How to Get Paid to Play Games

Is it true that you can make money by playing games, or is it just a myth? Yes.

Are a lot of people around the world getting paid to test and play video games? Yes.

If you are now thinking that you would also like to get paid to play games, then keep reading this article.  There are various platforms that can help you to increase your monthly revenue, all you have to do is to find the time play and test new games.

You only need a device that can be connected to the Internet to start making money with playing games.

NB! This isn’t a method that will make you instantly rich or could replace your income in most cases, but it’s an easy and fun way to make some money on the side and improve your financial situation a bit. Besides, who wouldn’t want to play new games first, before these are even released.

Get Paid to Play Games: Best Platforms

Throughout this article, we will be talking about six methods in which you can earn money quickly, and besides that, some PRO TIPS that will help you!

Firstly, we will explain the overview of the company, and later you will know how much money you can earn and finally how to get started for each method.

However, we can not provide you with a determined amount of money because it is impossible to generalize – there are thousands of apps that pay differently, so it would be hopeless to try to reach a number they all have in common. However, don’t be sad! One of our finance-experts claimed that if you want to make a lot of money, then you need to combine this method with other ones and that it’s definitely a method you should consider because it doesn’t feel like work, rather than a fun time.

If you are a Roblox fan, you can get Free Robux using these ideas.

1. Swagbucks


This app is one of the most famous rewards and loyalty program, which has won many awards among business organizations for their astonishing quality system. In fact, due to its fame, it has been working with well-known companies, such as Starbucks or Amazon, so you can benefit from it and receive exclusive discounts – but, we will explain this later. This method offers a bunch of tasks so you can decide what to do next to make more money, like watching videos, taking surveys, playing games, etc. This free app pays you through a point system that later converts into cash, but you must be over 13 years old to sign up.


Swagbucks will not make you instantly rich, this requires a lot of time and patience, but we promise you it will be worth it! Casual users who play their games for an extended period and reach 2500 points will be rewarded with $25, so if they can do this, why haven’t you already gotten started? Moreover, you can be rewarded with discounts in partner stores like we’ve already said and earn up to 20% in cashback in, for example, Groupon.

How to Get Started

To get paid, you need to have an email account and a password that will be asked before logging in, but unfortunately, nowadays, there isn’t any sign-up bonus like on InboxDollars, but it’s paid better, though.

Go to: Swagbucks’ website

2. InboxDollars


This website is well-known around the world for its controversy. Once you get started, your job is playing games and mostly, taking surveys. If you think this is easy, you are right. This site offers a long list containing several surveys you can complete and some games to try and get paid thanks to their money reward system. This means they do not use points that can be redeemed.

The survey system requires a particular profile to complete these, and you are very likely to be disqualified. This depends on your demographics, age, gender, etc.


First, as we have said, this is very easy, and their rewards aren’t surprising. It is true, though, that once you sign up a $5 prize which is very interesting, but it has been proved that payments are really low. This website is one of the methods that pays you the least. First of all, you need to make $30 to cash out and earning that it is tough because we have experienced that playing 5 hours a day could only make $2 – imagine how many hours you must spend taking surveys and playing if you want to get paid.

However, this method offers two payment options. The first one is the one we have explained above and in the second one, they offer you 18% cashback if you want to spend some money on token packs or gifts. This is a appealing option if you like playing their games and you prefer the discount than the money.

How to Get Started

If you are wondering how to get started, here’s the solution! Once you google the company’s name, you will need to add an email address and a password, and as it is mentioned above, you will receive $5 just for signing up! Use your phone to make real money in this simple way!

Go to: InboxDollar’s website

3. Clip2Play


This website is one of the best free online methods to earn some little side income, and it was founded almost 13 years ago. If it has hundreds of games available and tournaments that will fastly boost your monthly revenue.


Thanks to this tournament option, Clip2 Play rewards a lot of people every day! If you join one of their tournaments and you beat everyone, you will receive fantastic cash prizes! But did you think there was only ONE WINNER? Of course not! On this website, there are 50 DAILY winners, so the chances of winning something are incredibly high! Clip2Play is a point reward system, and to make money, you need to redeem these points and transfer them to your bank account quickly.

How to Get Started

This site shares the facts explained above about how to start increasing your revenue but has a significant advantage you should take into consideration. If you get a referral, this method will give you a lot of points! If you didn’t understand, these points are like money so you will earn money just for inviting your friends to try the website. Isn’t that amazing?

Go to: Clip2Play’s website

4. LaLa Loot


This gaming website is a little different from the other ones because it has separated levels. Firstly, you start viewing ads for five days until you collect a determined amount of tokens, and then you can start playing and participating in their addictive games! Furthermore, they also include more activities such as taking surveys, doing research, writing reviews – we are confident that you will never get bored here!


As we have already explained, this way of earning money is quite different but also really interesting. Once you have collected all the tokens, you can start playing. Indeed, the more you play, the more money you make! This means that the amount of money you will receive will be higher depending on how many tokens you have at the time of the cashout, so it’s outrageously essential to play a lot to increase your revenue.

However, the moment you decide to cash out and transfer your earnings to your account, you must have at least $20, and it takes between 4-6 weeks to get finally paid. This is not usually a problem because they tend to pay you better than other apps or websites due to this token system. In addition to this, for those who have won several games, they offer a draw of $10,000 prize money! You can’t miss this!

How to Get Started

You must know before you get started that Lala Loot does not accept more than one account. If you don’t follow this rule, you will be violating the site’s terms. Moreover, this gaming website does not offer any bonus coupons when signing up.

Go to: LaLa Loot’s website

5. CashDazzle


This gaming method is only available for US residents consists of playing different games online, entering daily draws… it’s one of the largest online gaming companies due to its 46 million members and counting! There is also a money wheel, an exciting jackpot to win, and you can take surveys and watch videos, too! This is also based on a token system, and you will be paid a lot if you have several tokens.


CashDazzle, just as LaLa Loot, they give away $1,000 every day to the winners! Imagine earning that amount of money only by having fun!! The earnings will depend on how much you play, but they also offer special prizes for those who are serious users. Indeed, this web includes several tasks, and you can make from $0.21 to $2.67 by watching commercial ads or videos, too! Moreover, you will also need to redeem your points or tokens to cash and get your money.

How to Get Started

Unfortunately, this excellent website does not give any exclusive coupons when you start playing, but you should remember that there’s a daily $1,000 give away. It should compensate for this little disadvantage. If you keep playing and playing and playing, you will be so occupied having fun and making money that you will forget this “issue.”

Go to: CashDazzle’s website

6. Bananatic


This is also one of the most popular gaming websites due to its system, which makes it easy for users to make money. You can play games in which all of them have a corresponding reward, but this varies according to specific requirements, which will ask you to complete quests or reach a determined level.

They also offer cashback services but pay attention because it is different from the current ones. This cashback rewards you with “bananas,” and when you hit a certain amount of “bananas,” you will be able to purchase from their partner stores or even receive something from Bananatic.

Furthermore, they have this different task, which consists of adding entries to their information panel on their website, called “Bananapedia,” isn’t it funny and original? You can write articles or upload videos. Maybe you are thinking this isn’t correctly playing, but there is so much more than that! These options will tell you you will never be bored again!


Even though there is not a lot of information concerning the respective income, it is true that, for example, if the video you have uploaded is longer, you will be paid much better! Furthermore, your rewards depend on your member level (basic, premium, or master). The basic members will earn 100 bananas when writing articles, the premium ones will make 200 and the masters will receive 500 bananas! You can also exchange bananas with game codes, Amazon gift cards, VISA prepaid cards… there are so many options!

How to Get Started

Even though at first, you don’t get to find any discounts when logging in for the first time, there is also a referral program in which, if you refer to a person and they become an active member, you will earn €1, and it has no limit! We certainly think this is a significant advantage to keep in mind and you can benefit from it!

All in all, as you can see, it is impossible to settle an exact amount of money because it depends on the websites and apps. Still, you must know this is possible so, if you start now and try winning some games, you should be sure that your monthly income will increase just by having played some games and have had fun! Of course, this is not a regular job, and that’s why it is harder to earn money, and as we have explained before, you must have in mind that you will not become rich by doing this – not even close. This way of earning money will just boost a little your revenue but more importantly, you will be disconnected and distracted from your daily life and will be spending a great time! The money will make its way through.

Go to: Bananatic’s website


Now that you know what this new way of getting paid works and you know more or less how much you can make, we are going to answer some of the questions you may have right now:

Do I need a modern device to make more money?

First of all, we repeat it is essential that you have an electronic device which works perfectly and, of course, that is not damaged so you can play without being disturbed by the technical problems. However, you do not need to buy the best phone or computer in the world, of course not! We recommend you to use a product in good condition to avoid lagging problems. This is not about spending money, but earning it while having a good time.

What if I can’t decide which app is better for me?

When you have your specific device, it is time to do some research and to decide which apps or websites suit you better. However, deciding does not mean you must choose only one site, you can sign up in as many sites as you desire, but then do not forget to do your work to get paid, because, as it is already explained, some apps only pay you when you reaching the amount of $20. This means you will need to be constant to earn this money. Nevertheless, there are thousands of options online. If none of these seem appealing to you, you can look for more! We are sure that there will be a lot on the Internet just waiting for you! There are also thousands of YouTube videos comparing different apps, so if you ever feel lost because of the wide variety of apps, you know what to do!

What is the first step once I found the perfect method?

Let’s say you find an attractive website, and you want to start earning money, what is the first step? After reading its relevant information, start by signing up. This is a straightforward process, and it’s just the same as when you signed up for Instagram or Facebook. However, if you haven’t done this, keep calm, we are going to explain it to you:

Usually, when signing up, the app will ask for a username and your mail address (sometimes your phone number, too). Fill in the blanks, and you are in! After that, link your bank account (check the site is verified and safe, security is essential), and depending on each app or website, they will tell you what to do next and the several payment methods. “Easy Peasy!”


To sum up, getting paid by playing games online is one of the best ways of earning money with little effort and a lot of fun.

You can do it wherever you want, whenever you want – there are so many advantages! You and your friends can spend time together playing and earning money, isn’t it just us or is that an amazing combination? You will not regret having started playing, and we are sure your bank account will thank you too.

Play games on your free time and get paid for it, what are you waiting for? Try these methods out!

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