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Online shopping has become a popular method of many-a-shoppers. After all, you can have anything you want to be delivered to you from the comfort of your home with a couple of clicks. So it stands to reason that you would wish to the ideal prices for your shopping. But how do you know you’re getting the best deal for your buck? This is where Wikibuy comes in.

Essentially, Wikibuy is a price-searching assistant that locates the best deals for the product you are interested in. You can compare prices amongst multiple different sites and companies that offer the same product but for different prices-saving you time and money. So you, if you found your product for, let’s say, $10 on Amazon, Wikibuy would show you that there’s a better deal on another site like eBay for $6!

In this article, we’ll discuss precisely what Wikibuy is, its money-saving features, comparisons between Wikibuy and Honey, and more!

What is Wikibuy?

Wikibuy was founded in 2014 by Johnathan Coon, an American businessman. It was bought by Capital One on Nov 20, 2018. It has been rising in popularity and has become one of the most popular softwares for shopping.

Wikibuy is 100% free! Not only is it safe to use, but it’s completely free, and no charges are also made.

If you’re spent any length of time doing online shopping, you know how much of a hassle it is to search through multiple sellers to find the best price. This is where Wikibuy can save you a lot of time and money! Wikibuy is a browser extension that seeks to give you the most affordable and best deals for your product. It automatically searches the net and sites to find the lowest prices of the item you’re seeking to purchase. Now that’s convenient!

Not only does it search for the best deals you can get, but it also searches for coupons you can use. Finding and using coupons can be difficult and laborious, with your spending all your time trying to get a coupon, and then it doesn’t work. Wikibuy fixes this issue entirely by searching for coupons that apply for your product and the best part, they work! These coupons have been tested and are entirely free to use.

You can apply them to any product and save money! Coupons will be found for any product, regardless of what you’re searching for. Simply search for a product, and a coupon will be there; just click apply to get the discounted offer, and you can save significant time.

Everyone wants to save money, and we’ll be showing you how we can do precisely that!

Wikibuy’s Money-Saving Features

1. Universal Product Search

One of the best features of Wikibuy is its universal product search. This useful tool allows you to search for a product on their website, eliminating the need to search for it online. Let’s say you want to buy a watch, you can search for it in their search engine, and many options will appear with the best deals and coupons. You can further customize your search results with the filters on the left such as, “Price,” “Brands,” etc. Not only that, but it also includes many useful details such as price history, deals from other sellers, alternatives to the product, reviews, and more!

After you finish searching for the product, Wikibuy will show you the best deal for the said product and similar sales you can find on other sites and sellers. These can give you an informed decision on what the best deal is for your product.

2. Wikibuy Coupon Codes

When you’re buying a product, you want to make sure you have the right coupons, and finding one can take all your time and effort. With Wikibuy, you no longer have to as it automatically searches for and finds coupons and promo codes you can apply directly to your product! But where do these codes come from? The secret lies within the members.

Whenever you or another member finds and uses a code, Wikibuy stores it in its database and makes it available for everyone to use! It automatically detects if the coupon is working or not and makes it available for everyone to use. Some of these coupons are from single members, but others can be from groups or larger organizations. So you no longer have to go and search for coupons that may not work, Wikibuy will automatically provide you working coupons!

3. Price Drop Alerts

If you’re looking to buy a particular product, but the price seems too high, you can use this feature to save you time and money. Wikibuy uses this feature to alert you when the cost of the product you’re interested in drops, hence the name. There are things to note about this feature, however.

It only sends you the notifications through email; there is no other way to receive it. Only people who have looked at at-least four products and have a savings of $20 will receive these alerts. Also, you may not choose what you want to be notified about as they only notify you about products you were previously interested in. You will also only be reported twice a week, as that is the only time that notifications are sent out.

There are a couple of other things too, but this may be useful for saving some money when you’re not sure if you want to buy a product at the current time.

4. Wikibuy Credits

This feature is especially useful for long-term use. Using Wikibuy will earn you “Wikibuy Credits,” which you can use to receive money back and buy things with! All you have to do is be subscribed, and you will rack up the credits. With these credits, you can purchase many items on retail sites and stores, even coupon codes.

5. Cashback

When you make purchases at a seller, you’re offered cashback. For example, if you’ve purchased on Walmart, you can get 2% cashback! Other places include 9% on JCPenny and 1% from Dell. You can even get 4% cashback from local stores and restaurants. For the local programs, you have to enroll in the Wikibuy Local Offers program. After doing so, find the local deals presented on the website. These deals are in the “Featured Offers” on the Wikibuy website.

6. Wikibuy Featured Offers

More on the featured offers; you can earn special discounts and coupons by purchasing straight from the site. Shown in their dashboard, they have many options for you to choose from and save! These featured offers can earn you cashback and Wikibuy credits, which you can use to save further! All you have to do is use their universal product search feature on their website and search for the best deals.

Wikibuy contains many products and items on its database, and you will be sure to find what you’re looking for. If you don’t, Wikibuy will show you what retail stores and sellers contain the best deals for said product.

7. Amazon Price Comparing Tool

If you love to use Amazon to shop, as most people do, you’ll love this feature of Wikibuy. When you’re searching for your product, Wikibuy works in the background to search for the best deals from other sellers and informs you immediately in a little widget on your product page. How useful!

Wikibuy iOS and Android App

If you’re on a mobile platform, you can download the app available for iOS and Android. The process between mobile and desktop is a bit different. As shown, the installation process is different, and for the mobile users, you can search for the products, and Wikibuy will show you the best prices of the sellers. However, you should note that the app isn’t as integrated as the desktop version.

Its reviews are not as high, with only 2.6 stars for the iOS and only 2.3 stars in the Google Play Store.

WikiBuy vs. Honey

Now that we’ve talked about Wikibuy, what about its cousin Honey? (Note that this software are not at all related) Honey does a similar thing to Wikibuy as it tracks the best prices for the product you’re seeking. When you’re at a product, a popup will appear on your page with the best deal Honey has found. So what makes these different and which is better?

Honey uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to search for the best deals it can find for you. Upon doing so, a little popup will appear and show you a better deal. You’ll find that Honey’s ratings and reviews are just as high as Wikibuy, and it’s widely considered to be one of the best software to help save you money while shopping.

One of the downsides to using Honey is that although it finds coupons for you, it doesn’t always have one. Now to be fair, you can’t always expect to see amazing coupons for your product, but it is a downside.

Another downside is that no mobile app exists for Honey. This can be upsetting to many people who want to use their phones for shopping, as the option simply doesn’t exist. It can be an inconvenience to be limited to the only desktop for those who want to shop on the run or directly from their phone.

Wikbuy Pros and Cons

With everything, there are pros and cons to having it. Here we will list the benefits and disadvantages that Wikibuy will offer you:


  • Completely free
  • It saves you time and money
  • Useful coupons


  • It shares and tracks your data with other parties.
  • Longer shipping time
  • Seems to work better on Chrome than other browsers

Honey: Pros & Cons

To give you a reference point with Wikibuy, we listed out all the advantages and disadvantages of Honey as well:


  • Easy to use and understand
  • Saves you time and money
  • Finds coupons


  • Doesn’t always have coupons
  • No mobile app

Both of these have similar features and are useful in saving you time and money. However, between these two options, Wikibuy seems to be the favored software as it has more features and usability. But we can’t decide for you; you should go out and try both of these to see which is better for yourself!


Is Wikibuy trustable?

Yes. Wikibuy is backed by Capital One and highly rated in the Chrome store with 4.7 out of 5 stars and thousands of reviews.

Is Wikibuy safe?

Yes, Wikibuy is safe to use and widely used by many shoppers, but you may want to take caution about it sharing data with third parties.

What’s the downside of Wikibuy?

It shares your data with third-party software, which may not be safe if you’re worried about your information being shared.

How to install Wikibuy?

Now that we’ve talked about the features Wikibuy has, how do you install it?

You head on down to the website, and from there, you will have to create an account. This account is 100% free. You just have to provide your information such as name, email address, shipping information, credit cards, etc. You can also indicate if you have Amazon Prime since one of its features involves using Amazon. After filling out your information, all you have to do is install the extension browser. Then you’re all set to find amazing deals, easy.

How do you uninstall Wikibuy?

To uninstall Wikibuy, go to “Manage Extensions,” and select “Remove Extension” underneath Wikibuy.


Wikibuy is useful software for all your shopping needs. It helps you save time and money with its immediate better deals and discounts. If you love to shop, it’s worth trying. It’s simple, free, and useful.

Try Wikibuy today and save big!

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