Ipsos I-Say Panel Review

But is it worth your time? I’m sure many of you have asked yourself that and have done your research here and there to find out the real truth behind the Ipsos I-Say panel.

If that is you, you are in the right place. This review will tell you everything you want to know, answer all your questions, and clear your doubts on whether to be a member or forfeit the idea.

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All about Ipsos I-Say

Ipsos I-Say panel is an exclusive survey site owned by Ipsos Insight, hence the name. This marketing company founded the site in 1975 with its headquarters in France. The company has over 15000 employees working there.

I-Say prides itself by catering to you as a consumer and empowers you to share your opinions about various products. They mostly want to figure out the “why” behind purchases you make. For that reason, they have made survey their specialty tasks among other activities.

Go to: Ipsos I-Say Panel’s website

Signing up and getting started

This is pretty much the simplest thing to do. You have to head up to their site and click on the tab that says sign-up. Fill up the demographic information that you will be prompted to answer like your age, income, zip code, and the number of people in your household.

Ensure you answer the questions truthfully so you can have a chance at the surveys. Sometimes you might get turned away if they don’t see you as a match to what they are looking for. But most often than not, you will find something that suits you. A few details you should know before you sign in is;

  • You must be 18 years and above
  • Over 100 countries also have access.
  • Only one per household
  • Valid email address. This is a significant factor as it will also determine your payments via specific methods like PayPal.

Besides that, you are set to start. You may be asked to finish up a survey on your personal information like shipping address, do ensure you fill it up. After that, you will be allowed to access your surveys that will be displayed on the dashboard.

Go to: Ipsos I-Say Panel’s website


1. Surveys

As I have mentioned above, the site is exclusive on survey taking. The surveys are usually sent to you via inbox or mail so you can easily access them. They range from politics to lifestyle, business, consumer products, entertainment, music, household products, among other genres.

You may be screened before a survey to see if you qualify to do the survey. If you don’t qualify, then it is too bad, but you will be compensated with 5 points for participating in the screening.

Some surveys may not open on the phone, but this is just due to the screen resolution of the survey. Other types require a wide desktop screen.

You may receive a total of 8 surveys a month, paying 20 to 100 points each. With 800 points, you can redeem for a gift card.

The range of surveys varies from the regular questionnaires to a webcam or video surveys to mobile surveys where you can answer questions as you speak to a teller or surveyor. Most of these surveys will have to be sent an invite to participate.

2. Focus groups or product testing

You can also be invited to attend a focus group and talk about how to better consumer products. They are part of the survey, but you are more actively involved than just filling out forms. Earning from such tasks all depends on what you did or tested.

3. Refer a friend

I-Say also gives you incentives for referring a friend. You can gain a bonus of 100 points, which is an equivalent of $1. May seem little but better this than nothing anyway. But before you refer someone, their policies have rules to whom you are referring.

  • They have to be of a proper age
  • Be in the same county as you
  • Someone knew by you, so it is not marked as spam. If they mark it as spam, your account will be terminated.

Upon referring the friend, they will have to do at least one survey so you can be credited with the bonus.

Earning Possibilities

Taking surveys, doing product reviews, and referring people isn’t the only ways you can make something extra for your pocket. There are contests, sweepstakes, and a loyalty program exclusive to the site.

Contests and sweepstakes

Ipsos i-Say has several contests and lucky draws that are free to participate in. You can earn something if you are fortunate or active enough. There is;

Welcome draw

This is a draw that all new members will automatically enter into once you sign up. In this prize draw, you have the chance to win a prepaid shopping card worth around $100 because you will win over 1000 points. There are 30 winners selected every four months. The exact size of the reward and way to use it can vary from country to country.

The Click Draw

The other veteran members also receive something, and you can also participate in what is called “The Click Draw.” It is also a free contest, and after every four months, ten panels members win 10,000 points. To participate in this draw, you have to keep your profile updated by answering any profile update questions that you will receive. Being active on the site is the key to this draw.

The poll predictor

Poll Predictor: Every time you finish a survey, you’ll be invited to play the Poll Predictor. I-Say will give you a question, and you will guess the % of respondents who answered “YES,” and the closer you get to the answer, the more entries you receive. Drawings happen every other week.

Lucky grand draw

As for this type of draw, if you place an order in the i-Say rewards catalog, you’ll have a chance to win $1,000 in the drawing. Five winners are chosen once every four months.


i-Say also offers temporary sweepstakes, that you should look out for those.

Examples of the recent sweepstakes include Exchange for Education and “Sizzlin” Summer Sweeps. Exchange for Education allowed students to switch 200 i-Say points for a lottery ticket where the prize was 3 x $5,000 to fund their educational dreams. From “Sizzlin’ Summer Sweeps lottery participants were able to win one of the four awards in exchange for their 200 i-Say points.

From time to time, there are other contests you can participate in. You can keep an eye on i-Say’s Facebook page or other social media sites where information is posted when there is a new contest. Sometimes some contests are only available for certain countries. But for the local competitions, you will be able to see once you are logged into your account. Just have a look at your taskbar or dashboard.

Loyalty program

Ipsos i-Say has something unique to offer on their site, and that is their loyalty program. This program is a bonus program where you get awarded extra points based on the number of surveys you complete. If you complete five surveys, you get 25 points. If you complete 100 surveys, you get 500 points, and so on. In short, you are paid for being active on their site. The program runs for only 12 months, January to December, after that, your points will go away, and you start from the base again.

So assuming you complete 200 surveys, you get awarded 600 bonus points. The number of surveys taken does not carry over to the following year, and you will have to start from survey one again.

In summary, you can earn a reasonable $50 to $100 in a month, which is not a bad deal.


The site has no threshold whatsoever on the about you can redeem for. As long as your points for the method you want to cash out, you are allowed to request payment. I-Say offers various opportunities for payment. They include;

  • Gift cards and catalogs
  • PayPal cash
  • Prepaid Visa gift cards
  • Sweepstakes
  • Donations

Gift cards and catalogs

This is the most common method of redeeming points. This method caters to all the amounts possible with a plethora of gift cards to choose from. You can receive several gift cards, here are some of the examples:

  • $5 Starbucks Card (500 points, instant delivery)
  • $5 Facebook Game eCard (500 points, instant delivery)
  • $10 Amazon Gift Card (1,000 points, instant delivery)
  • $15 Target Gift Card (1,500 points, instant delivery)
  • $15 Paypal Funds (1,530 points, added to your account in 1-3 weeks after redemption)
  • $20 i-Say Choice Visa Prepaid Card (2,000 points, arrives 3-4 weeks after ordering.

You can also choose to have paid some to you like the digital gift cards, also known as ecards, you can expect to receive them immediately as they are sent via email address. Because of that, ensure you keep the proper and valid email so you can receive your hard-earned money.

PayPal cash

PayPal, on the other hand, maybe quite hard to redeem. The points are rather hard to get to, but it is not impossible. Let me give you an idea of how it is redeemable.

  • 102,000 Points = $1,000 PayPal funds
  • 50,100 Points = $500 PayPal funds
  • 10,200 Points = $100 PayPal funds
  • 2,550 Points = $25 PayPal funds

PayPal is usually the fastest way of redeeming points for cash. If you prefer to receive money, then you should link your accounts or open a PayPal account.

Prepaid Visa gift cards

You can also get prepaid Visa gift cards that are just like the other gift cards, but their value is higher than them. Examples of such include;

  • 500 points – $5 Starbucks Card
  • 500 points – $5 Facebook Game eCard
  • 1,000 points – $10 Amazon Gift Card
  • 1,500 points – $15 Target Gift Card

You can also decide to get an I-Say Choice Visa for 2000 points, but the card will be delivered after four weeks.


Another way to redeem your points is to enter a sweepstake. It costs 250 points to enter. You could add up your entries and add up your chances of winning. You can earn things like a travel package or an eGift card.


You could choose to donate your points. I-Say gives you an option to donate your points to non-profit organizations such as UNICEF, Habitat for Humanity, Nature Conservancy, Doctors Without Borders, to name a few.

Advantages and disadvantages

Just as any other site, I-Say also has its share of great and not so great features


  • It is free to sign up to the website
  • You will only receive pre-qualified surveys; hence rounding waste your time on a survey that doesn’t match you.
  • There is a considerable loyalty bonus
  • There is no threshold
  • The invites require to join other tasks are relatively easy to find.
  • The dashboard and site are very userfriendly and beginners.
  • It has a clean interface
  • They have a mobile application that can be accessed on both Android and iOS. You can use the app to access your surveys and redeem points.
  • Very convenient to use
  • You get points for any disqualified survey.
  • They have great rewards for redeeming points.
  • Your points don’t expire unless you unsubscribe from the website.
  • New members get automatically included in a draw that could win the $100.


  • It takes you some time to get to the amount you need for a gift card.
  • Some reviews claim they have poor customer service.
  • There are no many tasks to do. If you are not a fan of surveys, then this site is probably not yours.
  • There are not so many survey invites
  • You will not get getting rich from this site any time soon.
  • Their PayPal program is slow sometimes.
  • The polls you partake in will not pay you any points.

Additional information

Is it a scam or legitimate?

After much review, I can honestly say this site is not a scam. They have been I’m existence for over four decades, with over 15 million subscribers to their website. They also have been accredited by Better Business Bureau with a rating of A+. They have a score of around 8 of 10, which is not bad at all. I have also not seen people complaining about not receiving money, maybe late payments, but nothing to do with no money at all. I think they are a legitimate way to earn something extra.

Complaints and Reviews

From many sites, there have been praises and criticisms from many. With over 500 reviews on the site. Some people express genuine love for the site as others are enraged by it.

What I can say stood out for me among all the reviews I went through was the late PayPal payments. Some complained of over 5 to 8 weeks of waiting for a virtual payment, which is rather alarming on whether they want actually to pay or not.

Another complaint was the number of surveys was reducing increasingly. If the surveys on your dashboard reduce, it means your earning consequently reduce, which doesn’t make anyone happy.

Finally, there was an issue with customer service support. Some claimed it was whole poor others thought they were impeccable. I guess it depends on the country or the method of communication you are using.

One good thing, although, as I was reviewing this site, I also saw a fascinating fact about the site that makes it stand out and am sure it is one of the reasons the site has such good ratings. They have an Ipsos I-Say Community.

By having the Community, the site tries to be as communal as possible. They gave out this site so that you can post your polls where other members can answer, and vice-versa. Everyone is allowed to make public comments under surveys, and users can follow each other if they want. I think the other users created surveys can be something interesting to indulge in and entertaining. Just one disclaimer, these polls do not pay, so maybe don’t spend much time on them unless you are hooked on them.


How many people can join the site per household?

According to the policy, they recommend having only one account per household to prevent any form of duplication of accounts on the site. If they note that the IP address of one account matches another, it could be spam or duplication, and the account may be terminated.

Is the mobile application by Ipsos I-Say panel accessible to all countries?

No, not all countries can be able to download the application. If you cannot be able to access it in your country, access the taskbar, and easily access your information in the dashboard.


Having gone through everything on Ipsos I-Say panel, I can say it has some opportunities, the rewards for the time spent are decent for a survey site, and it has some good rewards, you can choose from.

That’s now a bad start for someone seeking some supplementary source of income, but it is not for someone who is looking for a replacement for their job. Since the surveys may be scarce according to your status, you should be careful about how much time and you want to put forth to the site. The lower the surveys you do, the less the income.

Would I recommend it?

Yes, I would recommend it but under one condition. Ensure that you enjoy surveys because this site offers almost everything in the form of surveys. You may get bored quickly if you are not a fan of taking questionnaires. Besides that, the pay is okay for the pocket not to cover all your bills.

Go to: Ipsos I-Say Panel’s website

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