Ebates (Rakuten) is a cashback app that allows you to get cashback on your online and in-store purchases.

For me personally, the dealmaker was a Google Chrome plugin for online purchases. It’s fantastic.

On Ebates (Rakuten), you can reach up to 40-50% cashback from your purchases at over 2500 stores.

You can earn money by shopping directly from any of the Ebates (Rakuten) platforms, which can be accessed using their website or their mobile app. They make it so easy with their cashback button, which you can install on your browser, and it pops up at any store where the Ebates (Rakuten) cashback option is available. Therefore, you don’t miss out on any chance to get cashback.

You can spread the love by referring new members and getting a sweet $25 bonus when they sign up and make their first purchase. Did I also how mention how easy it is?

You also get a $10 cash bonus when you register, but you have to place an order of up to $25 within the first 90 days of signing up to get your welcome bonus of $10. For me I love

It because it’s free and no annoying fees are popping up here and there and so easy to use plus you don’t need to earn points or fill out any forms for this one.

And yeah, you get paid through Paypal or checks every three months so I wouldn’t recommend if you’re not patient enough, but hey you’re trying to make more money, right?

One more thing it’s only available in the U.S., China, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea. It’s sadly not available in Europe right now.

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2. Ibotta

top cashback apps IbottaIbotta is a free mobile cashback shopping app. I highly recommend it because it’s fun and easy to use, and it’s available for both Android and IOS devices. I highly recommend this when grocery shopping. You can find deals on anything you need at home.

Ibotta lets you find offers on products, and you can add those offers by completing simple tasks, and the more tasks you can complete, the more offers you get, see it as a game to make money from, but don’t fret these tasks are straightforward.

And you can buy these items at their partner stores.

There are three ways for you to make money from Ibotta:

  • You can manually scan and upload your receipts and select the eligible offers for your purchases.
  • You can connect your loyalty account to your Ibotta account and add offers to it before making your purchases and let Ibotta do the rest for you, and it usually takes about 48 hours.
  • You can shop through one of their supported retailer’s mobile apps.

Ibotta is a must-have for avid grocery shoppers like me, I love to cook, so it saves me a lot of cash on my purchases.

Don’t forget to choose your deals before making your purchases.

You get your money back within 48 hours, and you can access your cash by purchasing a gift card through the app or sending the money to your already linked Paypal or Venmo account.

Ibotta works with about 300 stores, and you can find the list of stores from their website.

3. Dosh

best cashback apps DoshOn Dosh’s official website, they say it’s the easiest money you’ll ever make, and I really can’t argue with that because I don’t see how they’re not honest. It is that simple, and there are no points or coupons involved.

You need to link your credit or debit card with Dosh account, and after that, you will automatically get cashback once you pay at one if it’s partner stores or restaurants (super useful for foodies like me out there). After paying your receipt, you will almost immediately get a notification on your mobile with the cashback amount.

Dosh also pays you when you refer your friends, you get $5 for everyone you refer when they sign up and link their cards, so start spreading the love and keep that money rolling in steady.

You can send your cash to your bank account your Paypal or even donate to charity(for those in a giving mood) all through the Dosh app.

Dosh is pretty new on the list, and they’ve already established themselves as one of the best cashback apps available.

Unfortunately, it is only available to U.S. residents.

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4. Swagbucks

what is the best cashback app swagbucksNow, Swagbucks is one of the few cashback apps where you can make money without actually buying anything.

Swagbucks is a rewards program that gives you cashback, gift cards and lets you earn points when you shop at your favorite retailers, watch videos, answer surveys and surf the web, you’re not just getting paid from online shopping you also earn rewards from the things you do online every day.

It also comes with sweet referral rewards, and you can get $10 as a sign-up bonus.

You can redeem your points for gift cards from top retailers, or you can get your cash back from Paypal.

You can use it from shopping on its website or just downloading the extension for your web browser.

For those of you who sit all day in front of a P.C., you might as well make money while you’re at it. The best thing about Swagbucks is that as of February 2019, it’s available everywhere.

5. Drop

best cash back app DropNot too far from the top is the Drop cashback app. It’s quite similar to the Dosh app because all you have to do is link your credit or debit cards to their app and whenever you make a purchase with one of your linked cards at any of their partner companies you will get drop points, which can be redeemed for gift cards anytime you want.

The Drop has tons of partner companies which I am pretty sure you use frequently. For example, you can get points from your Uber rides, doing grocery shopping, etc.

A significant drawback is a payment only comes in the form of gift cards, not cash, unlike the Dosh app, but don’t worry, and you can always find gift cards from the most popular retailers out there.

Drop only works for customers in North America.

6. BerryCart

best cash back apps berrycartFor those of you who’ve always wanted to start eating healthy but can’t seem to let go of those calorie-loaded meals, if this doesn’t make you eat healthily, then I don’t know what will (jokes), but BerryCart gives you cashback to eat healthily.

It’s also an excellent way to learn about healthy food and the need to eat healthily.

Get cashback in three easy steps.

  • Just download the free app and sign up and discover BerryCart deals near you on the best organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO foods that taste good and make you feel good.
  • When you find something you like, you can buy it online or go to the store and buy it.
  • You scan your receipt clearly or take a picture of the screen or invoice if the purchase was made online and upload the image to the app, and within 24hours, you get the cash that can be withdrawn using Paypal or can be used as a gift card.

So eat healthily and get paid to do it. Unfortunately, BerryCart is just available in the U.S.


best cashback app Checkout 51Feel like you’re spending too much on groceries and just trying to cut down a bit on the grocery spending? Checkout 51 gives you cashback rebates for everyday food items like pasta, milk, bread, etc. and as well as things like shampoos, lotions, and household items like detergents, napkins, paper towels, its cashback heaven for moms out there.

You get cash back for your everyday shopping. It’s a fantastic way to bring costs down and get your savings up.

Get cashback from Checkout 51 with these easy steps:

  • Download the free app available on both IOS and Android platforms.
  • Browse through the offers and select the offers you want by adding them to your shopping list, they give you updates of new offers every Thursday, so you’re always well informed about the latest offers available.
  • Go shopping and make sure you purchase the right items selected in the offers.
  • Check off the right items you selected on your receipt and upload a clear photo of your receipt.
  • Sit and wait for the approval and watch the cash roll into your account and you can cash out via check when you get up to $20.

Only available in North America.

8. Shopkick

cashback app shopkickNow, these guys are kicking it on the cashback app list. With the Shopkick cashback app, you earn reward points they call kicks for various activities you do with their partner stores online and in the store that can be redeemed for a large selection of gift cards.

To download the app, you have to go to their website you can earn kicks from eight ways, and you have to download their app and sign up first, though so don’t forget.

You can earn kicks:

  • At the entrance of one of their select partner stores just by walking into the store (finally have a reason to leave my house, actually helped me lose some weight just walking around stores)
  • by visiting their online partner websites through the Shopkick app.
  • By checking out offers on select online partner websites.
  • For every dollar spent on purchases made at one of their online partner sites through the Shopkick app.
  • When you watch videos and discover new products on their app.
  • When you purchase select items and submit your receipt to the app for approval.
  • For every dollar spent at one of their partner stores when you shop with an already linked Shopkick card, much like the Dosh and Drop apps.
  • When you search for select products in stores and scan the barcodes using the in-app scanner.

With all the options to earn kicks from, it’s almost like you can earn kicks just by being alive (Jokes), the fantastic thing about this is that the kicks add up fast and in no time you can redeem your kicks for your favorite gift cards that’ll be delivered to your phone directly.

Heard a woman made up to $1200 worth of gift cards from walking into stores and scanning products with Shopkick (that is something that’ll get me moving).

Right now, it’s only available in the U.S. as they recently ceased operations in Germany, so get kicking.

9. MyPoints

cash back app MyPointsMyPoints is quite similar to Swagbucks just that they’re much older than Swagbucks. They’ve been in the rewards market since 1996.

MyPoints lets you earn points in various ways:

  • Earn points from shopping from over 1900 retailers through MyPoints and earn points for your purchase.
  • You can earn points per dollar you spend from your Groupon and social living goods and voucher purchases.
  • You can earn points just from reading emails and receive up to 5 points only by clicking on emails.
  • You can fill out surveys to earn points.
  • Instead of watching YouTube videos all day for free, you can earn up to 500 points from watching videos.
  • You can earn points just by searching the web.
  • They also give a $10 bonus when you sign up. However, you have to purchase about $20 within the first month to be eligible, and of course, they give points for every referral.

In addition to everything above, there are many more ways to earn points.

These points can be redeemed for:

  • a gift card which can be used at over 70 popular retailer and restaurant brands,
  • cash which will be deposited to your Paypal account,
  • VISA prepaid card,
  • add some extra travel miles to your account at United MileagePlus.

One drawback, however, is that you can’t transfer your points to your Paypal unless you have at least $25 worth of points.

It is only available to customers in North America.

10. Trunow

top 17 cashback apps trunowTrunow is a unique cashback app on this list because they’re the only cashback app that gives you cash back on purchases made at gas stations. For those of you who drive long miles and spend heavy on gas with some states having absurd gas prices, this is a must-have to cut down on your gas expenses and save some cash.

They not only offer cashback deals on purchases made at gas stations, but they also offer deals at restaurants and groceries and almost everything in between.

All you have to do is get the app available for both IOS and Android devices, where you can see all the gas stations near you and look for local deals for everything you need and shop, then upload clear pictures of your receipts on the app and get instant cash back on purchases you made.

You can spend what’s saved at local stores or restaurants near you or get some extra gas, or you can convert it to cash, whatever you want as long as you’re getting your Cashback. It’s only available to customers in the U.S.

11. Caddle

best cashback apps CaddleCaddle is a cashback app only available in Canada, which lets you earn cash back on purchases from groceries, supplements, and other essential household items.

Moreover, you can also earn some money without purchasing anything by filling out surveys, watching ads, writing reviews, and performing a series of small tasks for little rewards.

They make sure that they have new offers every week, so it’s best to check the app every week for new offers. Just sign in to the app and check out the offers available, perform the tasks and earn. Once you make up to $20, you can cash out, and a check will be sent to you.

A significant drawback is that they don’t have many offers so it’ll probably take some time to make any reasonable amount from there and it’s only available in Canada.

12. SavingStar

cash back app SavingStarMost cashback apps are generally focused on other items like clothing, home equipment, and other products. SavingStar, however, is a free cash back app that allows you to get cash back on your grocery purchases.

They give a very exclusive discount on purchases, so this is another cash back app that is worth a mention, especially for the big grocery spenders saving you the stress of gathering coupons everywhere. They have one of the most extensive lists of partner stores.

After downloading the app and signing up, you can easily connect your loyalty card to SavingStar to start earning cash on your grocery purchases from stores with loyalty programs.

For stores, without loyalty programs, all you need to do is upload clear photos of your receipts and get your cashback. They regularly update their app with new offers weekly, so make sure you always check on the app.

When your total cash gets up to $20, you can withdraw it into your Paypal account or send it directly to your bank account, you also have the option of cashing out with a gift card, and they have a plethora of gift card options for you, or you can give to the various charities available.

13. TopCashback

how to get cashback topcashbackTopCashBack claims to be the highest paying cashback site in the U.S. and U.K. with over 8 million members.

It’s quite similar to Rakuten’s model as they let you earn money when you shop online and in stores.

Registration is free, and you can choose from over a thousand retailers and exclusive offers from basic clothing, household items, travel insurance to even car rentals. You can even get cashback offers on broadband subscriptions (which is good, because all we spend too much on that anyway).

The retailer pays them a commission for your purchases made through them, and they add it to your cashback (no wonder they claim to be the most generous to their members).

They also have simple payout options through Paypal or a bank transfer, and you can also get a gift card for a top retailer, which gives you an extra 10% bonus of your total payout.

Mostly available for customers in North America and the U.K. (U.K. version of TopCashBack has a different website), but they claim that they are open to members of other countries, but not all merchants on their platform ship to all countries.

14. Paribus

cashback apps ParibusA particularly unique one on this list is Paribus. Unlike other cashback apps on this list, where you find offers and make your purchases based on the offers, Paribus tracks all your online purchases and sends you a refund when they detect a drop in price so you never actually miss out on any chance to make cash even after your purchase.

You shop online as usual, and Paribus monitors any drop in prices by tracking your confirmation email, and when they discover any reduction in prices, the money is refunded straight to your bank account.

One major drawback is that you have to give them access to your email, like almost full access, if you don’t have issues with an external party having access to your email then Paribus is for you, but if not then might as well check out the other cashback apps on the list. Only available in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

15. Mr. Rebates

cash back apps Mr.RebatesMr.Rebates is pretty straightforward and free, and it gives you a $5 bonus on your first purchase.

Once you’ve signed in, you can search and shop at over 2500 different cashback stores available on the platform. You can get the cashback percentage on your purchases for each store by simply clicking on the store in which the purchase was made.

Every purchase made through Mr.Rebates is automatically added to your account within three days, and you can quickly cash out via check, Paypal, or an Amazon gift card.

It is available worldwide; however, the cashback is dependent on the store, so there’s no cashback guaranty for customers outside the U.S.

16. Koho

top cash back app KohoKoho is more like a living bank account that helps you budget and keeps track of your spending. It lets you manage your money wisely and increase your savings by simplifying your finances, all free of charge, with no hidden, annoying bank fees that keep on popping up when you’re trying to get you to save on.

Koho lets you open an account for free in less than 5 minutes and gives you a prepaid visa card that works smoothly with the app, they also give you a 0.5% cash back bonus on every purchase you make with your Koho card, and you can get a whopping 40% cashback on Foodora orders.

It lets you set savings goals and helps you reach those goals by showing you how much you need to save, and most importantly, it’s all free. This is perfect for people who can’t cut down on those unnecessary bills. Well, your savior is here with Koho.

Sadly only available for Canadian citizens.

17. Great Canadian Rebates

top cash back app Great Canadian RebatesI don’t know how else they want to make it clear that it’s only for Canadians, Great Canadian Rebates lets you get cashback on purchases when you make those purchases through their website.

Each store pays them a commission for purchases made, and they split the commission with you for every purchase.

You can get paid via Amazon (Canada) gift cards, monthly via Paypal, or you can request a check anytime if your balance is more than $30.

Final word

I think this is a relatively complete list of cashback apps for almost every kind of shopper. Plus, you can’t have too many cashback apps, can you?

I would recommend using cashback apps if you’re trying to save extra cash or just looking for a way to earn extra income. For the latter, I highly recommend Swagbucks because of its availability in every location, and its best for people who have almost zero cash at hand; it’s quite easy to earn rewards.

For online purchases, Ebates (Rakuten) is mindblowing. With their plugin, you never miss a chance to get a discount.

TopCashback is a must-have for avid shoppers, especially if you’re in the U.K. and the U.S. you need to take advantage of those deals.

For grocery shoppers, I highly recommend Drop, SavingStar, Checkout51, and Ibotta.

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