Ebates Review: Is it Legit or a Scam?

Ebates is a global company involved in cashback and shopping rewards, with more than 10 million members. The company has created an outstanding cash flow of more than 1billion to its members in the form of cash backs, at their different favorite stores around the world.

With Ebates, you can make income through cash backs, simply by clicking on network links or if affiliate partners. Go through this Ebates review to get more fantastic insides on how the company works and how to kick-start your first returns with the app.

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What is the Ebates app?

This is a mobile application of both ios and android system devices. The app allows you to shop from the comfort of your phone. With the application, you can easily click on the Ebates link during any purchase with its affiliate stores and get some commission in the form of cashback and rewards.

The Ebates mobile app gives a member daily announcement about the products on sale, stores to get them from, and where to get friendly deals of products with offers. This is very resourceful and eases the struggle of searching for the product on the site.

A member has the option of putting their favorite stores on the bookmarks. This helps the member to view the offer that the stores have easily.

Once you get the application, you get a chance to manage your member account through your phone or tablet. You can view detailed accounts of your checks, cashback history, and pending cash in case of one.

You can enable your notification bars and be able to receive regular up to date information even if you are not in the site. This gives you an upper hand in getting timely offers.

The application has been designed with a scanner on which you can scan UPSs and ultimately have a comparison of the prices from different stores, and also look for special offers if available.

The app is completely free, and you can download it from either app store or play store, depending on the device that you are using.

Ebates also has a desktop app that enables you to easily get into its sites and get regular updates and notifications through your PC.

Go to: Ebates’ website

How to make money with Ebates?

When you make any purchase online, through the Ebates site, the site can give you cash backs at different percentages depending on the offers that it has on different products.

The site does not charge any interest on its cash backs. To start making earnings, you first sign up with the Ebates account. You can download the Ebates up to make this simpler.

Go to: Ebates’ website

Once you are a member, you are now able to start shopping. Ebates has quite several affiliate stores that it has partnered with. Some of these major online shopping stores include Amazon, Best Buy, Macy’s, Nordstrom’s, JCPenney, Kohl’s, OLD Navy, Priceline, Target, and many others, which you can view on the official site.

Ebates has about 2000 participating retailers. Once you are a member of the site you are not regulated to any retailers, you can make purchases on any retailers depending on the products they offer and the deals you can access.

You can only earn when you make the purchases on the site, where Ebates can be able to track your purchases.

On making a purchase, the retailer pays Ebate a commission that is shared with you on the basis of the percentage of their offers.

Ebates does not only check back on purchases of goods. The site has partnered with other companies like Expedia, enabling it to offer check backs on services like hotel bookings flight bookings and more other services listed on their site.

After signing up for Ebates, the company will offer you a 10% welcoming bonus. You qualify for this bounce when you make a purchase of a good at least 25$ within a 90 day period from the day of registration. You will automatically receive a confirmation message after making the purchase informing you of receiving the bonus.

You can track your cashback using several features on the site. My shopping deals are one of these features. Once you have started an Ebates shopping trip, you become qualified for cashback offers. After including cashback on your Ebates account, you should open the shopping trip page and sign in to the cashback section.

Payment is made every quarter. After receiving money in your account and the payment date is due, money exceeding 5$ will be cleared and sent to your long fat history.

Between the end of the payment period and the day to which the money is transferred to your account, there is a 45-day window. This means that any cashback earning that will come after this period will be added to the next check.

Competitive shopping with Ebates

Ebates makes shopping customer-friendly as it gives a variety of quality and quite friendly prices. Having partnered with quite a number of well established stored, the site gives a platform for the competition of the best.

The stores are in a race to make high sales each day, and because most of them offer similar products with topmost quality, the competition shifts from quality to pricing. This makes it the best place to do your shopping with great deals and a variety of offers.

Other than making money, Ebates also you a chance to have quality products at fair prices.

Different Stores With Different Restrictions And Exceptions

Ebates site has a range of affiliate stores. Some retailers offer a flat cashback while others have great offers in terms of cash backs. This is brought out by factors like the category of items. Others prefer not to put cash back on some items because of their market target. Each and every store has its own policies that help it run.

Some stores have free offers, while others have very expensive items.

Earning Money Through Referrals

when you go to the refer a friend page, you will find a link.you can then share the link with your friends through social media platforms like Facebook twitter WhatsApp and so.

When the friend that you refer registers for an Ebates account using your link and provides your user email address, you will automatically be qualified for the refer a friend bonus. Your friend should have also made a purchase, which is qualifying them for the reward. The two of you will receive a reward of more than 25$ after a period of 90 days from the time of registration.

Ebates does not limit you on the number of friends that you can refer to this site. You can share the link with as many friends as possible.

Go to: Ebates’ website

Ebates Visa Credit Card Cashback

This feature enables you to earn extra cashback bonuses that are not charged annually.you should be using Ebates credit card while shopping online and any other places where it’s relevant so as to opt for this feature.

Orders that you place using this visa credit card through Ebates site or app are subject to a 3% extra checkback meanwhile orders that are made out of the site only give a 1% extra check back

Ebates cashback visa credit card has certain limitations and exclusions. These limitations vary depending on the good or service and the store you are getting it from. A case example is the travel-related purchase exclusions, which earn 1% cash backs on most of their purchases.

If these travel purchases were not made through Ebates hotels, then the 1% cashback would be made on your signature visa card or Ebates cashback platinum. This ultimately sums up to small savings for you.

How do you get paid with Ebates?

Ebates pays its members quarterly. After making a purchase, you will track your purchase through various features like my shopping trip.

After receiving the cash to the big fat check, you can now request a payout. The payouts are done quarterly through the debates pay dates across the year. These dates include the posting period of January 1st to March 31st, and the payment is sent on May 15th, April 1st to June 30th, the payments being made on August 15th, and finally, July 1st to September 30th the payment period being November 15th.

You should be having more than 5$ in your account so as to request a withdrawal. This does not mean that your money gets lost if your balance payable is less than 5$. Your cash will still remain on the site as saving till a point where your big fat cheque will be worth withdrawing.

You have the option of taking the cheque or getting the money to be transferred directly into your PayPal account. Our big fat cheques have a validity period of 90 days. On depletion of the 90 days, we give a grace period of 30days.

Cheques at times may fail to reach there intended addresses. It may take around 21 days for the check to reach your address. When your check is lost, destroyed, or fails to go through, we always offer help within the shortest period possible.

The Ebates Cash Back Button

The Ebates cashback button is a tool designed to take you through offers, discounts, and allows you to have cash backs without necessarily visiting Ebate’s main site.

Downloading the cashback button is quite easy; you go to your browser stores and search the Ebates cashbook button. After downloading the tool, it will be on your browser bar.

Having the button makes everything simpler. Now when you visit the stores’ sites, you will get notifications of the deals and coupons of each store.

You should click on the notification dropdown to start earning cashback without interrupting your shopping.

Some stores may not offer cashback buttons; in such a case, the notifications will not appear.

How Much Can You Earn From This Site?

Ebates is a site with a range of features that you can use to get cashback. From referrals to cash backs through purchases to instore cash backs.

The site also offers bonuses like the welcoming bonus and many other more.

The cash backs highly depend on the stores of choice, and the product being purchased. Some stores totally don’t offer any cashback to some of their products.

When you click on the stores, you will be able to choose your favorite stores. You then click on the cashback button. And you will be able to see the offers in place, coupons and the percentages of cashback earning.

Once you have clicked on a purchase, you will have activated your check back offers. You then go ahead and make the purchase. For a beginner, purchase of more than 25$ puts you in a better position of requesting for your bonuses. The more you shop, the more your big fat cheques grow.

On referrals, you can earn up to $25. The friend that you referred also gets to earn from the same referral.

Ebates always has a variety of stores to choose from. The different stores with different offers provide a competitive market for goods. This contributes to the friendly prices of goods.

How In-store Cashback Works?

This feature enables you to earn cashback even in situations where you are shopping, line, directly into the stores.

Before you start using this feature, you should first link your credit card to your cashback offers.
After linking the offers with the credit card, you can now go ahead and purchase any good offline.

When adding your credit card, you open the site either using your Ebate app or logging in using your browser. You then open the wallet and click on add a new card. With your card linked with your site account, you will be required to link an offer before you shop offline with an Ebates affiliate store.

To link an offer, you visit the in-store cashback offers page and look for the offers you would prefer before selecting.

Each offer linked is redeemable only once. Though you can always link the same offer again. In-store cashback offers are good for single purchases.

On making the purchase, the store will notify Ebates, and Ebates will alternatively mail you informing you of cashback to your account.

Go to: Ebates’ website


What Happens When I Have A Cancellation, Return Or Exchange?

Each store has different policies guiding them. Any cancellation or return may be as a result of this guideline when an order has canceled the cancellation or return annual cashback and ultimately deduct some money from your balance cashback.

The same criteria apply for exchanged orders, and in order to be secure, you can return the order and place another new order at the store with a new shopping trip.

Credit Card Exclusions And Limitations

When you make a purchase of goods of which one of these goods has checked back from our site, and another one has no check back from any of our sites, the one with check back from our site will have a 3% check back meanwhile the other goods which have no check from our sites will have a one % cashback.

Ebates Hotel Terms And Conditions

When you require some hotel booking and reservations, Ebates hotels has got you covered. We only deal with adults

You can only use Ertos hotels when you are making reservations for yourself, or for someone approved by our regulations.

Albertos has the right to change all the regulations and rules at any time at any given time.

Just like the other purchases, when you make a reservation for a hotel, a check back of a particular amount would be payable to me.

Cashback does not cover any taxes, insurance, service fees, services for optional incidentals, regulatory surcharges, and other fees. However, there is a number of exclusions that are all listed on our official page.

When requesting a cancellation, you will not be charged by Ebates hotels though the hotel may charge you a cancellation fee. You may be refunded your money depending on the agreement during bookings and the way the cancellation was made.

You can have a look at the Ebates hotel night rates, with the expected cash backs already cut from the rates.

Store Policies Affecting Earnings

All of the products of our affiliate and seller stores are subject to the respective policies of these stores, all of these affiliate stores are independent, and Diabetes will not be liable for any offers or promotions, for example, withdrawals.

Tax And Shipping

The cashback balance from Ebates may not be exactly as the balance in your account. This is because cash backs offers are literally not affected by taxes and shipment costs.

Limited Timed Increased Offers

This is offers which increase in value with time. Ther appear mainly during holiday seasons. Most of the members with mobile apps really get the best out of these offers. This is because they easily get information through frequent notifications.

In addition to the cashback offer, the Ebates site also offers promotional codes and coupons.

You should have signed up for the g mail whitelisting, which puts you in a position to receive updates about events like double cash back.

Ebates made an advancement in its site by adding a page called hot deals. This page gives you easy access to BOGO’s, free shipping free gifts and cash backs on Cleveland.

Ebates Changing To Rakuten

The site is in the process of changing its name to Rakuten.there will not only be a change in name and logo, but the customer experience will also be improved.

The name change is gradual, and it’s being done in groups so as to achieve the organized transformation to the new name. The change in name has no effect on how members use the service. It may majorly impact how we access the service, for we will be using a different name.

Advantages and Disadvantages


Easy to register – Signing up for Ebates is such an easy task, and requires only basic information. An email address and a password are what you would require for this process. You can also sign up through your Google and Facebook accounts. Your account is always secure, and the site does not share any information regarding your personal data.

You don’t have to give personal information – When creating an account you are only requested for an email address.

The site gives you automatic rewards – Ebates guarantees your automatic rewards once qualified. There are no promo codes to cram. Once you have met the objectives specified, you will receive a confirmation mail.

Earning through referrals – you can easily earn between $25 just by telling a friend to join Ebates. Both you and your friend get to earn from your referral.the referral process is quite easy, for it includes sharing the link via social media. The friend being registered has to share the email address you used to create your account.

Go to: Ebates’ website


Rewards take time to show up in your account – Once you have completed all the qualifications required. the payment still takes time to be issued. Though it will be finally issued, this serves as an inconvenience.at times, it takes some days before you get communication from the site about the issuer; this leaves you in a dilemma not knowing whether or not the transaction went through.

Quarterly payouts – As much as the money will finally be delivered in large sums three months is quite some time to wait, considering many people are familiarised with the one-month routine.they also pay using their own schedule throughout the year.

It would be fair if the friend you referred got the same reward – It is quite unfortunate that the friend you refer gets a much lesser price from what you receive .it would be nice for both the friends to get the same price so as to motivate them to refer more of their pals.

Whenever you return or exchange purchase rewards are voided – The measure is reasonable though it would have been a better practice if there was a warning system to caution someone before making these mistakes. Someone may have invested in a very expensive shopping expecting some relevant cash backs. Then the person is met with this!


Ebates has proven to be an impactful company in the global business market. The company has great offers and fascinating features that give its members a conducive environment of doing progressive business and making relevant savings.

Ebates has explicated high levels of integrity and accountability in its system of payment and keeping track of the accounts of its members. The company has simplified its site, making it the best site to work with ease and still make some significant savings.

Go to: Ebates’ website

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