Best Online Lottery Sites to Try in 2021

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Is it just a game or can you make money by playing the online lottery?

While there is some risk involved, I’ve found that playing on the best lottery sites in the world can actually result in some welcome extra cash. Best of all, it’s a fun way of earning money.

I understand some people are hesitant about online games such as slots, online casinos, or betting on lottery outcomes. In my personal experience I found that as long as I follow a few guidelines to ensure responsible gambling, it’s one of the best options to help supplement my monthly budget.

One of the most important guidelines is to only use reputable lottery sites. When using them, you won’t risk losing money to cybercriminals. Also, they usually offer benefits like more bonus options, a wider variety of lotteries to play, and no issues with getting your winnings paid out.

Don’t worry. I made it easy for you to get to know this unique method of making that extra money you need. I looked at various sites, considered existing users’ feedback and after 20+ hours of research, I could compile a list of the five best lottery sites to try this year.

🏆 Best Online Lottery Sites (2021) 🏆

1.MultilottoBest Variety
2.The LotterBest Payment Options
3.Lotto AgentBest Bonuses
4.WinTrillionsBest for Secure Playing
5.LottoSmileBest for India

5 Best Lottery Sites Reviews

I look at many factors before I try out a lottery site. Even though it can be fun AND lucrative income stream, I need to protect my interests. I also want an enjoyable experience with good service. The facts below will clearly show the value of each of these platforms.

My Rating:

Multilotto Online Lottery

With Multilotto you’re using a lottery betting site, so you’re betting on the outcome of a certain lottery. I enjoy Multilotto for its wide variety of lottery options that include games from many parts of the world.

It’s easy to navigate, such as setting your desired currency, so you don’t have to do calculations to convert amounts to your local currency. The customer service is also up to standard, giving fast feedback, though it would have been even better with live chat.

The platform offers many bonuses and promotions, which keeps the process interesting and makes it even more profitable. Multilotto even helps you implement safe gambling guidelines because you can set limits.

Multilotto – Key Points

  • Banking options: Credit Card, EFT, Skrill, Bitcoin, Sofort and more but it depends on which country you’re in.
  • Platforms: Web, Android, iOS
  • Year established: 2011
  • Licensing information: Malta Gaming Authority
  • Customer service: Phone & Email
  • Mobile apps available
  • Bet on scratch cards too
  • Support multiple languages
  • You can set limits
  • Wide range of lotteries to bet on
  • Small payouts can take place within minutes
  • No live chat
  • You may wait a while for large payouts
My Rating:

The LotterWhen you play the lottery on The Lotter, you’re entrusting your money to a very reputable platform. Since they’ve been around for a while you can have peace of mind about using this service. This isn’t a fly-by-night vendor. I’m impressed with the many languages the platform supports, so players from many countries can enjoy its services.

With The Lotter, you’re buying official tickets for lotteries from around the globe, including Powerball, EuroMillions, and MegaMillions. You will pay more to use the platform compared to many other lottery sites but at least you won’t have to sacrifice commission payments if you have a win.

The Lotter – Key Points

  • Banking options: Card, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafe, Trustly, Sofort, EPS, Bleue, CartaSi, Postepay, Bancontact, Rapid, PSE, Efecty, SafetyPay, Zimpler, Bank transfer
  • Platforms: Web, Android, iOS
  • Year established: 2002
  • Licensing information: Malta Gaming Authority
  • Customer service: Phone & Email
  • Many payment options
  • Wide variety of games
  • Established brand
  • Mobile apps are user-friendly
  • Expensive fees
My Rating:

LottoAgentOn Lotto Agent, you won’t have access to so many of the best lottery sites around the world, but it’s still a safe platform to use, so I often use it. Similar to The Lotter, you’ll be able to purchase an official ticket for the lottery you’re interested in. The platform will provide you with proof of this purchase they made on your behalf.

When using this platform you’ll spend less on fees, making it a big attraction if you’re playing lotteries with a limited budget. Also, keep an eye out for the discounts and bonuses they offer, for example, 10% on your first purchase.

I enjoy using this platform for its user-friendliness too. With online chat, it’s easy to get feedback without even picking up the phone. You can search for feedback from their chatbot that provides basic information, or talk to an agent that usually replies within minutes. I prefer this waiting for an email reply.

Lotto Agent – Key Points

  • Banking options: Card, Sofort, Trustly, Giropay, Paysafe, Nordeq, ePay, Rapid, Bank transfer
  • Platforms: Web, Android, iOS
  • Year established: 2012
  • Licensing information: Malta Gaming Authority
  • Customer service: Phone, Online Chat & Email
  • Affordable fees
  • Many bonus options
  • Online chat support
  • Fewer game options than many others
My Rating:

WintrillionsIf users from around 120 countries find it a helpful platform to use, I feel comfortable using it too. You can have peace of mind thanks to excellent encryption and spam filtering, so you’re safe while you play.

This is another lottery betting site like Multilotto. It supplies most of what players are after, from multiple lottery options to enough payment methods, although not as many as some of my other favorite platforms.

The platform looks very plain. This can be a benefit since nothing will distract you, but some players prefer colorful and playful designs. So, will WinTrillions work for you? It’s all about what YOU prefer.

When I play I prefer to know what to expect, so I’ll tell you that you’ll need to keep an eye out for automatic subscription renewals with this platform. If you don’t feel comfortable with it, you can rather try one of the other lottery sites I mention. Still, WinTrillions is a winner especially for the level of safety it provides and a huge attraction is that you don’t pay commissions.

WinTrillions – Key Points

  • Banking options: Card, Skrill, Neteller, AstroPay, Oxxo, Efecty, Gana, PSE, Todito Cash
  • Platforms: Web, Mobile
  • Year established: 2005
  • Licensing information: Registered in Curaçao
  • Customer service: Phone, Live Chat & Email
  • Multiple lotteries
  • Impressive security and encryption
  • No commission payments
  • Affordable platform
  • Supports six languages
  • Uninteresting design
  • Auto renewal
My Rating:

LottoSmileIt’s to be expected that LottoSmile is another winning platform because it’s related to The Lotter. It’s simply the site branded for India. Don’t worry though, you can still access it from other countries too. I feel comfortable using this platform thanks to its 128-bit SSL encryption and their customer service agents replied to my queries within minutes.

Opening an account is free of charge and then you simply pay for the service. If you do win, LottoSmile won’t charge a commission on that amount. When you’re registered you can buy authentic lottery tickets for multiple lotteries around the world. You’ll get confirmation of the purchase via email or SMS.

Lotto Smile attracts with welcome extra features, from helping syndicates to offering a VIP club where you get access to promotions and even discounts—some as much as 20%!

LottoSmile – Key Points

  • Banking options: Card
  • Platforms: Web, Android, iOS
  • Year established: 2002
  • Licensing information: Registered in Cyprus; Licensed by Malta Gaming Authority
  • Customer service: Live Chat, Call back, Email
  • 24/7 support available with fast replies in multiple languages
  • No commission on winnings
  • Excellent security
  • VIP club available
  • Limited payment and withdrawal options

Playing the Best Lottery Sites—FAQ

Similar to any money-making method, information is vital to get the most out of this process. Below I’ll discuss the following important topics to empower you. Use it to get momentum quickly when you start using the best lottery sites to supplement your income.

Topics you need to understand before you start:

  • Online Lottery Sites—How does it Work?
  • Who Won the Most in a Lottery?
  • Can I Legally Play Foreign Lotteries Online?
  • Must I Pay Taxes on my Lottery Win?
  • How do I Get My Money When I Win?
  • How do I Get Cheap Lottery Tickets?
  • How to Avoid Scams and Find Safe Online Lotteries
  • Finding the Best Lottery Sites—7 Features to Look for
  • Lottery Winning Odds—What are my Chances?
  • The Best Lottery Site Online—What Should I Use?
  • How can I Check Lottery Results?

Online Lottery Sites—How does it Work?

I thought the same thing you’re wondering now. How is it possible to play a lottery from the comfort of my home when others have to go to the store to get their lottery tickets? It’s actually just about using the power of technology because these days you can do so much online!

When you want to play the lottery online, you can pick one of three different platforms:

  • Pick a lottery you want to play and use its official site to buy a virtual ticket. Often there are limits on this method, because the sites may only be accessible to people who live in the area or country where the lottery operates.
  • You can use lottery agents, such as The Lotter which I reviewed earlier, that will purchase an actual ticket for you. These sites have a team of people who go to stores to buy tickets and they’ll send you the proof of your ticket to claim your prize.
  • Certain lottery sites don’t help you access the actual lotteries, but rather have you make a bet on the outcome of a certain lottery. These are called lottery betting sites and MultiLotto is a good example. If your bet is the same as the numbers in the official draw, you’ll win big. The payouts come from these lottery betting sites, not the official lotteries because you never entered a transaction with them or purchased one of their official tickets.

How Do I Play?

Each lottery agent or lottery betting site will have its own guidelines, but usually you’ll follow these steps:

  • Register an account and verify your identity
  • Make a deposit into your wallet
  • Use the money to purchase a lottery ticket or make a bet on a lottery’s outcome
  • Wait for the results
  • If you win money the winnings will be placed in your wallet
  • You can withdraw your money based on the site’s policies; this can be flexible or you may only be able to make withdrawals at certain times or up to a certain amount at a time

Who Won the Most in a Lottery?

The biggest lottery win to date was thanks to Powerball in the US. The jackpot prize for the draw in January 2016 was $ 1.586 billion. However, the cash value of the prize was $983.5 million and there were actually three people who had tickets with the winning numbers. The winners of this huge jackpot each received $327 million.

The individual who received the most winnings in a single lottery played Mega Millions in October 2018. The winner claimed the prize anonymously but hailed from South Carolina. Although the jackpot was worth $ 1.537 million, because the winner picked a one-time cash payout, he or she received $878 million.

Can I Legally Play Foreign Lotteries Online?

Each country has unique laws when it comes to playing lottery games. In some countries—including the US—it’s illegal to play lotteries based in other countries.

Laws can get complicated, because within a country there may be areas or states that have less strict rules than others. For example, if you’re playing the lottery in India your online gaming will only be illegal in certain states.

Here’s a summary of some countries and their basic rules:

AmericaYou can only play American lotteries. Online lottery sites hosting other lotteries are blocked.
UKYou can access certain registered online lottery sites.

You can mostly play Australian lotteries online, or lottery sites registered in Australia.

I did manage to access Multilotto via my VPN, using an Australian IP address.

Australia also prevents many countries’ citizens from buying Australia based lotteries’ tickets.

IndiaPlaying lotteries online is only legal in some states.

To find out what’s legal in your area, you’ll have to do some research about local guidelines. You’ll often see that when you try to access lottery sites from certain countries, there’s an automatic restriction prohibiting you from entering the site.

Must I Pay Taxes on my Lottery Win?

Tax rules on lottery wins all depend on where you’re located.

I compiled a quick-reference list and if you’re playing from the US, you can read more about the guidelines here.

CountryPay Taxes: Yes/NoGuidelines
New ZealandNo 
USAYesFor any win of $600 or more, lotteries are supposed to provide you with a Form W-2G for tax purposes
PortugalYesWhen you win above a certain amount, you need to pay tax
SpainYesWhen you win above a certain amount, you need to pay tax

I’ve Won a Lottery—What Happens Now?

Claiming the Win

When you’ve won a lottery, it’s your responsibility to claim your prize. And remember, many lotteries have cut off dates for claims. This can be three months after the draw or up to a year. Don’t wait too long and get disqualified for claiming too late.

You’ll often have to decide between two payout options:

  • Lump-sum: Gives you access to all your money at once, but if you have to pay tax on the winnings—as is the case in the US—the total amount will be less.
  • Annuity: You get some of the money each year. You’ll pay a little less on taxes.

You can also decide whether you want to stay anonymous.

Some lottery rules require you to make your name public, but others don’t so read up on the rules if you value your privacy.

Managing Your Lottery Winnings

Winning small amounts as part of your income is a welcome extra revenue stream. If you win big you may be tempted to use all that money, as some big lottery winners have done in the past, often because of mismanagement, since they’re not used to handling such a large amount.

Rather be like the wise winners who obtain legal, tax, and financial assistance to manage your wins. Experts can advise you on the best way forward, for example, to pay outstanding debt first. 

How do I Get My Money When I Win?

When you use lottery sites, you’ll pay the site for its services and placing your bets. If you win, any money it will go into the wallet on the lottery site until you make a request for a withdrawal. So, it doesn’t go straight into your bank account. Make sure to organize a withdrawal in time if you need that money for a specific purpose.


With large payouts, the lottery site may request a special arrangement or only allow certain withdrawal methods. This is to protect you and ensure security.

How Do I Get Cheap Lottery Tickets?

The cheapest way to purchase lottery tickets is to go into a store and purchase them. But if you’re anything like me, you don’t appreciate standing in a queue at the checkout counter, right? This is where it comes in handy to buy your tickets online from the lotteries’ own sites.

But why limit yourself to only buying from local sites? This is why lottery sites are so valuable because you can pick from a wider range of lotteries. However, now you’re paying for a service which will push up the prices of the tickets, even by as much as 200%.

If this seems a bit steep to you, lottery betting sites tend to be cheaper to use and there are some free lottery sites too. The latter won’t charge you for the service, but you’ll have to get used to the many pop-up ads. That can be a small sacrifice to make if you win a jackpot though, right?

To compare, here’s an example of what tickets will cost you:

Lottery SiteTicket Cost: Powerball (Usual price $2)

Ticket Cost Poland Lotto

(Usual price +/- $1.20)

Multilotto$5.25– 1 line$1.50
The Lotter$7.80– 3 lines$8.04 – 4 lines
Lotto Agent$5.29– 1 line$6.03 – 3 lines

You’ll often get discounts for paying more lines and some lottery sites will give you free tickets when you buy in bulk. When you use all these bonuses the cost becomes much cheaper. So, do your homework about each site’s special offers, to make betting online more lucrative without costing you too much.

Finding the Best Lottery Sites — 7 Features to Look for

With using lottery sites, you do have to spend a little money to make money. I believe it’s important to vet any individual or organization I give my money to, so I know I’m making the best possible investments. So, what makes a lottery site ‘the best’?

As you can see in my reviews above, multiple factors affect the value for money you’ll get. And since you may spend a considerable time on these platforms, it’s better if they create an enjoyable experience too. Generating additional income CAN be fun if you do it right. So, here’s what to look for.

Banking Options

It should be your choice how you manage your money and you may have preferences of banking methods to use. While card transactions are easy to do, many people feel more comfortable using alternative options that are known for security, such as PayPal or Bitcoin. The more options there are, the better.

Also, check which withdrawal methods the site allows and don’t assume it will be exactly the same as the way you deposit your money. Then research how quickly you can claim your winnings, whether you need to pay commissions and there will be special arrangements for large payouts.

Knowing what to expect is important because you don’t want to try and make a withdrawal only to find out you have to wait longer than you anticipated. If the money you won needs to help cover important expenses it will be frustrating when you struggle to gain access to it. So, read up on the site’s policies before you join.


Find out about a site’s security features, such as encryption of the data.

Proper security will prevent third parties, like cybercriminals, from getting access to your personal information. Since you’re sharing important data, including your banking details with these sites, it’s vital they do their part to keep it safe.

Customer Service

I don’t like waiting long for feedback, especially when it concerns my money. This is why I research lottery sites’ customer service. What are other users saying about it? Can I communicate with an agent via live chat?

Chatting online is much easier than sending emails back and forth, so this is always my first choice. If there’s no online chat, at least look for sites that offer 24/7 support. 

Variety of Games

There are so many lotteries to pick from around the globe, so why should you limit yourself? The best lottery sites on the current market will give you access to multiple countries’ games. You’ll be able to use one site and place all your bets without navigating elsewhere.

If you’re using one platform it also simplifies managing your money. 


These days I can do almost anything while on the go, so why should playing the lottery be any different? You can access the sites via a web browser but it’s even better if you can download an app. I can play the lottery while waiting in a queue or using public transport.

Make sure the site offers an app for your specific mobile device and research if the apps are user friendly.

User Friendliness

Speaking of user-friendliness, read some reviews about other people’s experiences. Is the lottery site intuitive? Is it easy to identify features and find the lotteries you want to play? You don’t want to waste time because that’s time you can use elsewhere to make money, right?

The website buttons should be clearly labeled and the aesthetics, like colors, must help you navigate the pages by highlighting important features.


You’re using lottery sites to increase your chances of making more money and this makes extra features like bonuses very valuable. A start bonus could help you win your first dollars without paying much for the service, so you’ll have more profit.

Also look for extras like VIP clubs where you can get regular benefits, such as discounts or promotions.

Lottery Winning Odds—What Are My Chances?

Your chances of winning a jackpot all depend on which lottery you decide to play. Each one is unique in terms of the numbers you can pick and how many of them determine a win. 

For example, with a little math you can work out that if there are 49 numbers and you need to say which 6 will be picked during the draw, your chances are 1 in almost 14 million.

For some of today’s most popular lotteries, your chances are:

LotteryChance of winning the smallest prizeChance of winning the jackpot
Euromillions1 in 221 in 139 838 160
SuperEnalotto1 in 221 in 622 614 630
US Powerball1 in 381 in 292 201 338
Oz Lotto1 in 551 in 45 379 620

The Easiest Lottery—Which One is it?

Apart from the big lotteries I listed above, there are some smaller games to try if you want to increase your chances of winning. They give you a better chance of winning, which is a smart idea if you just want to see if this method of generating income will work for you. I suggest you start with the French Lotto which gives you a chance of 1 in 5.99 of winning any prize.

The Best Lottery Site Online—What Should I Use?

You can see each of the lottery sites I tried out has its own benefits. What worked best for me may not be your favorite in the end. I think Multilotto is the best thanks to the variety it offers but for anyone trying this money-making method from India, Lotto Smile may be your best bet.

How Can I Check Lottery Results?

When you’re using lottery sites as an income stream you need to keep an eye on your spending and income. To know which winnings to expect, regularly check the official lottery site or the updates on your lottery agency platforms.

You can also request the latest results to be emailed to you.


People around the globe are enjoying extra spending money and supplementing their income by trying their luck with online lottery betting. Want to join in? For the best results, I suggest you do your homework, learn about the industry, and only use the best lottery sites like the ones I reviewed here.

When you use my guidelines and combine them with a little luck, you may discover your favorite method of making money online. Do you have any tips for others trying this out for the first time?

This article has been financially reviewed by Ben Heir, CFA Last Updated on March 24, 2021 by Ben Heir.

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