How to Work as a Marketing Specialist Online

Rather than a luxury, working from home has certainly become a necessity in most professions. With last year’s global pandemic, many companies implemented a remote work model. However, that wasn’t the case in every industry. Some simply can’t offer work-from-home opportunities due to work environment details and limitations of provided services.

Good news for those considering marketing, though. It’s a career path that provides excellent opportunities for remote work, pandemic or not. Let’s discuss a marketing specialist career while working from home.

Work-From-Home Marketing Specialist Perks

With the ever-evolving digital world, technology now allows marketers to work from virtually anywhere they want. Here are some of the advantages of being a work-from-home marketing specialist:

Good Pay and Big Savings

One of the most significant advantages of working from home is the ability to save quite a bit of money. Since you won’t have to worry about everyday transportation or eating out, you’re saving tons. For car owners, this also means saving on parking fees too.

On top of being able to save, you’re likely to net a sizable salary as well. The amount, of course, differs depending on experience and specialization. But generally, most online marketing jobs pay well, with a usual average of $57,242 per year.

Better Work-Life Balance

Most people nowadays give more importance to time spent not working, even more than money. As a remote marketing specialist, you’ll be able to work whenever you want. In the location of your choice, you’ll also likely be able to take short breaks in between tasks. You’ll have more time to spend with your family and doing the extra activities you enjoy.

Long-Term Work

As mentioned earlier, the digital world is evolving. This means most companies have shifted their advertising budget into digital channels. This tactic implies how vital digital marketing is and how it’s here to stay.

Meeting New People

Since you are working remotely, you aren’t bound to a specific location. This means your marketing team and coworkers will most likely consist of a diverse range of people. This is an excellent opportunity to meet and learn from people with different perspectives and different cultures.

Independence and Flexibility

A marketing career from home gives you the freedom to work for yourself. For instance, working as a freelance marketing specialist enables you to choose your own clients and working schedule. You can even opt to start your own marketing agency and hire other remote marketers.

How to Earn Money as an Online/Digital Marketer

There are plenty of jobs that can help you earn a good amount of money as a marketer online. There are various roles to choose from, including sales and advertising and even business admin jobs. To help give you an idea of possible positions, here are a few:

Content and SEO Specialist

Content writing will always be a part of a digital marketing strategy, as it involves planning and writing a company’s online content. This includes their blogs, articles, social media posts, and even scripts for podcasts or videos. Some content writers also take on the role of email marketing specialist. Here are the required skills if you aspire to be one:

  • Excellent writing skills
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skills
  • Keyword research skills
  • Analytical skills

Affiliate Marketing

This type of marketing is a rapidly growing field full of opportunities. Affiliate marketing involves earning commissions by making sales of others’ products. You team up with brands looking for promotion. Then, you advertise their product on your blog, newsletter, social media accounts, or website.

However, with affiliate marketing, you have to keep in mind that you must establish a web presence to generate consumer traffic. If you have a substantial online presence, you have a huge earning potential in affiliate marketing.

Social Media Marketing

This marketing involves managing an organization’s social media portfolio and online image. You may write and schedule posts, design advertisements, run ads, create graphics, and reply to messages and comments, too. Social media marketing roles are also not difficult to find, as almost all companies need at least one.

How to Become a Work-From-Home Marketing Specialist

Now that you’ve locked your eyes on a specific role, you’re probably wondering where to start. Here are some of the best ways to reach your goal of becoming an online marketing specialist:

Develop the necessary skills.

Review the responsibilities of the specific role you want to. Then make sure you have the required abilities to take on those responsibilities. On top of that, it’s always beneficial to learn a few additional relevant skills. You can add SEO knowledge, design, conversion rate optimization, software, and tools to your skillset.

Create a professional, tailor-made resume.

Needless to say, your resume is the key to landing your dream job. So you need to invest a substantial amount of effort into crafting a well-written one. According to this marketing manager resume guide, getting an objective view of your capabilities and talents should be your first step. Be very careful with the information you include and highlight. Don’t forget that you want to leave an impression of a professional, organized, detail-oriented, and results-producing marketer.

Upskill in your field of specialization.

Last but definitely not least, never stop learning and improving yourself. Continue to upskill in your field of specialization. Take new courses every once in a while, get certifications, and continually seek information about new tools and software. Our world is constantly evolving, especially on the digital side. The competition will only get tougher and more challenging, so commit to staying at the top of your field.


As mentioned earlier, this is all good news for those who want to pursue a marketing role, especially a remote position. There are many perks and ways to make money in the field. Take the time to research and find the best avenue for you. And remember, you have to move forward with digital changes if you don’t want to be left behind. Use these tips, and you’re closer than ever before to your dream job.


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