Online Slots Myths Debunked

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While there are a few things players should take into account when choosing a game with online slots, most online slots myths – if not all – are untrue. Factors players should take into account when choosing slots at shouldn’t consist of any online slots myths, so we’re on hand to help. Read on for online slots myths debunked!

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Why Online Slots Myths Exist

So, when a player goes to a game with an online casino and slots, there are some factors which he or she will take into consideration when choosing casino games. Factors like deciding how much to wager, what you want to win, and choosing a slot theme are usually most thought about.

It’s this kind of thinking, however, which is partly responsible for spurring online slots myths and some of the rumors around the online casino scene. Another theory is online slot myths were put out into the rumor mill to try and keep online casino lovers away from slots to enter land casinos and online slots.

Biggest Slots Myths Debunked

#1 Slot Games Wins are Predetermined

One of the biggest myths around online slot machines is one that is, unfortunately, the most commonly believed. That is that most, if not all, wins with online slot games is “due” or “predetermined.” This is supposedly especially the case if that online slot machine hasn’t paid out in a while.

But this just isn’t the case with slots or jackpot slots – neither slot games have a predetermined payout time. While it sounds logical for slots to have a predetermined payout time, online slots can’t be programmed for this. Jackpot slots simply payout when a player has gotten lucky enough to win.

#2 You Lose Slots with Autoplay

Another slot myth that people commonly believe is players get a better chance of winning with slots when they don’t play in autoplay. Or, in other words, playing slots in autoplay mode means you’re more likely to lose. Again, this simply isn’t true, while it sounds like perhaps this could be the case with slots.

However, this again, logically cannot be the case with slots. Online slot machines function with a random number generator, and as such, it’s unable to tell whether a player is gaming with slots manually or in autoplay. The random number generator in slots has no influence whatsoever on whether or not players win.

Online Slots Myths Conclusion

Online slot machines have a tonne of myths attached to them, like all things in life, which are relatively new and not yet fully understood by everyone. There are loads of theories as to why online slots myths exist, the most prevalent being to simply put people off slots.

We hope we’ve cleaned up the myths out there, and shown how this kind of manipulation of luck in slots is just not possible. There are plenty of different types of slots out there for you to win with, no myths necessary. Why not head to an online casino and try one for yourself today?

This article has been financially reviewed by Ben Heir, CFA

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