Panel Pay Day Review – Total Scam or Not?


The Internet offers you many different ways to make money online. One of the most popular ones is survey sites. Right now, there are a lot of survey sites, so I find it very hard to choose which to work with.

Lately, the survey sites that promise large amounts of money for every survey you complete tend to attract the most significant number of “customers.” That is why it is no wonder that sites like Panel Payday got so famous (at first).

The slogan of this website is to “Earn $25-$75 per survey”! All I can tell you is that if you can make at least $25 per survey, you are living the dream!

However, in the end, most of these sites aren’t worth your time. Which begs the question is Panel PayDay is any different. Continue reading this Panel PayDay review to find out.


As you know, there are a lot of survey sites on the Internet. Most of them are not worth it. Before you settle on any of these, I advise you to conduct extensive research on the most popular ones. I have tried many of them, which is why I always try to show you all the good and the bad so that you can make the right choice based on hard evidence.

Therefore, in this article, I will show you all there is to know about a Panel PayDay. You will read about the company behind Panel PayDay, how it works, how much actual money you will make, its advantages and disadvantages, and if you should give it a try. If you are interested in trying Panel PayDay, this is the article you need before signing up!

Go to: Panel Pay Day’s website

About the company

Monika John founded this company in 2006. However, if you look a bit deeper, you will find that there is no information about a “Monika John” anywhere on the platform. I don’t know about you, but if the founder wants to stay anonymous, there is something weird going on.

Supposedly, Panel PayDay is a website that connects you with clients interested in completing surveys and offers. As its homepage clearly states, you can earn around $25 to $75 per survey. But as you will find out later, this is a lie (generally).

What truly surprised me is that you can find this company on the Better Business Bureau website. It has an A rating for its operation. Imagine that! I always trust BBB for its reviews, but when I read this one, I was quite skeptical. Moreover, BBB also provides information about the origin of the company and contact information. I also find out that it is located in Denver, Colorado.

Learning about Panel PayDay

I have tried so many survey sites and completed hundreds of surveys. I made it my life’s mission to accurately decipher if these sites are worth it. So, when Panel PayDay gained some fame, I took a chance with it.

The first red flag that I encountered was, of course, the “insanely high” payment promise per survey. I know that you can get paid this much by completing a survey (as much as $200 in fact), but I am talking about a particular and confidential type of survey. You don’t stumble upon many of these in your lifetime. That is why I didn’t find any of the promises of Panel PayDay realistic.

The second red flag is that Panel Payday doesn’t have any surveys on the site! I mean, if you think that you will get a chance to complete surveys, you got another thing coming. Panel PayDay works differently than your usual survey platform (more on this later); for now, all you need to know is that they want you to sign up by using their referral link so that they earn commissions, and you lose your mind going over many different offers.

When I tried this site, I did notice something very reasonable. It works as a “middle man” between you and other survey sites. It always points you towards platforms like Earning Station, Opinion Plus, Survey All-Stars, and others. I have tried them all, and I can tell you that they are legit.

However, there is no way that you can earn more than $10 per survey in any of these sites, so imagine $25 or $75. On top of that, Panel PayDay has another significant problem: it will link you to scams that can cost you serious money!

How does Panel PayDay work?

When I tried it, I noticed that, supposedly, there are two ways through which you can earn money. The first is by completing the Cost Per Action (CPA) offers. The second is by becoming an affiliate of some sites and referring other people to use them.

The first is a cool way to make money. However, before you start with CPA products, Panel PayDay forces you to complete a paid training provided on the website. I spent, of course. It is divided into four segments, and it gives you an all-rounded lesson on CPA marketing. But, after I finished, I noticed that there aren’t any outstanding opportunities to put this knowledge to use.

This leaves you with becoming an affiliate to other sites. This is what the site wants. The people behind Panel PayDay are what you call “affiliate marketers.” They love making commissions from each company that they send you to.

After I discovered this, I learned something significant: Panel PayDay doesn’t want you to make money. They just want to deceive you into becoming an affiliate so that they can earn commissions off you.

It has a bizarre sign-up process

Usually, any sign-up process for a survey site is fast, and you can start completing surveys right away. This will not happen with Panel Pay Day. Signing up for Panel PayDay is quite different than most of the legitimate survey sites that I know.

The first thing it asks you is your email, name, and some general information about yourself. I know that this is normal, the problems come after. Once you finish this, it makes you go through a lot of annoying offers. That’s when everything goes south.

Right after you sign up, you will get a screen with a lot of offers. You would think that all of these offers have to do with surveys, but in reality, most of them have nothing to do with paid surveys. These are just offers used by Panel PayDay to get commissions. Only a few of them took me to actual sites with surveys, but even then, I didn’t make too much money.

If you decide to try this site, you need to be careful because some of these sites will lead you to ‘winner claim forms.’ I was already familiar with these links, so I knew how to handle them.

If you have never come across a winner claim form, you need to know that it is a significant warning sign. Stay clear of them. These can even lead to phishing scams. After seeing this, I got very disappointed. I don’t like a sign-up process that is full of promotional links and fake offers. This is a complete waste of my time.

Will you ever take a survey?

I thought that once I got through all the offer pages, I would see some surveys, but that didn’t happen with Panel PayDay. They don’t have any surveys on this site. All they do is show you a long list of survey sites for you to join. On this list, you will find reputable sites, but you will see others that are scams. This is something that I didn’t like about Panel PayDay.

At first, I thought that I would see surveys because it sells itself as a survey platform when it isn’t. So let me make myself very clear: you will never get paid for taking a survey on this site because it doesn’t have any surveys.

How do you get paid?

At this point, you can probably tell that I’m not very happy with what Panel PayDay has to offer. But to make things worse, you will not get paid by the site itself.

I thought that it would be just like with other survey websites that you handle everything within the platform. But unfortunately, this is not the case.

Panel PayDay’s only function is to promote links to other sites. That is it! If you want to make money and get paid, you have to leave the site and go to other websites. Maybe you will get lucky and find reasonable offers.

Go to: Panel PayDay’s website

What do most customers complain about?

As you can probably guess, there are a lot of negative reviews about this website. The most common complaint is the false promise of making $25 to $75 per survey.

To be honest, it is never good to promise people that they will earn a specific income, and when they work, they earn a lot less. I knew before joining Panel PayDay that surveys pay less than $2 per hour, so I just wanted to know if there was another way to earn $75 or $25 per survey.

Additionally, not all the offers you can find are legit. Most lead to scams and surveys that don’t pay anything good. In this site, you will just see a list made up of superficial information about some weird sites. In the end, only Panel PayDay will earn commissions.

Likewise, from the rest of the complaints that I read, I noticed that what bothers people the most is that most claims in this site give people false expectations. A good survey site cannot lie to its customers. Else, it won’t be able to hold them. This is an aspect that Panel PayDay has to improve.

What happens if you want to leave?

After seeing all of this, I wanted to leave the site. But then, I discovered that Panel PayDay has one more trick to show. When I attempted to leave the sign-up page, I always got a pop-up that asked me if I was sure that I wanted to go. I was like, “I am very sure”! But if you click on it, you are redirected to a random site with “special” offers. As you can probably guess, these offers are just like the ones I mentioned previously: more and more scams that you do not want to try.

It is as if Panel PayDay wants to trick you into going to these sketchy sites. I understand why they do this, of course. With every redirected visit, they get commissions, but at what cost? So now you know how it works. Honestly, after seeing this, I pretty much lost the last bit of patience with all the promotions and offers. A “survey” website with this behavior cannot have my support.

Who can join Panel PayDay?

If, after reading all of this, you still want to join, the only good thing is that it doesn’t matter where you live because this site welcomes members from all over the world. However, most offers that they promote are for the US, and you will find very few for Europe or Asia.

Can you access Panel PayDay on a mobile?

I believe that it is very convenient to take surveys on your smartphone. You can pretty much do it anywhere! It is so comfortable that I love it. That is why I always try to include a section to explain if a survey site has mobile opportunities.

When it comes to Panel PayDay, you can access it from a smartphone. Right now, the website is optimized for a mobile interface. However, even if you can do it from a smartphone, it doesn’t change the fact that the opportunities are minimal, and you won’t get too much money. If you prefer to take surveys on mobile, this is not the best site for you.

Advantages of using Panel PayDay

This site has some advantages:

  • It associates with some programs that are legitimate and can give a chance to make money (this doesn’t often happen though).
  • As I have witnessed, it does have a unique affiliate marketing model. Unfortunately, they use it to refer you to other sites instead of improving their services. I have seen other sites with a worse marketing model that can make you more money. So I believe in the potential of this site.
  • You need zero investment. Signing up is free, and you can do some trials before choosing a membership.
  • A lot of its products come from top brands that are usually in demand. If by any chance, you get to work for a top brand, you don’t have to worry about not getting paid since they take great care with the people that work for them.
  • Sometimes, you can find free offers that could be completed by finishing trials.
  • Lastly, I genuinely believe that the website is clean and well designed.

Disadvantages of using Panel PayDay

Unfortunately, there are many disadvantages to using this survey site:

  • They lie about how much you can make. They promise that you can make at least $25 with a survey when, in reality, it doesn’t have any surveys of their own. As you know, all they do is refer you to other survey sites. Plus, I found that these sites have nothing special to offer. I tried them all so I can tell you that you can find surveys that are 60 minutes long and all they pay is $2.50. You could find surveys that pay more but never $25! According to my calculations, you should make $10 to $25 a month.
  • You should worry about email spam. When you join Panel PayDay, you are asked to give your email. Within less than 24 hours of joining, you will start receiving at least 200 spam emails a day. Never touch these emails as they will lead you to shadier sites that are not real money-making opportunities. I dislike this because I hate getting spam on my email. I don’t mind getting emails that informative, but most of Panel PayDay’s emails promote crap. I wouldn’t mind getting many emails if they were sharing great information, but all they do is send scams. It makes you wonder if they are legitimate.
  • The offers are terrible. I don’t say this without hard evidence. I have witnessed that they don’t screen the companies that they work with. I think that they honestly don’t care about who you work with.
  • It is not uncommon to find phishing scams. Because there so many different offers in Panel Payday, you can become a victim of phishing scams. According to experts, phishing Scams generally come in the form of emails. They can cause a lot of problems or not. Their complexity varies. Maybe you are familiar with the classic phishing scams that involve your bank. For example, you get an email saying your balance is negative. This makes you want to check, and in doing so, you think you are accessing your bank account when in fact, you are surrendering your account information. That is why you need to be very extra careful with any spam email that you get from Panel PayDay.
  • This site forces you to be in contact with many marketing partners. I don’t like too many promotions, so I consider this a disadvantage.
  • There are too many promotions, even in the sign-up process!
  • A lot of links that you find on the site do not take you to legit offers.
  • Even though there are many trials, you only have a single chance of completing an experiment.
  • People usually forget to cancel the subscriptions after they completed an offer. In doing so, you will get bills on your PayPal account at the end of the month. Sometimes, these bills can add up to thousands of dollars.
  • When you are a newbie, it is challenging to find a way to succeed even though you already have the odds against you. This is not a very friendly page for people not used to offers and surveys.

Is Panel Pay Day a Scam?

Panel PayDay wants you to join sites by using their links. This way, they get their commissions. This doesn’t necessarily make them a scam. However, if they send you scam offers and surveys that cost you money, then you have a problem.

On their homepage, they promise significant earnings, yet none of them is correct. They promise you significant earnings, as much as $75 per survey, but you barely get more than $2 (if you find a legit survey). Panel PayDay is not a scam, but it is not a site that I would recommend.


Panel PayDay is not a scam, but it is very shady and unethical. It makes you believe that you can make a lot of money when this is false. There is nothing that I hate more than getting unrealistic earning expectations. The only thing that this site wants is to send you any spam emails and refer you to other websites to earn a commission. Even though it is not a scam, I don’t see a reason to join since it is not a survey site per se.

If you still decide to join Panel Pay Day, pay close attention to all that I mentioned. Also, be prepared to earn very little money. Honestly, if you want to make more than $30 a month, I suggest that you go to better survey platforms.

Go to: Panel Pay Day’s website

Final verdict

I believe that there are too many negative aspects that outweigh the positive ones. It may not be a scam, but giving the different circumstances and working methods, I do not recommend it.

If you want to make some extra money, this is not the way. Plus, you could end up losing way more money from phishing scams and shady subscriptions.

The bottom line is that Panel PayDay is an affiliate marketing site and not a survey site. They make money off you and not the other way around. Since they are the middleman, they will always come on top. And like I said, this doesn’t make it a scam, but it is still very shady and unethical because it won’t tell you upfront.

I hope that this Panel PayDay review has shed some light on the functioning of this website. If you still want to give it a shot, don’t forget all the problems I mentioned. Stay away from weird offers, and do not open spam emails. You need to be extra careful when visiting any site that Panel PayDay suggests.

If you want to make more money, click the link below and find yourself a real survey site. At least, you will find actual surveys to complete.

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