Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services

Being in a consumer service job can be quite interesting as a whole as they are the ones in which the professionals get to taste consumer products like food, herbs, beverages, vitamins, cosmetics, hair products, household stuff, plastic, metals, waxes, and a lot more. Their base expands to a wide variety of physical, chemical, biological and engineering-based services.

There are a lot of people who have chosen consumer services as their profession and this is one of the high-paying jobs and also provides good opportunities which is why more and more people are joining the force. In this article, we are going to tell you about what are the best-paying jobs in consumer services.

The Consumer Service Industry

As the name signifies and mentioned earlier the consumer service careers are those jobs that need a person to work one-on-one with customers. Now, these could be customer service jobs that provide excellent customer service, more like a customer service representative in a telecommunications industry, or maybe in retail, at a fashion store, or at the front office.

There are some consumer service professionals who engage in answering phone calls, answering questions about products, accepting payments to purchase goods and services, organizing events, and helping in processing transaction returns and exchanges.

Is Consumer Services a Good Career Path?

If you are someone who is looking for any kind of assistance and enjoy meeting people, then this could be a great career path for you, and consumer services are also one of the best-paying jobs. It can also be very rewarding to work in this sector as you get to be the point of contact of your company, and you will be the one to help out your customers with their needs.

In this sector, there is a huge quantity of services that provides lucrative jobs, giving a person an opportunity to build up the best career for themselves. Not only is a career in consumer services very good, but they will also come with great employment opportunities with good income. If you are employed in this sector then you can use your expertise to connect with people and carve out your niche.

Skills That Are Required For Consumer Service Jobs

Any kind of job would need a certain amount of skills and if you want to be successful in this field of consumer services then you would need to be a lot more than your high school diploma. Always keep in mind that the customer service position is an important one and there are certain skills that you will have to brush up on to make a mark for yourself.

Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services

We are going to discuss them (the skills) in detail with you, and additionally, there are certain skills like soft skills that you need to develop to outshine others. In order to grasp a good hold in this field, you can be on the lookout for sites like Coursera and Udemy that can help you improve your skills.

Now, here are bit detailed skills that will help you become a great customer service manager or a customer service representative.

  1. Learner’s attitude

No matter how successful a person becomes it is always advisable to be a lifelong student, this means that every time you spot an opportunity where you can learn about stuff, you must go all in.

  1. Strong communication skills

Since you will be working in a profession where you have to deal with consumers, it is pretty much suggested to have deep communication skills, if you feel like you falter somewhere, then you must try every means to correct that.

Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services

  1. Problem-solver’s attitude

Adding to the previous skills, if you are a person who has an attitude toward solving problems then you will see that not only will you be liked by many, but also be a lot ahead of the others in the game. And, this is one of the topmost skills that can help you, in the long run, being in the consumer services industry.

  1. Time management and organizational skills

You will have to get used to the idea that you have to deal with many people, and for that, it is pivotal to manage your time ably and have impeccable organizational skills.

The Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services

All this while we talked about the consumer services industry and what are the various skills that you need to adapt to make a mark in this space. Now, this is the space where we are going to talk about the jobs that pay the most in consumer services.

  1. Flight attendant

You would just need a high school diploma to be a flight attendant and can make up to $61, 640 a year where your duties will include serving guests, attending to the passengers and seeing if they have any difficulties, provide food and drinks to the passengers and also helping them out with almost everything.

  1. Technical support representative

    A technical support representative is basically a person who is a customer services executive who helps out customers with technical help. Their main job is to solve the technical needs of the customers and also assist them with their difficulties.

    They make around $57, 910 every year and you would also need a high school diploma for this.

  2. Bank teller

    Bank tellers are required to work with the customers visiting the bank with financial transactions and services that include checking to cash, depositing/withdrawing money from bank accounts, and also helping with the transfer of funds, wire transfers and the like. They make around $36,310 annually.

Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Services

  1. Retail customer service jobs

    A retail worker gets to work across verticals including apparel, housewares, pharmaceuticals, food and groceries. Their job mainly includes answering phones, dealing with customer questions and queries, merchandising and handling complaints. Typically, a person in this sector makes $29,180 a year.

  2. Online chat support

    An online chat support representative is one who provides excellent customer service and handles all the queries of the customer online usually by chatting with them. Their job essentially includes answering customer questions and their inquiries using online chat, accepting payments if they decide to purchase anything, taking care of complaints and also handling processing returns/exchanges. They make about $36,920 a year.

    You have to understand that consumer services are actually quite a broad field, and in order to succeed here you will need to have a number of skills and experience. Here are some websites where you can get access to available consumer services.

    • ZipRecruiter
    • Glassdoor
    • IndeedWorking in this space can be actually rewarding and also well-paying. The trick is to make the best use of your skills.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. What is the purpose of consumer services?

    The purpose of any job is to be able to solve the problems of the consumers, and that is across all industries. You can have a private and commercial airline, do inbound and outbound calls, or just be scheduling appointments.

    1. Do consumer services pay well?

      The straight answer is yes, but of course, it comes with a catch – you will need to brush up on your skills continuously, and if you do so you will be able to earn greatly Generally, the pay scale for different sectors ranges from somewhat around $30,000 to $60,000 a year approximately in customer service positions.




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