9 Best Data Entry Jobs to Earn from Home on Your Own Schedule

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Data entry jobs are worth considering if you want to work from home or need flexible working hours. What are the requirements for those jobs and how much can you earn? Which are the best companies? Find out all the answers! Plus tips & tricks, and how to avoid being scammed!

Data entry jobs are one of the most fabulous ideas of working from home either as a full-time or part-time job. It’s the most flexible job you can do from wherever you are at your own desired time.

They are open for students, stay home moms, retired, or you are just in for some extra income. Almost anyone can do it, you just need to have a computer, internet connection, and the necessary typing and language skills.

Best Legit Data Entry Jobs Online (Entry Level)

This article lists for you the most popular and legit companies which offer you data entry jobs today.

1. Flex Jobs

Are you looking for a remote and flexible data entry job? I recommend Flex jobs company for you. It listed among the greatest and established job site you can ever come across. It is ideal for those looking towards working from home, freelancers, housewives, anyone looking for an extra income, etc.

This site works with many companies offering flexible data entry jobs for you! You don’t have to worry about scam projects on Flex jobs since jobs are vetted before they are released. Just log in and find a job that is good for you and worth your time.

It is a site that will get you that coin anytime although there is a fee charged for you to access it. All you need to do is to choose a plan that you are comfortable with and start working!

2. Sicribie

If your passion directs you to transcription jobs, I would advise you find then at Sicribie. You can choose how much you want to be making through Sicribie. This site also offers data entry jobs from time to time.

Transcription Companies post audios on the website for freelancers to transcribe. An amazing part about this site is that you can listen to the audio first before you decide to pick the job. The hours you may want to work are not limited making the site even more magnificent. You can schedule your own time, log in to the website at your own pleasure and pick up the jobs you want.

In short, be your own boss as you write your personal salary check through Sicribie. Another feature that makes this site stand out is that no special qualifications are required. Just apply and do a transcription test and you are good to go!

3. Microworkersst

This is another excellent online work marketplace for you. This site’s features are different from those of Flex jobs. In Microworkersst, employers post short tasks that they need to be completed within a specific given time.

Even though most of these tasks pay less, they do not require much time to complete. Basic data entry jobs are part of the functions popularly posted at Microworkersst.

Another important to note thing about this site is that the hours you may want to work are not limited. Plan a good schedule, log in to the website at your own pleasure and pick up the jobs you want.

Like we have already learned, such a task does not require much training and skills. Make a few dollars during your free time through this site!

4. SigTrack

Sigtrack is the place to be for those who are looking for a legit site with lots of data entry jobs. It is the site for all, from the entry-level workers to the most qualified in the field.

To be the best candidate for the jobs, just be a person who follows principles are rules religiously, is flexible and can type fast. With good reading and writing skills, and can work with the minimum supervision possible why not make a living at SigTrack?

The only limitations I see with this site is that only US residents can get jobs. So if you can perform tasks that are within the country, join SigTrack today!

5. Capital Typing

If you are a transcriber, data entry clerk or a researcher, I suggest you make this site your friend. Capital typing outsourcing company is based in South Carolina. It offers a variety of jobs including data entry and clerical jobs.

The company then hires freelancers to perform the tasks on behalf of its clients. To work at capital typing, just contact them through their website, request for the information you need then apply on their employment page. Once they consider you for a position, their representative will reach you to fill out paperwork and schedule a Skype interview for you.

6. Birch Creek Communication

If you are a pro in data entry, transcription or market research this site suits you best. It is a Montana based company that hires freelancers to work in these fields. The work is done by independent contractors who are not allowed to subcontract.

To qualify for a job, the first thing is you must be a US citizen. They follow this rule strictly such that background checks and fingerprinting are required. No technical assistant is required; therefore, remote worker needs to be fully equipped with the necessary equipment. To know how to apply, visit their official website.

7. DionData Solutions

To the freelancers for data entry out there, I suggest you try out this great company. DionData Solutions offers opportunities to work from the comfort of your home at any time.

It hires independent contractors to do the work from home. The contractors enter data from images provided by the clients and are paid per the job done.

You are suitable for the job if you can type 60 words per minute and have the necessary computer skills. In addition to that, your communication skills must be excellent, and the ability to work on the projects cannot be negotiated. You are expected to have the necessary equipment for the job and be able to maintain your computer for no technical assistance is required.

The other essential qualification is the ability to work in the US which needs to be proved.

8. ClickWorker

We have come across other sites in the article that specifies US citizenship to be able to get jobs. If you are from the different parts of the world, I suggest you try Clickworker.

This is a global site that distributes tasks to more than 300,000 independent contractors worldwide. It is one of the places where you work on your own schedule with your own set of computer equipment and internet connection.

Their major clients include individuals plus large companies who offer large projects. The freelancers are paid per job done; therefore, payments depend on how fast an individual is. You can determine how much you want to earn. You are expected to have the necessary equipment for the job and be able to maintain your computer for no technical assistance is required.

The other essential qualification is the ability to work in the US. This might require some background checks and fingerprints taken to prove. If you are looking for a job to do full-time or part-time, find out more from Clickworker website.

9. Axion Data Services

This firm hires independent contractors who work for their clients. The jobs mostly involve data entry for images. The primary qualification for working for Axion data is basic computer knowledge, using the internet, ability to follow instructions and data entry skills.

Independent contractors are supposed to be able to fix their hardware and software problems, so advanced computer skills is an added advantage. A criminal background check is performed to the applicants which is something that guarantees you safety as a contractor.

After ascertaining that an applicant is clean, they sign a confidentiality agreement and start working. Jobs are paid per piece has done allowing you to determine what you take home.


What are the required skills for data entry jobs?

The primary skills required for online data entry jobs are basic computer knowledge. Other relevant qualifications include but not limited to:

  • Good typing skills. Most hiring companies require that you have excellent typing skills. Some are more specific, and they state that you must be able to type 60 words per minute to qualify.
  • Computer skills and software knowledge. It’s an added advantage to those who possess advanced knowledge for computer hardware and software. Many companies do not offer a technical assistant to their contractors. Therefore, it is up to you to fix both hardware and software issues when they arise.
  • Basic literacy and numeracy skills. You need to be conversant with basic English and have the necessary numeracy skills to be able to work.
  • Organizational abilities. Data entry jobs require somebody who is organized both physically and in mind. Exceptional organizational skills will help you perform well in any job set up.
  • Administrative skills. This includes the ability to perform necessary administrative skills such as sending and receiving emails.
  • Good communication skills. You must be good at both written and verbal communications skills.
  • Ability to talk politely on the phone. Phone etiquette is one of the attributes you should possess as a data entry clerk. Most of the communication between you and the clients involves talking on the phone.
  • Good customer service skills. To be able to work well with the company and its clients, you must good in customer service.
  • Self-motivation. Excellent work results from an inner motivation. Let that drive you.
  • Ability to work independently or as a team. Some tasks are tackled independently while in others you must work as a team. Having this qualification is vital for that matter.
  • A responsible working attitude. To be able to handle your jobs. A positive and responsible working attitude is vital.
  • Good attention to details. You must be attentive to details and be able to follow instructions given for the tasks.
  • Ability to do the same tasks for an extended time. Many projects involve doing the same type of jobs relatively. You must be able to handle this without getting bored along the way.
  • Good spelling and grammar. A spelling or grammatical error can make the whole phrase or information lose the meaning. You should be good at spellings and in grammar.
  • Knowledge of data and confidentiality matters. Data and information are confidential. That is why a contractor should always sign a confidentiality agreement with the clients before they start working together.

How much can you earn in data entry?

Different companies pay differently depending on several different reasons. Currently, there is a lot of work for data entry. More and more freelancers are needed, and therefore rates could differ. What you earn depends on the agreement on the paperwork you signed with the company you are working for.

How can you avoid data entry scam jobs?

There exists a lot of jobs that appear legit to you, but they are not. There are different types of scam that you need to be aware of to be able to avoid them. They include:

  • Scams that will ask you for money. There exist scammers that will ask you for a fee so that you can be receiving jobs. What is the point? You need those jobs to make money. How are you supposed to dish out money? Some scammers will ask you to pay for some tests, specific equipment required for the job and so on. Beware of such because once you give them money, you will never hear from them ever again. Remember, scammers have their own strategies for doing things. You might not be able to quickly detect them, and therefore it is crucial you stay always alert.
  • Scams that offer money. This is another common type of fraud. A scammer offering you money. For example, they write you a check, then ask you to deposit it into your account. Later, they tell you to send/forward the money to somebody else for the reason that will appear genuine. You might realize more than that the check they initially sent you bounced, and you have already transferred your own money. Remember that sometimes you might not know it because they do as much as possible to appear legit. They could even drag the process so that you may not become suspicious.

Ways of spotting data entry scams

Scammers can get to anybody, even those people who think they can tell that something is a scam. So how can you know that it is a scam?

  • When asked for money. Never pay for any job. Do not dish out any amount until you are sure of the legitimacy of a deal. The jobs should be free and get money in return for your excellent job.
  • Trust your gut. If something doesn’t feel right, trust your gut and drop it. So many people who go against their gut feeling falls into trouble, in most cases.
  • Request for a signed contract. This is very important before starting any work. Ask for a legal employment contract to ensure that you are hired by a legit company.
  • Let it not sound too high a deal. If the deal is too good, think twice. Data entry jobs mostly don’t pay handsomely unless for some specific jobs. If you come across a rate that doesn’t seem real. Drop it and move to the next.
  • Beware of paid training programs. There exist legitimate training and certificate programs for data entry such as medical coding and legal transcriptions. Beware of scammers who will promise you to train that will never happen. Do your research well and if possible, talk in person with the people who have been through the programs.
  • Do thorough research for any company. Don’t just trust any company and start sending them your personal information. Do your research well. Make sure that their website is legit. You can go as far as asking the employer if you can talk to his workers just to be sure. Don’t stop until you confirm the legitimacy of the company.
  • Report if scammed. Do that for others. Report whenever you are scammed to save other people from going through the same.

What are other alternatives to data entry online jobs?

Virtual assistant

Virtual assistant mainly focuses on providing creative, technical, administrative professional assistance to clients remotely. Just like in data entry, the employees are independent contractors who work on their own schedule.

Therefore, the clients are not responsible for tax-related issues, insurance or any other form of benefits. Mainly, the clients and the contractors communicate through phone calls, emails or the internet. The virtual assistant is made of individuals and companies who provide various products and services.


Proofreading works just like data entry jobs. It is the type of job that gives you room to earn a living at the comfort of your home. Contents written from day to day needs to be proofread. Customers vary from professional writers, large brands, job seekers, and students. You can proofread any kind of content that you are comfortable with. If you can go through the content and make it better, then proofreading is the field for you.

Freelance writing

Freelancing is another online hustle similar to data entry. In freelance writing, independent business owners write blogs, articles and other assignments that belong to different clients and are paid per job done. In Freelance writing, you may find that some of these projects are recurring and others are available when needed.

In freelance writing, the writers are not only working but also marketing their skills to potential writers. You need to be creative to succeed in freelance writing.

Payments depend on the negotiation you as a writer makes with the client. Some clients ask their writers to send the invoice when the work is done. Other clients pay half the amount up front, then the other half when they receive the job done. When you work hard in freelancing, you will not only enjoy flexibility but also a financial breakthrough.

What is the primary role of a data entry clerk?

The roles and responsibilities of a data entry clerk are as follows.

  • Entering account data from source documents within the time given
  • Reviewing data, correcting, re-entering, deleting data and generally checking the input.
  • Sorting, compiling and verifying accuracy of information to prepare the source data for entry
  • Scanning and filing documents when required.
  • Applying data program procedures and techniques.
  • Doing the research and obtaining more information for incomplete records.
  • Keeping the info, handling data with privacy and confidentiality.
  • Accessing files and responding to queries
  • Ensure that office equipment is used appropriately and address any issues coming up.
  • Complying with security policies and data integrity.
  • Performing backup for data

What is accuracy in data entry?

Data accuracy is one of the most important things when we talk about data quality. Errors in data entry are uncalled for. They are costly and can harm the company. Accurate data is crucial for market analysis, research and decision making. Therefore, accuracy is vital to the success of a company. There is no need to detect errors when the damage is already done. Practicing accuracy at the data entry stage itself is crucial. This means you will be able to identify the mistakes and correct them before they cause damage.

There are several ways to ensure that you become good at data entry accuracy;

  • Go for data entry training before you start working
  • Do early error tracking
  • Always understand the importance of data entry
  • Make the environment where you work from comfortable
  • Improve to the level where you adopt high standards of data entry accuracy
  • Get enough operators to do the job
  • Buy the right software for the job

Final Verdict

Data entry will not earn you a lot, but it is a better way of making a few dollars here and there to keep you going. It’s accessible to anybody who can comfortably do it regardless of educational or professional background. It is easy and doesn’t require any form of strength to do it. This article is with no doubt beneficial as it contains the relevant information you need to know about data entry. Now you know what you need and where to find these jobs!

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