InboxDollars Review: Take Surveys, Play Games, and Get Paid

This generation has a lot of online platforms that let you earn money from the comfort of your own home at no charge or fee; InboxDollar is one of these sites.

InboxDollar is an online rewards club/website that was founded by Daren Cotter of Cotterweb Enterprise, INC. It is simply an online ‘get paid to’(GPT) platform where you can do a myriad of activities and earn real cash.

In this article, I shall enlighten all your readers on everything you should know about this website: what it is all about, how to earn, the forms of payment available and the complete guide on experience by reviewers. So keep reading and let me answer all your questions and clear your doubts.

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All About InboxDollars

Inbox Dollar is a trademark of Cotterweb Enterprise, INC along with Inbox Pounds, Send Earnings, and Daily Rewards. Company headquarter is located in Mendota Heights in Minnesota.

Inbox Dollar is a simple and easy way to earn cash on the side. It has partnered up with many different research companies to help them get ahead in the market. Your role in all of that will be mostly to take up surveys on various topics for these companies, but also to read paid emails, try new products among other activities that I will highlight below.

Earning can be very easy and slow at the same time, but there are plenty of things to do on the site. Luckily enough, the site is comfortably suitable with both; phones and computers. The phone can be either android or ios, and the computer can be a Windows PC or Mac.

Recently the site limited signing up options to strictly USA residents for unknown reasons. You also have to be 18 years or older. In case you decide to use VPN to hide your area code or country, the site will detect it, and you will get blocked from accessing the site. If you are from the UK, we recommend using their site suitable for that area – Inbox Pounds.

Signing Up and Getting Started

It is the easiest part of the website. All you need for signing up is a valid email address, a password and to confirm your account via the email address. There are a few things you should keep in mind as you are signing up.

  • You will earn a free $10 bonus for signing up for the site.
  • You might be prompted to undertake the first activity to get the cash bonus, but usually, the reward is credited immediately to your account as soon as you sign up.
  • You have to be above 18 years of age.
  • You have to be a USA resident, and this is a new policy. Previously it was open to all countries, but now it is only open to the residents.

Once you have signed up and got your first cash bonus, you should head to the taskbar and click on my account to fill in details that may not have been asked when you were signing up like the zip code, city, street, country among other items.


As I mentioned before, the site will offer many various activities, so I doubt you will get bored. Below you can find all the activities explained thoroughly.

Online Surveys

This is the main way to earn money on the site. It is termed to be very lucrative as you can make as high as $30 per survey. Some of the others are about $0.20 for a 20-minute survey. In a day you can be given several surveys to do with different profiles according to your status.

One thing you should know is that not everyone qualifies to take all the high paying surveys. You will do a pre-qualifying study that will find out if you are suitable. However, you will not be informed if you qualify or not until you have completed the survey. That can be very frustrating because sometimes you have to spend 15 minutes to fill out a survey that you do not qualify for.

We highly recommend to fill out all the additional profile surveys you are offered, because in this way you at least have a chance to get the high paying ones based on your background, life experience and interests. The surveys can rank from health, fitness, different products or food.

Reading Paid E-mails

You will receive a bunch of emails that you should open and read through. Sometimes you have to sign up to some page, or you are asked to sign for trial periods. On an average day, you can read about four or more emails. Let me give you an example of content; you are asked to open a bank account, and for a reward, you will receive $10 to your Inbox Dollar account.

Trying New Products

This is 100% free, and we recommend to try it out if you have a chance. You are sometimes offered to try out new or improved products from Inbox Dollars partner companies. You may be asked to join a research company or to download or test a new application.

For example, if a company is testing a new app like a safety, theft, loan or any other, you can be among the few chosen ones to test its applicability. You can earn an average of $15.

Watching Videos or Television

Similarly to Swagbucks and MyPoints (and a few other sites), you can earn some extra cash for watching videos. Videos can be from different topics like entertainment, advertisements or campaigns, cooking, health matters or current events. The quality of videos will vary a lot. Some of them are with quite poor quality, but others can be interesting and entertaining.

Playing games

This is an exciting choice of how to earn some extra money. You should be aware that not all games you pay, will make you cash. There are over 30 games to choose between including; Solitaire, Hearts, Chess or Bejeweled Diamond Puzzle. There are free and premium games available. Sometimes you have to spend your money on the game to receive back some of it. We highly do not recommend it if you are visiting our site and reading this review because you want to earn money.

You can also earn more with the GSN games. These are casino-like games where you will spend some amount of money to bet and play. If you are playing through the Inbox Dollar site, you can earn 18% cash back in your account for every dollar spent in the games, or 20% cashback on every dollar used in the cash tournaments.

Shopping online

You can do your shopping through the InboxDollar site. They have partnered up with many famous companies like Walmart, the Disney store, etc.

Web/ internet searching

The site allows you to search the Web through their website and earn a few cents for that. Not every search you make will earn you, but if you do it regularly, it is an easy way to collect some cents. You can also win cash Sweepstake.

Download Grocery Coupons

You can download and print out grocery coupons. A good example is $0.50 off the Colgate toothpaste, $0.55 off Minute Maid Juice or $2 off the Huggies baby diaper. This is something very beneficial to check out regularly.

Other Methods

There are also many other activities that can earn you a few extra dollars like reading books for $2, referring friends, redeeming Win It Codes, listening to the radio, answering Learn to Earn polls, completing My List tasks, listening to music and spinning the Win Wheel.


As I have explained at the top, you will earn something from the site, but it will not be enough to replace your nine to five job.

The range of earnings falls within the range of $ 0.01 to $10 for each activity. The higher-paying gigs are available to a few chosen individuals with high experience. You will not get rich with this site, but you can pay off a few debts or get something to spend for the weekend but not your bills. You could earn $30 after five weeks from doing five surveys a week, reading a couple of emails, doing an internet search and watching videos

If you like to get maximum out of this site, then you should combine all their earning options and make them a habit for yourself. On the plus side, you can earn an extra $1 for installing the Inbox Dollar toolbar so you will not have to do the Web searching from their website every time.


There are three types of payments available on the site; cheque/ check, Visa gift card, and retail gift cards. You also have the option of sending it as a donation to charity.

You have to get to a minimum threshold of $30 to be allowed to withdraw or request for payment. I honestly think the limit is relatively high compared to other sites that offer redemption of points for a gift card for as low as $3. Also, they are charging you a processing fee that is $3. This is something we have not seen on any other site.

You will have to look at your account information before you request for payment to avoid any mistakes. All your data has to be filled out correctly and be correct because all the payments already done cannot be stopped/ paused or reversed in any circumstance.

One thing to note underpayments is that Inbox Dollar does not send cash to Paypal or other direct deposits like other GPT sites that pay through PayPal.

E- Payments

This section includes Merchant Cards, Visa gift cards (or prepaid Visa) and donations.

Check/Cheque Payments

This form of payment is usually deposited into your bank account or given by cash. The cheque will be voided after 90 days. The check/cheque will be posted through the U.S postal services so expect arrival to be after two weeks. Delivery varies depending on your geographical location or season of mail.

There are two types of members under payment terms:

  • Gold members – these are members who have already started to earn and have been paid before. Their cheque is processed weekly but should be requested for payment before Sunday 12 am to get it processed on Wednesday.
  • Non-gold members – the first payment is 10 to 16 days after the request has been sent out.

You can ‘gift’ earning earnings and send them to your family or friends. Just make sure your address is valid for proper tracking and money transfers. This is known as a gift card option.

As mentioned before, there is a $3.00 processing fee per payment, but the amount is usually deposited back in preparations for your next payment request. It may seem high, but there are no other additional fees for payment.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Inbox Dollar has beneficial factors compared to other sites but also has a bunch of cons.

Go to: InboxDollars (and get a $10 sign up bonus)


  • It is easy and straightforward to use. The user navigation interface is very simple to use and navigate around.
  • Everything has been laid out on the website.
  • Versatile – there are many activities to do on the website.
  • Speaking of convenience, you can earn whatever time and place you want. At home, in the office or even as you walk home from work.
  • It does not require a lot of effort. Most games available at the site are less than 20 minutes worth your time.
  • If you do not qualify to do the surveys, you can play free sweepstake games like scratch and win.
  • Unlike other sites, you earn real cash and not points.
  • You will earn a $ 5 cash bonus by just signing up.
  • There is a 24/7 live chat inbox dollar support for all the members.
  • It is 100% free of charge to sign up.
  • The payments in the site are substantial, flexible and transparent
  • You can use this site both on the phone and computer.
  • It has partnered up with many famous companies like Netflix and eBay.


  • The payments you receive are peanuts. People are terming it as pennies rather than dollars.
  • It takes a long while you will be able to accumulate enough money for payment. You could end up using the site more to reach the threshold and forgot how much time and effort it has taken.
  • There is a pre-qualification test which is not a guarantee that you will qualify to take the surveys.
  • The activities at the site may not match your interests.
  • Your account will be removed from the site after six months of inactivity, regardless if you had money in your account.
  • It is only available for USA residents.
  • The threshold is relatively high compared to other ‘get paid to’ sites.
  • It has a processing fee of $3.00
  • You are not allowed partial payments.
  • No withdrawal to Paypal.

Scam or Legit?

Most reviews have accredited the site to be legitimate. Being created in 2000, it has run for over 19 years now. It has a rating of 8.2/10 which may be low, but it also has over 300 reviews which may have been the contributing factor.

Trustpilot has rated the site to be 57% excellent, and it has an A+ rating on Better Business Bureau website. For those years it has been active, people have earned over 57 million dollars. That being said, it is not a scam unless small mishaps.

Additional information

Complaints and Reviews

From the many reviews I have read, some of them are encouraged to read, but others are even intimidating.

The most common complains are;

  • It takes a long while to get to the threshold, and it may not be worth your time no matter how much time you have in your hands.
  • There have been cases of termination of an account when withdrawing commissions. To aid with this, there is a policy that states that if you are inactive for over ten days, you will be temporarily limited from withdrawing from the site.

In their terms and conditions, they state:
“Payment Requests are removed if a Member’s Account becomes inactive. The automated system that deactivates Members based on the above criteria runs immediately prior to payment requests being processed. Therefore, it is possible for a Member’s Account to be active right up until the moment before their payment is processed.”

  • The qualification rate for surveys is very low. Statistics show that the rates are about 22% roughly.
  • There has been an issue with spam emails and calls. Remember above I stated that you would be required to sign up to other apps and sites as part of the job, beware as it can cost you spam calls and emails. Be careful!
  • There is also a password issue. I read that you are not allowed to put strong passwords, just something simple. You know for security purposes good passwords need a unique symbol, a character, numbers, and letters, but for this site, you are limited to simple passcodes.
  • You are only allowed one account per household. That means for only one IP address; you cannot have multiple accounts. If let us say you have a different account for the phone and the computer and you accidentally log in to the wrong account, the site will detect the same IP address and both accounts will be terminated immediately.
  • Members may not be credited for completing offers. Now for this issue, I think it should be reported to the Inbox Dollar support web page, but the company claims that if you don’t receive the credits, it possible means that they have not received the credits themselves.


Inbox Dollar certainly has a lot going on. There are many different entertainment options that will keep you busy for a long time. To earn some pennies for that is not a bad deal at all. It still has some disadvantages compared to many similar sites.

Being in existence for such a long time, it does prove to be a legitimate, and safe site. Inbox Dollars have millions of active users who can assure you that you are going to receive your earned pennies. Not being able to transfer your money via PayPal, is an issue for many users, because PayPal is a well-known and highly trusted company. Despite all that, it is better to earn a few extra dollars compared to nothing at all.

Would I recommend it?

If you are looking for something to replace your full-time job, I would not recommend this site at all, but if it is just for an extra penny, a part-time gig, then please go ahead and have FUN!

Go to: InboxDollars (and get a $10 sign up bonus)

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