OneOpinion Review: Answer Surveys and Get Paid

Nowadays, thanks to technology and the mighty internet’s help, most of us would be thrilled to work from home, making money while still wearing pajamas and sipping on our coffee. And why not? It seems less stressful than having a boss looking over your shoulder all the time.

Some succeed in doing so. Maybe they don’t become rich, but making a little extra cash for that great new phone is still possible. One straightforward way of increasing income is the option of taking online surveys, and there are tons of websites needing you to do exactly that.

You’re probably reading this now because you want to know about one, in particular, called OneOpinion. Look no further, as I will tell you all about how it works and how much can be earned by using it. You will find out whether it fits your needs, the pros and cons of the platform, all by the end of this OneOpinion review.

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What is OneOpinion?

OneOpinion is an online platform that offers users the possibility of taking surveys or testing products in exchange for money. This website is under the care and supervision of Critical Mix, a company that offers market research services through surveys and data collection for other firms.

At first, using the website was only available for those residing in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. But, in 2017, it was expanded and can now also be accessed from a few European countries, meaning Spain, France, the Netherlands, Italy, and Germany. Millions of surveys get completed by thousands of users every year, either directly on the web page, on the mobile app, through a phone call or even in person.

Go to: OneOpinion’s website

How Things Work on OneOpinion

OneOpinion works by bringing together members of two broad categories. On the one hand, various companies need to improve their business by gathering information about the public’s needs and views through surveys. They could also want to test a product prototype before actually launching it on the market, to check whether it requires any improvements.

Furthermore, scientific organizations or institutions might also need people to fill in their questionnaires for research purposes. For all of those, OneOpinion has members of different ages, genders, educational backgrounds, and so on, fit to complete any survey.

And it’s precisely these members who form the second category. People like you, looking to make some extra money taking part in those market studies. You need to sign up, fill in surveys, earn points and eventually, take out the cash.

What You Earn On OneOpinion

The website is based on a system of earning points by participating in surveys and product testing. Every 1,000 points mean you get 1$. Usually, most surveys that you complete will be worth between 1$ and 5$ and could take somewhere between five and twenty minutes of your time. In case you’re lucky, you might land a 15$ survey.

You need to know that you won’t be able to complete just any survey on the website. Many of them are quite specific when it comes to the demographics of those participating in the research, or their location because not all products and services are available worldwide, or appropriate for all individuals.

So, you might want to start filling up a survey, and the website would consider you unqualified. In case this happens, or they stop the questions in the middle of the answering process, you get a small compensation of 50 points. That doesn’t happen on other websites.

Now, I must mention that you only have access to the money once you have at least 25$. So, if you only fill in a 1$ survey every day or even less often, it will take a while. Once you reach that amount, you have a choice of getting paid via PayPal or gift cards, either on Amazon or Visa. With PayPal or virtual gift cards, rewards will be yours in less than 48 hours, but with physical cards, you could have to wait between 7 and 14 days to get them.

When it comes to product testing, things get a tiny bit more complicated. As a new member of the platform, you cannot participate in these tests. Probably, they need you to gain a certain credibility level before sending the product to your house, to make sure they’ll receive proper feedback. Once you do start such activities, you can make up to 50$ for only one test, which does sound pretty good, right?

Is OneOpinion Legit?

When this question pops up, it seems to be no doubt as to the answer is yes. You don’t need to worry about getting into a scam. People genuinely get paid for their efforts and insights, even though it could take some time.

OneOpinion won’t ask for money for you to become a member, and it’s entirely up to you how much time you decide to spend on their website. They are pretty open about running their business, offering explicit descriptions of their terms and policies.

Customer support will be there for you 24/7 in case there is anything you need to ask or complain about. And they have pictures of their staff both on this website and the one of the mother company, Critical Mix. That’s nice and, in my opinion, could give a greater sense of trust in those taking care of you.

Of course, the website will ask for information about your age, address, job, education, and various other things to pair you up with the right surveys. Rest assured that all the answers you provide remain private and won’t be shared with some other service providers or marketing companies. Whenever you feel uncomfortable, you could ask for that data to be removed. It’s also possible to unsubscribe from their newsletters and such in case they are bothersome.

To provide further safety measures, Critical Mix has introduced, in 2017, a double verification process for its members. In other words, after setting up a password, you also need to type in a set of numbers that you previously got on your mobile phone via text. This way, companies would be reassured that those filling in their questionnaires are real people who don’t try to give the same answers twice to earn extra points. Also, you get to be sure no one else signs up with your name and details.

Signing Up and Getting Started on OneOpinion

I did offer a bit of a hint before, but I feel the need to clarify that signing up for OneOpinion is secure, and anyone would agree. Getting an account is entirely free. You start by adding in your name, email address, and the physical one.

Next, you should receive a confirmation email in just a few minutes. After that, you can continue with the registration form. Questions will be asked with the purpose of building up your profile with details about age, hobbies, interests, background, location, and so on. But also, to determine your preferences and possibility to qualify for various types of surveys.

Keep in mind that being dishonest could bring you fewer questionnaires and, thus, less money. It is said that sometimes they verify users by asking straightforward questions, with obvious answers. If giving a wrong answer, you won’t be able to take any surveys for a day.

On the bright side, anyone over 18 can sign up. You can also become a member if you’re between 13 and 18 years old, but only with the written approval of a parent. Also, you can take the whole family with you, as there are no restrictions, like on other websites of this kind.

After registering, you can start working right away. Before every actual survey, you will have to go through a few additional questions. Sounds a little annoying, I know, but they are just trying to prove that both you and their services are nothing close to a scam.

How do you find out about surveys? First of all, you can browse through them on the official website. Or on the app, for that matter, as there are some which only become available there. Another excellent option is to sign up for their personalized newsletter and get an email every time they might have found a survey for which you fit the description.

Go to: OneOpinion’s website

Is OneOpinion Worth Your Time?

On this subject, opinions are divided. Something that might take more time than what you planned to offer is those extra questions at the beginning of every survey. Some are obvious and try to check if you’re paying attention. Others look more useful, as they are making sure you qualify for the survey, saving both your precious time and theirs.

On the other hand, you know what you are getting into from the beginning. If OneOpinion says the questionnaire will take up to 15 minutes, you can be sure it won’t be more. Also, unlike other similar providers, this one won’t send you to other websites, where you lose track of going from one survey to another.

Now, some users say that you could be qualified for up to half of the surveys you try to take. Others say it’s way less. I need to be honest and tell you that, in some weeks, you have many options. But other times, you might want to take surveys and will have none available.

Also, the majority of opinions you hear will say the pay is quite low. You could waste time going through a lot of unpaid pre-surveys and qualify for just a few. Then get paid one dollar for 20 minutes of your time. Surely, you’ll get rewarded for your work, but it’s up to you whether OneOpinion is worth your while and raises to your expectations or not.

Depending on your patience, you could also wait until you’re able to test products as well. As a new member, it’s not possible, but once you gain experience and credibility, you can do that too. You can get as much as 50$ for every single product you try.

Perks of Using OneOpinion

Now, I will try to put together all the pros of choosing OneOpinion as your new friend and source of extra financial income. Let’s see if they sound more or less appealing.

  • Registering is free, easy, and you get to choose how much to work.
  • OneOpinion is legit and won’t try to do financial tricks on you.
  • Customer service is available 24/7. It’s also friendlier, as staff member profiles can be seen on the web page.
  • Anyone over the age of 13 can get an account.
  • The website allows inhabitants of the same house to join. You can bring your spouse, kids, siblings, and anyone else in the business and have fun working at the same table.
  • Even if you don’t qualify for a survey, you still get paid. It’s a very tiny amount, I know, but you could again feel better.
  • Payment is available on PayPal or through gift cards and is reasonably quick.
  • You get to test products that are not even in shops yet. They send them to your house and come to take them back, all of it for free.

Downsides to Using OneOpinion

Like any other product or service you have the chance of running into during your lifetime, OneOpinion has its disadvantages. It is up to you to decide whether there is a balance between those and their advantages. And also to choose if you want to put up with them or not.

  • OneOpinion is only available in North America and a few European countries.
  • The number of surveys available varies from one week to another. Sometimes there is nothing to do at all.
  • The improvement to your income level could be insignificant.
  • You might need to go through a lot of pre-surveys and not qualify for the main ones. This can get frustrating.
  • The website can sometimes have glitches, and your progress with a survey gets wasted.
  • You don’t get to have fun with product testing from the beginning of your membership.
  • Only payouts over 25$ are available, and physical gift cards take long to arrive.

Wrapping Up our OneOpinion Story

I know all this information might come as a lot to process. Don’t worry; you don’t need to make a decision straight away. Just keep in mind that OneOpinion is an option out there in the sea of survey-taking websites.

With this online platform, you can at least be sure of getting the money that was promised. Customer service can help with any questions you have. It’s free to join and have fun participating, testing products your friends don’t even know about yet. And who knows. Your answers might contribute to an important business decision someday.

Go to: OneOpinion’s website

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