Does Walmart Accept Apple Pay?

As one of the largest retail businesses in the US, Walmart has stores all across the country. They have items in bulk which are reasonably priced adding to the convenience of the consumers. Walmart has always been very open to experimenting with new payment methods, now the question is does Walmart take Apple Pay?

In this article, we aim to take you through the process of payments at Walmart, but before that let us understand what is Apple Pay.

Understanding Apple Pay

A contactless payment method, Apple Pay is a payment system that operates on Apple products. Using Apple Pay, you can store all your debit and credit cards digitally on your Apple device.

There are around 507 million users across the globe who accept Apple Pay as a payment method, as going to the store with a wallet seems to be very outdated now. Using Apple Pay, you can also make one-tap purchases with apps that have the Apple Pay API.

Does Walmart Accept Apple Pay?

Does Walmart Accept Apple Pay?

According to the latest information, Walmart does not accept Apple Pay. The probable reason for this may be because Apple Pay uses NFC, which is the acronym for near-field communication technology that helps in linking funds to purchases. But, Walmart isn’t supportive of NFC technology yet.

Credit or debit cards like MasterCard, Visa, American Express, PayPal, cash and checks are accepted by Walmart.

Why Does Walmart Not Support Apple Pay?

There are a couple of reasons for this, but here are the most important ones:

  1. Processing Fees

One of the key reasons for Walmart to not accepting Apple Pay is that it requires processing fees. And, it is Walmart that has to pay varying processing fees which might actually reduce their profits.

  1. Walmart Pay

Walmart may not be accepting Apple Pay, but they have their own digital wallet called Walmart Pay which sends notifications which help them interact with their customers at ease.

How to Use Walmart Pay?

As of now, and according to all information available, Walmart is not likely to accept Apple Pay. However, there is a chance that if the Walmart app is inactive ever in the future, then they might consider switching to Apple Pay, but that seems difficult for now.

With the advent of digital coupons and payment wallets, both online and offline shopping has become much easier, letting people purchase with just a click of a button. Also, the Walmart Pay app is free to use for both the users of Apple and Android.

To get started, all you would need to do is download the Walmart app on your phone, then you need to select “Services” from the list of features, then tap on “Walmart Pay”, and click on “Get Started”. Now, you can create an account on Walmart, and now you would want to select your credit or debit card, accept terms and conditions, and then select “Go to Walmart Pay”, create a passcode, and then Walmart Pay while checking out.

What Are The Benefits of Contactless Payment Methods?

Contactless payments are always easy to deal with, and they are becoming even more popular day after day. Some of the perks of using them are:

  1. Simplicity

Contactless payments often make use of scanners and one does not need to touch or enter any kind of card number. Most of the stores these days accept Apple Pay and other forms of contactless payments, adding to the benefits for the consumers.

Does Walmart Accept Apple Pay?

  1. Convenience

Any kind of contactless payment is beneficial for any kind of business transaction. Also, most mobile payments are very convenient as the consumers can make use of the payment method that they chose without any kind of hassle.

  1. Security

At a time when there have been too many cyber frauds and data leaks, security always has been a top concern. Contactless payment services come with security, and there are lesser chances of breaches.

A lot of times people tend to mix up Walmart Pay and the Walmart mobile app, and the easiest way to distinguish is that Walmart Pay is classified as a wallet that has all the payment methods, and the Walmart app can be used to shop online.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Does Walmart accept Apple Pay?

No, as of now Walmart does not accept Apple Pay, you can use cash, cards, or Walmart Pay to make purchases.

  1. Do I get cashback with Walmart Pay?

You can get cashback if you Walmart Pay and link it to a rewards credit card with your account.

  1. Why can’t I use Apple Pay at Walmart?

Using Apply Pay involves a processing fee which can lead Walmart to incur losses on every purchase, so they are not supportive of Apple Pay.












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