A Complete Guide on How to Make Money from Home

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Reading Time: 11 minutes
Best Working Methods How to Make Money with Easy Step-by-Step Tutorials

In our ever so capitalist world, being broke is not an option.

As much as we would like to not admit it, money does make the world go round, and even if it cannot necessarily buy you happiness, it can buy you a better quality of misery.

Better to cry in a Porsche than on a bicycle, right?

Well, fortunately for you and I, in this age of technology, access to a secure internet connection can open up so many opportunities, one of them is making money from home.

Look, I may not have extensive research on this topic, but most of the sites that do promote making money from home are riddled with computer viruses, bad content and our favourite, web spam.

Time is a commodity which we will never get back so I have gathered the best of the best, tried and tested – 18 ways on how to make money from home.

We all want to make money, but how do we do it? How do we make money from home?

Well, check this list out.

1. Take Paid Surveys

Survey groups work with companies to help them properly gauge what consumers want and if what they provide are actually feasible.

One thing to note is that, with any job, you should never pay to work. It’s honestly as simple as that. This should be your guide on how to spot fake a surgery group from a real one.

What is a paid online survey?

It is really self-explanatory, but a paid online survey is when a person signs onto a survey groups’ website, for example, Survey Junkie, and completes an online survey either earning points that can be cashed out at a later stage or making money right then and there.

How does it work?

Well, most survey groups require you to sign up or log in to their website or app. When you are signing up, you will be asked a few personal questions, ‘personal’ as they pertain to you, which will help the survey group to assign relevant surveys to you. After completing each survey, you will accumulate money and have access to it.

2. Freelance Writing

Some people just have a knack for writing. They can literally sit for a few hours and captivate you with their sultry words, and not even break a sweat.

Is this you? Well, let me tell you something, you can get paid for it. I am not kidding, you can actually make money from home from freelance writing.

What is freelance writing?

A freelancer is a person who doesn’t necessarily belong to a particular company but can work for one or multiple companies on specific assignments. This means that a freelance writer does that same, it’s just that their job is specifically focused on writing.

How does it work?

Most sites would require you to sign up, state your skills and usually they will suggest work that is aligned with your skills.

Websites like iWriter, allow freelance writers to work with vetted employers, guaranteeing your success in making money from home.

3. Tell 3 Friends about Apps

You can make money by getting 3 of your friends to sign up and download an app! Sounds crazy, right?

Well, you can totally make cash from it!

Through the simple act of referring, you could make some cash! At the end of the day word of mouth marketing is still the very best.

Ibotta, a shopping app knows this. Therefore they are willing to pay you $100 to do just that!

How does it work?

Ibotta has a shopping app which customers can download and shop online, and get cash and rewards for buying specific products. That’s all good and well, but this isn’t the premise of this point.

Download the app, refer Ibotta to 3 friends. If they sign up and download the app you can get $100.

Done, ditto! You’re $100 richer!

4. Start A Drop Shipping Website

Imagine being able to sell your things and make money from home! Online stores are the next wave we all should be riding on.

What is a drop shipping website?

A drop shipping website refers to an online store that enables you to sell your own items and work with suppliers. If you ever dreamt of running a business where you do not have to deal directly with warehousing, then this may be the right option for you.

How does it work?

The simplest way that I can explain it is that drop shipping is when a retailer (you) does not keep items in stock. Rather, a customer sees an item in your ‘store’ (this is your online store), purchases it, at retail price, and you, as the retailer, forward the order to your supplier.

The supplier then makes the product and sends it to your customer. You pay the wholesale price to the supplier and make a profit on whatever is left over from the retail price.

Places like Shopify can help you set your own store up and help you make the right connections.

5. Invest In Dividend Paying Stocks

I know, it sounds like a drag but investing in certain companies that offer dividend-paying stocks can make you money from home and do that steadily.

What are dividend-paying stocks?

Well, these are shares that you can buy in a company and after a certain period of time(annually, semi-annually, or quarterly) you get paid back a certain amount.

How do they work?

Firstly, you need to make sure that the company that you plan on investing in offers the payout option of dividend-paying stocks.

Once you are sure of that, you usually invest an x amount of money and from that point, receive an amount of money after whichever time period that has been agreed upon.

The website Acorns actually suggests which companies to invest in and allows dividend payments per month.

6. Invest In Real Estate

Over the years, I have realized that something that cost you $5 to invest in can really be worth $2000 in an x period of time. When making money from home, people often don’t take that into consideration.

What is an investment in real estate?

Just note that you don’t necessarily have to buy real estate to get returns on it. Investing in real estate is essentially similar to investing in a company.

You buy shares for a certain amount and over time, you get paid dividend. Do not be scared because real estate engagements from home are far easier than they are in the physical world.

How does it work?

You can still benefit from the properties’ success without owning property.
For example, Fundrise, is the first online company that works with investments, specifically those within real estate. For as little as $500, you can have your own share in a real estate.

7. Invest In Peer-To-Peer Lending

Imagine being able to lend money without the stress ruining your credit score? Well, that’s what P2P(Peer-To-Peer) lending does.

What is it?

P2P lending is essentially lending money from investors who are willing to lend you their money on an agreement that you will pay them back at a certain interest rate.

In this instance, you are the investor lending the money.

How does it work?

I know, it’s a little risky, but when done right, it can make you good money from home. Essentially, your profile (as a borrower) will be displayed on a platform that works with peer to peer lending.

Of course, transactions are secure. Both borrower and lender are vetted to make sure that there are no discrepancies.

A lender will ask for a loan, the usual maximum is $40 000 and then you can discuss the terms of repayment.

An example of a good P2P platform would be the LendingClub – allows lenders to invest and receive good returns. On this platform, the borrower can either be repaid the full loan amount with interest or in instalments.

8. Become a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a paid business professional who can complete administrative tasks for his/her employer in specified time frames. In short, you can manage calls, inventory, store records and do all manner of front office stuff….only now you are doing it from home.

How does it work?

Essentially, the only difference between an executive assistant and a virtual assistant is the fact that one is in office and the other is remote.

The job search is similar, you can apply for jobs through freelancing platforms and mention your skills and the platform will suggest jobs based on that.

Once you begin communicating with your employer and discussed the nitty gritty (payment procedure, work hours, turnaround time, etc.), you’re good to go and right on your way to making money from home.

Just to mention, VA skills are not tied to administrative skills only, they can include a myriad of other things.

9. Freelance Proofreading

So, you’re not that good of a writer, but you are an awesome proofreader. Well, lucky you! You can get paid to do that too!

What is it?

A freelance proofreader is an individual that is self-employed and works to check for spelling errors, grammatical errors and also the logical progression of a body of work.

How does it work?

Like many of the other freelance work listed here, you have to sign up on a freelancing platform and mention how extensive your proofreading skills are, and other capabilities that can help boost your profile amongst other proofreaders.

Most people don’t pop up as proofreaders so there are websites that teach people how to proofread and give them certification so that they are verified, proofreaders.

As a proofreader, you are NOT required to edit or rewrite. You are just required to check for errors and the job is done.

10. Earn Money By Watching Videos On Your Phone

I’m not lying, this is true! You can make money from home just by checking out specific videos online!

Essentially, you are paid to watch videos online, and surprisingly, they are more so entertaining than not. So, it is a win-win situation as you’re sorted financially and you also have something to laugh about.

How does it work?

Well, most of the time you need to watch a video and rate it. After watching each video, you earn points that can be converted into gift cards or money.

Watching videos online is an awesome way to make money from home as long as you have internet access to do so.

For example, on Swagbucks , once you have signed up and picked the genre you like, you will be given a daily to-do list.

In order to maximize the amount of money or points that you can earn, you must complete most of your to-dos, and try to have every app they offer.

Trust me, it’s legit!

11. Surf the Web

You can make money from home by surfing the web. That just sounds like a dream every millennial has had at one point or another, right? Well, I guess I’m your fairy godmother because I am about to grant your wish.

Some companies pay people to literally surf the web. This is just going onto a websites’ search engine and searching whatever comes to mind, and you will literally earn money for that.

How does it work?

You have to sign up on a website that offers this and you will be able to make money from the specified actions mentioned on the site.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a ton of money, but it is a reasonably good amount for something you are naturally going to do regardless of being paid for it or not.

To save you time, check out InboxDollars. InboxDollars is so cool that when you finish registering and watching some videos, you can get $5 – and that’s just the beginning!

13. Open A High-Yield Savings Account

Saving money is always an important skill to have in your arsenal. We can never truly know when our rainy days are approaching. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, hence why savings accounts are so important.

What is it?

A high-yield savings account, also known as a high-interest savings account is a type of savings account which will give you better returns on your money.

So basically the bank will pay you more money for keeping your money(in your savings account). Makes sense?

How does it work?

You open an account on a financial providers’ website page and follow the prompts. These prompts are usually your information, email address, and other confidential information.

Once you have deposited the x amount of money in your account, you will receive a confirmation email and there you go.

For example, banks like Discover Bank and CIT Bank make the process for applying for a high-yield savings account simple and easy to follow. Now you are making money from home just by saving it. Totally rad.

14. Freelance English Teaching

Do you have command over the English language? Do you love working with kids? Well, freelance English teaching is for you.

A freelance English teacher is a teacher who works remotely and teaches children who are from all over the world English.

Since you are a freelancer, you are able to work according to your liking and you have the freedom of choosing how long you would like to work.

Teachers are selected from anywhere as long as they have a stable internet connection. Usually, you will be paid a fixed amount for the x amount of hours that you work for.

How does it work?

Since you will be interacting with children, you will have to go through an extensive vetting process before you begin to teach.

There will be a number of stages that you will have to complete in order to have a successful application.

Sites like VIPKID, have specific requirements like having a Bachelor’s degree in order to be eligible to apply.

15. Be a Remote Employee for a Company

If you are qualified, live far from a business location and 99% of your job can be done from home, being a remote employee is for you.

Essentially a remote employee is a qualified professional who lives far from the actual business location.

How does it work?

Well, you would have to apply for a job just as you would any other work. Successful candidates will be contacted and vetted.

Amazon is offering remote employee jobs with the condition that you are qualified and live far away from the actual Amazon company location. This is a fantastic way to make money from home as the job offers full benefits and overtime opportunities.

As long as you have full and secure internet access, this can honestly become a stable and reliable source of income. You can do all of this at home!

Obviously, there will be a required amount of working hours but all the hassle of traveling to work is removed.

16. Earn Money By Making Lists.

  • Anything
  • Can
  • Be
  • Made
  • Into
  • A
  • List.

Even though all of my old English teachers would scream in terror from seeing that, virtually anything can be made into a list.

If lists are your thing, and you enjoy compartmentalizing everything, you could really earn some good money. All you need to do is be able to put whichever odd and interesting topic into a list.

How does it work?

On Listverse, you can earn £100 from making a list. Isn’t that gnarly? Well, the deal is that you make a list, they review it and if it’s good enough, it will be published and you will get £100! That’s so wavy. You have to have a PayPal account before you submit your list, but that’s about it!
I know, you just made cool money from home.

17. Become a Freelance Handyman

Are you good with your hands? Unafraid of splinters? You could be a freelance handyman!

Well, you will be a self-employed handyman. You’ll be able to manage your own hours and tend to the needs of your customers.

How does it work?

You would have to sign up on a site the works specifically for handymen (or women, we’re not sexist here), wherein which location is important because traveling far takes time away.

I know, you’re looking at this and shaking your head in confusion – how is this making money from home?

Technically, it is, you and your customers will make contact online; you don’t necessarily need to have a business location in order to find work, unlike traditionally. All you need a secure internet connection, and tools too.
For example, Sites like TaskRabbit give their customers the luxury of finding immediate help when they need it, essentially meaning you will always have something to do.

18. Download Apps

Obviously, this isn’t for just any random app, some apps will pay you for downloading them.

Here, I am specifically referring to the Nielsen App. Many may know Nielsen for keeping track of TV ratings but now, it is willing to pay you $50 for allowing it to look at your internet history for one year.

How does it work?

So you will sign up and register on the Nielsen website and fill in some general information about yourself. Then you just chill, that’s it.

Keep it on your phone or electronic device(s) and you will earn points which can be converted into gift cards.

The longer you stay with the app on your phone or electronic device(s), the better your chance of winning cash prizes!

I say, ‘electronic devices’ because you get paid separately for each electronic device, how cool!

19. Start a Blog

I know most of you would roll your eyes and try to skip this step but wait! I have interesting information about this!

A blog is essentially a platform wherein which an individual or a company or a group of individual talk and collaborate about ideas and issues that are important to them.

How does it work?

Starting a blog can tricky. Hence there were many blog hosting platforms that will help facilitate the creation of your blog.

So now your blog has been created, you have a few posts and still no money? Well, you can make money on your blog through affiliate marketing and advertising.

Affiliate marketing is basically promoting products or brands on your website. Advertising can be through any brand, from Google to a retail store.


Making money from home can be achieved in a multitude of ways as I have provided for you above. No need to sit and sulk because of your lack of cash – try these ways out and surely, they will pan out well.

As long as you have internet access, a willingness to work and patience, you will receive the fruits of your labour in due time. This list was made to reduce the number of false starts you could have on this sometimes dark place called the internet.

There is no cheat sheet on how to make money but there are tried and tested ways to do so.

Philip Horton

Philip Horton

Hey! My name is Philip and I am passive or low maintenance income enthusiast. I learned a lot and made many mistakes during my journey to financial freedom and while there is so much false information about methods on how to make money online, I decided to start this website. The main goal of this website is to provide readers the best working methods and brutally honest reviews of different ways to make money online and how to invest your money thereafter.

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