26 Best Weekend Jobs That Pay Well

weekend jobs

Searching for a weekend job? Want to make side income? Check out these legit weekend jobs and get started.

Voice Over Jobs: Best Options & How to Get Started

voice over acting jobs

Have you ever realized how most of the famous voices in the history of movies and advertising are the same people? Do you also enjoy the deep voice of Don LaFontaine whenever you see a trailer in the movies, and he says in that low key “This summer in your favorite movie theater.” Well, he […]

Transcription Jobs: 10 Best-Entry Level Opportunities

Transcription Jobs

Are you tired of enduring that tedious 9-5 job for five days out of the week? Or maybe you feel like you just aren’t getting to spend enough quality time with your family due to your hectic work schedule. If you are, we have one thing to say; join the club. There is a large […]

7 Best Proofreading Jobs to Work Online

proofreading jobs

Do you dream of being unchained from schedules? Have you ever wondered how people who travel the world make money on the road do to stay on the float? Maybe you have some extra time in your hands and would love to turn it into money but don’t have a clue about how? Well, we […]

11 Entry-Level Jobs for Introverts

jobs for introverts

Work-from-home online jobs are perfect for introverts, but while there are so many options and scams out there, you need to do proper due diligence you choose something. Fortunately, we’ve done the legwork to bring you the 11 legit online jobs for introverts.