Trim App Review: Optimize Your Expenses

Are you tired of being charged for unwanted monthly subscriptions and tired of calling your cable/internet provider because of excessive charges on your bill? If your answer to these questions was a yes, then you are on the right site.

Trim is the most powerful tool for saving money; it has been proven that it allows you to save up to $270 per year on average. A curious example of the power of Trim happened in The New York Times offices, as they were writing about Trim, they tried it out and discovered that they were spending three digits monthly on nine items. So they immediately canceled two of them, which were unnecessary for their daily activities.

Trim app review – the tool that will give your finances a turn

This is the new era of technology, and we are experiencing even more changes in our lives. Being able to learn new skills on the internet, to pay your bills with one click, and to feel released from sicknesses like cancer with virtual reality are some examples that technology is here to stay. Therefore they felt the need to help even more to their customers; they needed to give some back up in this fast world.

We are not always aware of what is going on in every aspect of our lives. Thus it was a must to have an app like Trim, which would release a lot of stress from us. It was revealed in this Trim review that it has a powerful impact on our customers’ lifestyle; they do not worry anymore about their bills, so they gain more time for the things they love to do instead.

What we discovered

Trim is the app for you! It can save you money while you are working or sleeping. They take care of your bills, negotiate with your providers, take advantage of time-limited offers to save you even more money.

You decide what items to be charged for! You must authorize Trim to unsubscribe yourself from the things you do not want.

Have you ever imagined this scenario? Someone by a reasonable cost would put on the phone and call your bank to tell them, “Hey! this fee is unfair; I want a refund…” He gets you a refund, and he deposits the money to you on your preferred payment method. Isn’t that great? Would you take the opportunity?

With Trim app you can save in the following categories:

Cable – There is a reason for everything, right? Then why do you get small increases on your cable bill for no reason every single month? Maybe this has happened to you. If so, you must be aware of how stressful it can be negotiating about charges; they do not always explain to you as concise as you would want to hear it.

Internet – To be connected will not mean extra charges anymore in your bills. The Internet is a utility nowadays. Therefore there are many vias you can cut this expense to its minimum.

Phone – Are you paying what you consume out of your phone? Is it fair the amount your provider cash out monthly?

Medical bills – Imagine you could save even on your medical bills, excessive insurance fees could be an example. Even getting medicine at a lower price or taking advantage of promotions.

These key items may the costing you a lot monthly, so it is a must for you to give them a look. Understanding the way your finances work will be the only way to improve and get you to the next level.

Unwanted subscriptions capability

At the end of the month, how much do you pay on credit cards? Do you know what it costs you that amount of money? If not, then you may need Trim to check this out. Old subscriptions are the more dangerous ones because we do not always remember every site we have checked in with our credit card.

You will get as quick as you type “Subscriptions” an immediate response by Trim on your phone detailing all your subscriptions. Want to cancel anyone? You can ask Trim to do it for you, they will take care of calling providers, putting in contact with them, and if they are not available, their AI will type them all the requirements and will automatically interact with the provider. Isn’t that amazing?

Negotiation capability

Have you ever wondered how useful it would be an app that makes the hardest part of a deal? Yes, we are talking about negotiation. Not all of us are capable of doing it effectively and get what we want. Have you ever said yes with no reason? For something you did not wish to.

This is where you can get the most valuable part of Trim. Now the providers will face our team of experts in negotiation; they will be speaking to someone who will take care of our money, even more than we do. We may not think like that just yet, but let’s wait until the first year of savings.

Then you will get an extra check, and Trim will say, look this is what we have saved. This is what we call intelligence in your pocket! Of course, negotiation feature on Trim costs an approximate amount to the 3rd part of your savings, you can choose if it is worth it for you or not.

Alerts in your account

As we said earlier, you will be in touch anytime with Trim. You will be able to receive notifications and alerts via Messenger or directly in your Trim account. Are you spending too much on a specific app? Are you doubling your bills with your credit card? Trim will tell you!

So it consists of a financial coach who will be helping you on the way to financial healthiness.

Trim review – Costs

We have explored what Trim has to offer, but, is this all for free? As we mentioned above, yes, most Trim app services are free, which means you can access by just registering directly to our app and linking your bank/credit card provider accounts.

Therefore as Trim is giving free service, you may think, “How do they monetize?” They will do it out of negotiations. Negotiating for your bills will generate a cost that will not be charged in any way to you, but it will be taken from the amount they save. Let’s say Trim save $300 in 2019; they would cost you approximately $100, so what you will be receiving will be $200 just by letting them save money for you.

About the security

Now you have a complete idea of what Trim is all about you may be thinking about joining us. How can you trust a free service for your financial information? Their clients know there is no way they can get any funds from your accounts since they have read-only access to your financial accounts.

They also offer bank-level security with 256-bit SSL encryption and two-factor authentication. This will ensure all the information they have access to and your data, which, by the way, will not be used or sold without your authorization.

Trim also use Plaid for connections between over 15k financial institutions and us across the United States of America; This will secure the transport of your credentials from the registration form directly to your bank or credit card provider. Then, as a result, there will be an encrypted token delivered to us by Plaid giving Trim read-only access to your account.

Why should I use this app?

If you got here, then you must be aware than there is no other thing as important as taking care of what is yours. Now you can give the first step to complete financial freedom by getting released from the worries; there will be someone you can trust taking care of it!

Let’s assume you have already decided to work with Trim; now you will be able to think more about what to invest in, how to improve on your career, instead of thinking about debts that you have to cover. You can start measuring your expenses from now, and the most important thing is that you will be aware and conscious about what is going on in your finances.

Most rich are not worried about debts; they would worry about how to create something that will give them a passive income permanently. By the way, they have accountants who manage their bank accounts and credit card debts. They have assistants who would take care of negotiating their debts, their subscriptions, and others. You will get a premium service, all the features you could or could not afford will come to you freely.

Why should I not use this app?

You may have realized that if you are a very disciplined person talking about your finances, you may feel that you do not need such a tool like this. Maybe if you have different bank accounts and you are aware of where your money is at every moment, then you may not get as much as benefits from Trim.

You may be able to do everything Trim does without needing anybody to know anything about you.

Maybe you just do not mind saving any money.

How to use this app?

To get into Trim, you would need to first register using an e-mail and a password (you can link your Trim profile to Facebook as well). Second, you will type your phone number to secure your account; in return, you will get a code that will allow you to go to the next step. Third, you will link your bank account by entering your complete information. Fourth, you will now be able to configure what do you want to save it and how you will receive notifications. That is it!!

Automation is the order of the day when referring to the Trim app. From now, you will be aware of everything inside your finances. You are just one message or notification away from being present because of how you spend/save your money is your decision.

Are there things we do not know about businesses?

For sure! We may not know everything. Some marketing and sales practices are not illegal but kind of take advantage of customers when they give their credit card information. Some strategies will make you pay more for certain subscriptions over time. These will be recognized when paying our usual debts, have you ever felt that you pay more than you should? That is what this is all about,

Most of them are known as ghost subscriptions. These will appear whenever we gave our credit card information, and they gave us for free any other subscription as a gift. So as time passes by, this subscription may not be free anymore, so it will generate costs. Then we say, when did I subscribe to this? Why are you charging me for this? No more!


We have discovered the app of the future; this will ease the management of our finances. This Trim app review has demonstrated it to be easy to use, secure, and committed to protecting our finances.

Trim takes control (for free) of your subscriptions, your internet, cable, phone, and medical bills. This app will let you decide which subscription is essential to you and will cancel those that you are not using at all. Talking about your bills Trim will make sure that you can not save more out of those,

This app will take care of taking advantage of exclusive bonuses and promos you can access. For a reasonable portion of your savings, they would negotiate with your providers to get you even more savings!

The ultimate tool will let you give an in-depth look into your finances. You will be conscious of what is happening all the time and how your money is moving.

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