Top 24 Effective Online Business Ideas

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Did you ever have one of those Eureka! moments for online business ideas but didn’t quite get to reach the take-off stage? There’s something about this age of digital that we are currently in, which gives so many opportunities and hope for earning money and at the same time not get stuck in the traditional 9-5 work hours. The beauty of it all is that, no matter what you’re good at, you have a space in the universe of online businesses. The main challenge, however, is how to determine which one works for you?

I had that same predicament years ago, so I made this extensive research on the most effective online business ideas. I am sharing this with you because choosing any one item on this list gives you a sure-fire way of getting your online business off the ground. You no longer have to go through that whole trial and error process, and instead of going through stacks of websites that say the same thing but don’t really mean much, you can use your precious time setting up your online business and so you get to earn sooner.

Online Business Ideas

Therefore, here’s a list of online business ideas that you can explore. You can choose which one would be best for you:

1. Create a blog and monetize (can be listicle)

If you have a knack for writing and it just constantly flows, then this is one method you should be looking at. Especially now, it has become so much more convenient to set-up your blog. Think of a theme for your blog, and content must be entertaining – something that will catch your readers’ attention, informative – something that provides credible information, and lastly, content that educates, so that readers will have their takeaways and have a reason to keep going back to your blog.

There are several ways on how you can monetize your blog. You can either sell something or rent out space for ads. The sky’s the limit when you have a blog. Some established bloggers earn as much as $50,000 monthly because they put work into it. Here is a link on how you can set-up your blog:

If you want a blog that people will constantly visit, you need to write something that you are good at or something that you are very much familiar with. Readers know and feel when they are reading material written by an expert. Then here’s a resource link on how to increase your blog traffic:

2. Become a blog flipper

Since we’re on the topic of blogs, you can also flip blogs. In businesses, it will always be a numbers game, regardless if it’s offline or online. Blog flipping is where you create a blog, build your following and once you have the numbers, you can sell the blog to someone in need of the “numbers”. Then the person or entity buying your blog will be taking over. This is how you will earn from this method.

Because you have the following, the value of your blog becomes high. What’s good about this method is that it costs so little to make but has so much potential for a much bigger profit. In the beginning, the amount you earn may be small at around $10-$30 monthly, but once you get your traffic up, then you can earn as much as $1,000 every month. Just to give you an idea, one listicle site was able to sell its site for $100 million. This is the potential of flipping blogs. To get started, check out this link:

Read on some tips to grow your following. One of the most successful case studies would be of

3. Skype coaching

Welcome to the world of digital, where everything is at arm’s reach. Do you have something you are extremely good at and can teach this to other people? Get yourself set-up on Skype! It can be various things – some of the more popular ones are health coaching, life coaching, meditation, even dating! You can use your hourly rate for this and get paid online.

To get started, of course, you will need a Skype account and a stable internet connection. Note that it’s best to have a blog to host all your services and a go-to platform where you can promote your services and where people can read more information about your offerings.

4. Create a digital product or course (training/workshops, webinars)

This is another online business idea like the previous one. You can create an online product or course. This is of course, again in line with something you’re really good at. Instead of face-to-face lessons, you can pre-record courses that users can purchase or subscribe to.

This is a more viable method for earning because it is replicable, and it doesn’t need you to be physically available to conduct. So essentially, you can make ten times more than you’re making compared to Skype coaching, and per training, you can earn hundreds of dollars given that you have a high volume of sign-ups. To get started, you will need a website capable of hosting your content – downloadable documents, pdf files, video streaming and everything else that goes with education.

5. Capitalize on YouTube/ become a vlogger

Within the last few years, research proves that video has been a constant favorite among the online community. When you need instructions for something or you are looking for entertainment, you search for videos. That is why becoming a vlogger has become one of the most successful online business ideas in the last decade.

Hosting your videos on YouTube also has more accessible monetary benefits – you automatically put yourself into the YouTube network where advertisers pay loads of money just to get eyeballs on their ads. Potentially, this can definitely replace your day job. There is this one blogger who started at the age of 4 and was able to earn almost $20 million in his first year!

What do you need to get started? You just need a great idea that people will want to keep watching. With the technology of mobile computing nowadays, it’s even recommended that you shoot from your mobile phone. Here’s a link that you can check out and help you get started:

6. Start a podcast

When there are eyes, there are ears. This is the new radio, and starting a podcast is one good online business idea. This is another way to get the following, and just like on the traditional media radio, you can sell ad spaces on your programs where advertisers can promote their products or services.

Once you are doing this on a regular basis, this can well become something that can financially support your lifestyle. Read on this link to get started:

7. Invest time in graphic design

I guess this is where my advice on what you do best comes in. Not everyone can be natural at graphic design, but anyone can definitely learn. You need to put some time into coming up with an effective method of design – something that works for you.

There are a lot of businesses that prefer to outsource graphic design work on a regular basis. What you need to do is build a credible portfolio so that
potential clients can see what you a capable of. Graphic designers can earn
from $5 per work to as much as $1,000 per work – depending on the market value of the work you present.

8. Sell email and media kit templates

A lot of businesses don’t want to be burdened thinking about how to effectively reach their audience through email campaigns. This is something you can do for them. The good thing about this method is that you can come up with only a few of these templates but you can sell them to as many customers as possible.

Again, this is another business where you need some design talent as well as tech knowledge but once you can get past this, then creating templates would be easy – and even fun! One way to quickly increase your customer base is to increase your exposure. Use online ads and social media to advertise your templates.

9. Design and sell website themes

A lot of people (not just businesses) want to put up their websites but face the challenge of having to design their own site. Thank goodness for themes, life would be so much easier for them. You can provide this ease by building website themes. You can upload your themes on databases where people looking for this frequent like Themeforest. Per theme, you can earn as $19 or even as much as $200 given that your theme is widely used and has a lot of positive reviews.

To get constant downloads and users, you need to constantly update your theme to functionalities that make the website easier to access such as mobile compatibility, version updates and the like.

10. Sell online stock photos

Are you one who has great vision and can translate to photography? Then you should definitely capitalize on it. There are a lot of platforms that sell stock photos where you can earn as much as $200 per photo. The more photos you submit, the higher the probability of getting your photo featured.

One good tip is to think of concepts that most businesses will want to have on their websites or even offline collaterals. That’s where you should focus because it’s the one that will sell.

11. Affiliate marketing

An oldie but definitely still a goodie. Affiliate marketing is an online business idea that never goes out of style. This method is basically the process of getting commissions by promoting other people’s products.

There are 2 ways on how you can become an affiliate marketer: The first is you will promote online products and can earn 50% more in commission. The good thing about this is that since there are much more products to promote, it’s easy to find these products. The second is when you become an Amazon partner. As the name suggests, you will promote products that are being sold on Amazon. To know more, you can visit this link:

Here’s a tip, you may need to read up on the fundamentals of SEO and know how it’s best to construct a material in terms of copy. Here’s a guide that you can refer you to get started:

12. Build niche sites

So that something you’re good at comes up again. This is one of those online business ideas that will definitely get you your loyal following once you are able to zero in and lock in on them. What’s good about this is that you don’t have to worry about constantly trying to find your audience. Build it and they will come – just make sure that it’s the content that they really want to see.

On top of your usual earnings, if you make your site targeted to a particular
niche, you can earn at least $500 more than your monthly site income. Check out this article that teaches you the trade secrets on how you can earn more on niche websites:

13. E-commerce website

Another classic but will ever so effective – an e-commerce website. What makes e-commerce websites so successful is that it makes access so much easier to anyone who wants to purchase whatever you are selling. Aside from selling what you are an expert on, you can read up on what’s trending or potentially trending in the market and if it’s viable for selling online.

Here’s a resource to teach you on how to set-up your e-commerce site:

You can also check out Shopify as they offer extremely user-friendly ways on how you can set-up your online store.

14. Sell products on eBay

And this is where it all started – eBay is the OG when it comes to online business ideas. Easily turn your unwanted goods into cash. This is how it’s started, and this is how it still is. eBay is a good place to find relics and items that can never be found on any walk-in store. You can actually put in additional cost when you sell on eBay because it’s bid-based and as long as people want to buy your item, you can sell it for as much as people are willing to pay.

15. Drop shipping

Drop shipping is a fairly new concept in the last decade that has made this list of effective online business ideas. This is where you become a reseller of products then you get a commission for every sale. This is a good business model because you don’t need to purchase anything so basically, the investment is low to none.

Here’s a resource link to check out before you decide to get started on the drop shipping method:

16. Self-publish a book on Amazon

This is something I have encountered from a previous boss some few years ago. This guy is a genius and I can say he knows his craft well. What made him smarter was that he decided to write everything he knew, made it into an e-book and sold it online. Until now, he still gets orders.

Of course, you will need to be an expert at something and if you are not very adept at writing, you may need to commission someone to ghostwrite it for you.

Here’s a tip: If you are able to sell a few hundred books within the first week of launch, then Amazon will promote your book as a “best seller” and the rest is history.

To get things started, check out this link to know what format your book should be in:

Once you are able to create an outline, try to get some friends or people within your circle to validate your idea. This is one way of telling them that you intend to write an e-book and somehow this is a soft way of soliciting their support. Once your book launches set a sale price at 99 cents and run it on sites such as Robin Reads. Use reviews extensively and if you have your mailing list, this is one of the best times to use it. You can actually earn as much as 10,000 copies at 99 cents during its first wave of launch. Get some inspiration from this case study of an e-book that used this method:

17. Become a copywriter

This is an online business idea that does not really require solid skills. Again, this is something that can be learned. When I said earlier, you can work at your own pace and earn handsomely, this is one of the things on my mind.

What’s good about this is that a lot of online freelancer platforms have this opening in heaps. Industries and topics vary as well, so you can just choose which topic you think you can potentially be good at writing then just start doing it. For starters, you can earn about $1 per word but once you have built your portfolio, you can charge as much as $5 per word – so for a 500-word article that will take you 30 minutes to write, you can actually earn $2,500.

18. Technical writing

Copywriting takes another form as technology focused content writing. This is where you have a technical skill that you have the authority to write about. Whether it’s about the medical field or engineering, then you can sign up for this. Unlike the previous one where the initial fee is low, this one actually pays for much more because the client recognizes that not a lot of people can write about these topics in a credible manner. Read on this article to get more information about this online business idea:

Some of the technical writing you can explore as well as the resume or cover letter writing. This is essentially a marketing task where you get to condense and sell one person in a single page. Check out these sites to see what other job offerings are available in the writing scene: freelancer. com;

19. Perform research

Another thing you can do within Upwork and other freelancing sites is conduct research on products that are about to launch. This is a more taxing job but undeniable pays much more. For single research coupled with a report and recommendations, you can charge from $300 to $1500.

When you submit a proposal, try to send in some sample works or a portfolio to help an employer visualize how you will do the job.

20. Become a virtual assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant is again a method that is fairly easy to do. All you need is being online all the time and being organized. You will be tasked to do various things such as encoding, proofreading, send emails and other things that support business owners. Here’s a resource on what you will be doing as a virtual assistant:

21. Tech support

One online business idea that is increasingly becoming popular is providing
technical support. Most companies already outsource this service because it’s so much easier. This can be in the form of voice calls or writing emails or chat support. Either way, you are provided with training materials that you can use as a resource to become adept at this job. Check out Upwork to see what kind of tech support jobs are available.

22. Assist with lead generation

If you are one who is good at sales, then this is something that can be perfect for you. Works just like sales commissions, you will use different methods online, so you can help the client get prospects and sell their products or services. Like affiliate marketing, this method will provide great potential for earning. But this is also something that you can look into to support your lifestyle.

One example is if you are able to help a client sell a property and you are able to sell more online, then the earning potential is very exponential. Jobs for lead generation can also be found on freelancer sites.

23. SEO Consulting Services

If you are someone who is good at branding and digital, then you can offer SEO consulting services. A lot of businesses are exploring this option as a
mandatory when they set-up their websites.

Once you establish your client base and your credibility, you can charge by the hour and you can offer either one-on-one consultations packaged with maintenance services to optimize people’s websites. Here’s one resource you can check out if you are interested in this method:

24. Online Advertising

This online business idea can come in various forms such as social media advertising or more popularly, Facebook and Instagram advertising, and of course, there are the Google ads or PPC as marketers usually call it. You are essentially buying media and getting the best properties to put up your client’s ads to ensure maximum exposure, hence, you increase the potential of sales. It’s basically matching the product to the target market, finding where that market is, and coming up with the right messaging that will capture their market – basic marketing. So if you are one who is great at marketing, this is one easy peasy job for you.

For Google ads, the standard profit model is 10-15% of the monthly ads budget. For social media, it’s usually a retainer depending on the hours put in on the job. There is also a section for this job on Upwork and Freelancer.


With these 25 methods, there is surely a perfect match for an online business idea for you. The good thing about these ideas is that all of these give that convenience of working from anywhere you want, so you get the ease of working on something you enjoy, you earn from it and you are guaranteed a successful online business.

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