Milestones that affected the Online slots industry

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Although slot machines are the most recent casino game invented, it is for sure the one which has changed the most throughout the years. With the internet and the new technological changes, this game has changed further – play now at Star Slots. Starting from the first rudimental machine, let’s see some of the milestones that affected the slot industry.

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The Liberty Bell

It was 1895 when the American Charles Fey introduced the very first slot machine, the Liberty Bell. If you are curious to see it, you can find it exposed at the Liberty Belle Saloon in Nevada. Based only on 3 reels and only one pay line, this mechanical machine was pretty rudimentary.

To let the reels start spinning, you just had to push the side lever. Like each classic fruit machine, its symbols were fruit icons, diamonds, spades, and stars. To win, players just need to land 3 identical icons. This slot machine gained popularity very soon.

The great depression

The first years of 1900 were very sad for slot machines. During the so-called Great Depression, there were very strict controls on the casino industry. This has stopped them from growing for a while.

The first electromechanical slots

With a very simple architecture, the first machines launched were not very rewarding. We have to wait for 1963 for the first electromechanical slot machine launched by Bally, the Money Honey. The side lever got substituted by a push button. There were some electric engines located inside the machine that made them work.
We have to wait for 1976 for the first video slot. With a screen and a display with the game paytable, it was named Fortune Coin and was introduced in Nevada by Walt Fraley.

Online slots

The first online slot appeared in 1996. Since that year, casino websites never stopped growing. Originally with a few reels and pay lines, they were mainly fruit machines.
Now, their variety is incredible. You can find 5-reels, 7-reels, 9-reels slots with up to 260 pay lines.

Based on TV-series, cartoons, or the ancient population of warriors, these games are now similar to video games. Also, the strong competition between online casinos brings every day many new offers and bonuses. Among them, we can mention the welcome bonuses, the deposit, and the VIP ones. The welcome bonuses allow players to even double their initial stake only by making a deposit. Also, they award players with many free rounds. Playing this casino game has become more entertaining than ever.

Recently, technological transformations have changed these machines even further. Virtual reality, for example, has drastically changed the way players approach these machines. Armed with pieces of virtual equipment, players can dive themselves into a parallel world where they have an active role in the game.

Also, the 4-D graphics and the engaging special effects have made the experience of playing this game more unique than ever.

Not to mention the introduction of virtual money and cryptocurrency. The number of casinos that now accept virtual money as a form of payment is growing every day more. This makes payment safer, more reliable, and incredibly fast.


If we think about the very first slot, we can easily claim that this game has changed a lot. It has perfectioned itself up to become the masterpiece of the gambling industry.

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