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Working from home is becoming more and more of a fascinating phenomenon. Lots of people are trying to sell their knowledge online, whether it is for a qualified job or otherwise. One of the easiest ways of improving financial income with some help from the internet world is to give your opinion and get paid for it.

No, you don’t necessarily need to become an influencer to do that. Might as well go on a survey website and answer questions in exchange for some compensation. One of those online platforms is called VIP Voice.

By going through this VIP Voice review, you will learn more about what it deals with and how it does that. Then, you’ll find out how to use it yourself. Don’t go anywhere before I tell you what you can earn and whether it’s worth investing time in it or not.

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What is the VIP Voice?

VIP Voice is part of The NDP Group, a large market research company and, it is said, one of the best. The NDP Group collects data through surveys and analyzes them to help other businesses improve their strategies, sales, and so on. They are supposedly working with more than 2000 companies, activating in 20 industries.

VIP Voice comes as the source of gathering all that data through the surveys completed on its website. Over 3 million people are members of its community, and about 12 million surveys get completed every year. Topics of these questionnaires can be anything related to beauty, fashion, food, entertainment, technological devices, and more.

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How VIP Voice Works

VIP Voice acts as an intermediary between producers and consumers. Firstly, it aids companies in finding out what people tend to buy and what they want more of. Additionally, information is also taken from shop retailers to help figure out where buyers tend to go for their favorite products. All of this is supposed to become of use in building better marketing campaigns and increase sales figures.

On the other end, members of the public, customers, like you and me, come into play. Salaries are sometimes not enough. You’re so willing to buy that TV, that cute cake pan, or go on a vacation to Hawaii, but can’t afford it. That is where VIP Voice tries to come in.

You fill up the surveys they need, according to your general preferences and habits. Help them get data that serves in satisfying their clients and get rewarded for it. The more surveys you answer, the higher your level goes, and so make your reward points.

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What You Can Get Using VIP Voice

How do you get rewarded for pitching in with valuable product insights? Not with money, that’s for sure. VIP Voice works with a system based on points.

As I mentioned before, the more questionnaires you go through, the higher your membership level becomes. For the first level, you only need to complete one survey, and 50 points go into your account. This is probably just to get adjusted to the task.

Going further up on the scale, the number of surveys that need filling in rises, but so does the number of points. When reaching the top, level 5, completing one questionnaire will get you 550 points. Unfortunately, unlike with other websites of this kind, those points don’t magically turn into money you can cash out or use to get Amazon gift cards.

On the other hand, also unlike other websites, you do get small rewards as a consolation for not qualifying for surveys. These may vary between 25 points for not qualifying on level one, up to as many as 200 points on scale 5. Their name is cute and friendly; they are called VIP Participation Points, while the others are VIP Qualification Points. Don’t you think they sound like something you got in school when you didn’t win a contest?

So, if not money, then what is the actual payment for taking tons of surveys? Well, your points can be used to get a physical type of rewards, objects like TVs, mobile phones, or vouchers for a vacation. Cash checks are not impossible to receive but are quite rare. Even smaller prizes can be hard to achieve. Beware, anything worth more than 600$, needs to be correctly declared and taxed.

One place to use your points is called SweepLand. Each of your points is considered one entry to the contest, and you can add or retract as many as you want before the sweepstake is closed. The more points you add, the higher your chances of getting randomly selected and win.

Sweetland prizes could be precious, such as holiday tickets, expensive electronics, or, if you’re fortunate, checks worth thousands of dollars. Keep in mind that all the points you’ve placed in the sweepstake are lost once a winner is selected. To me, that makes it sound like some lottery, placing bets or gambling.

The other available option for making points useful is Birdland. You are participating in auctions to get yourself stuff for the house, electronics, and sometimes gift cards. Entering a bid is only possible if you are offering more points than the previous highest bidder.

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to participate in all auctions that catch your eye, or at least not from the beginning. Some of them are restricted only to specific membership levels. Honestly, it’s understandable, as they are most likely higher-priced objects which require tons of points anyway. Comparing this to SweepLand, all points you’ve placed into the bid go back to your account in case you lose the auction, and can be used again.

Oh, before going any further, maybe I could also mention that getting other friends to join is also a source of building up your points stash. It’s possible to send a website recommendation link to them and, if they use it to sign up, you get a small reward.

Is VIP Voice Safe?

Considering the reputation of The NDP Group, it’s most likely safe to assume that VIP Voice might not be a scam. Information on how the website works is out in the open. You can find almost anything by going through the Frequently Asked Questions. Also, they have an A+ rating on BBB (Better Business Bureau), and they are accredited.

Furthermore, no information you give them can put you in real danger. Since no payment is received by transferring money, they won’t ask you for any credit card details. Also, personal info is kept safe. VIP Voice does offer you the possibility to take surveys on partner websites in exchange for points, but it’s your choice whether you choose to do so.

VIP Voice Sign Up

To be entirely fair and honest, the sign-up process for VIP Voice is quick and straightforward. First, you need to take yourself to the website’s official page and find the joining button, which brings you to a registration form. You can only become a member if you are over 13 and a resident of the United States, or over 18 and a resident of Canada.

Primary demographic data will be needed to set up an account. You’ll be able to see the purpose of this later on, as those details represent criteria that make you qualified, or not, to answer a specific survey. Once the registration form is submitted, you will get an email to confirm your profile.

Browsing the website is available immediately. Completing surveys can be done only after the email verification. A prize comes with taking this step. Verifying your email address automatically signs you up for a contest to win a 1,000$ check.

You’ll see that many questions that come up in questionnaires are straightforward. For example, they might ask about things you ate the day before or different shopping habits and preferences. This even makes it easier to qualify for surveys.

Where do you find these surveys? The website is pretty uncomplicated to use, so it will be easy to browse through it. It’s possible to sign up for some newsletter as well and get emails regarding surveys you might consider attractive. Unfortunately, VIP Voice does not have an app version, at least not until now.

Go to: VIP Voice’s website

Is VIP Voice Worth Your Time?

I already have a feeling you’re going to say No. And it wouldn’t be that surprising since the website has many user reviews which could back up your opinion.

On the one hand, surveys will tell you how much time they are going to take, and it’s usually only a few minutes. Furthermore, you can see a progress bar while answering questions, thus being able to estimate how much mental effort is still needed.

On the other hand, lots of members have mentioned surveys repeating themselves. Besides this being annoying, some think it’s a way of marketing the product they’re being asked about. Nobody even seems to care if you randomly add in your answers. All questions could be set on either Yes or No, and they don’t seem to suspect anything. They’ll add points to your account, and you can carry on.

When it comes to the opportunity of gaining a severe amount of points, that seems highly unlikely. Various members say the average number of questionnaires you get to do is between three and five per week.

And when you do have points, there is no guarantee you will get your hands on excellent, or even plain, rewards. It all depends on luck and maybe also on repeatedly placing bids until you win something. There are a few individuals who complain about being on the website for years and getting nothing.

Do you want to know more? In case you do win any prize, gift card, or check, it can take ages before having it in your hand. VIP Voice itself mentions, on one of their pages, that shipping can take anywhere between four and six weeks. When you do receive your precious gift, it’s possible that taxes will intervene as well.

So is VIP Voice worth your while? If you’re trying to build a stable monthly income, definitely not. If you want to have fun and win a couple of beautiful things, you can try it in your spare time. Just be careful not to develop a gambling habit.

Advantages of Using VIP Voice

I feel like I’ve set a bit of a negative note so far, which is why I’m going to try to bring some light to the right parts of VIP Voice.

  • Registering is free and straightforward.
  • The website is safe to use; it doesn’t require any financial information.
  • It’s honest and transparent when it comes to telling you about how you could be rewarded for participating in their market research studies.
  • Almost anyone could qualify for some of their surveys.
  • You get points even if you don’t qualify.
  • You can find questionnaires that are fun and exciting to answer, at the same time taking only a few minutes.
  • The website is easy to use, and you see a progress bar while completing surveys.
  • You can see a history of the surveys you took part in, and the number of points received for each one of them.
  • There are small chances to win a nice prize.

Disadvantages of Using VIP Voice

While the list of Pros turned out to be quite long, after all, there is a need to find out whether the Cons won’t be higher in number or heavier when it comes to their importance.

  • VIP Voice is only available in the United States and Canada.
  • There is no app to make things easier.
  • The number of surveys you get to complete in one week is usually low.
  • Surveys repeat themselves, and it can become annoying.
  • Earning something is never guaranteed, and you might end up wasting time bidding in auctions or losing points in SweepLand.
  • Some people say they’ve been on the website for years and never won anything.
  • If you do win, it could take weeks before your prize arrives.
  • A small number of cases mentioned not getting the award the won or receiving something completely different in return.
  • Money is not involved, which is a deal-breaker for most of us.

Short Conclusion on the VIP Voice Review

Taking into consideration all the information above, probably most individuals wouldn’t see VIP Voice as an option. Personally, because no gain is guaranteed, and I could waste time on the website in vain, I wouldn’t make it my choice.

At least, not if looking for a source of improving financial income. If going on the website just for fun, maybe. Spending a few minutes per day completing a questionnaire and trying your luck for a small prize shouldn’t do much harm.

Go to: VIP Voice’s website

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