Lucky Bingo Numbers from Films and TV

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Sometimes, it’s difficult to choose the numbers you think are going to be lucky and you can spend a large amount of valuable time thinking about which numbers to choose. But sometimes there can be more fun ways to go about choosing these potentially lucky numbers for when you need them in Barbados Bingo. Looking back at the lucky numbers that have been used in well-known films and TV programs is a great way to go about this and has been known to be very fortuitous on many occasions. Why don’t you see if these already lucky numbers can be just as lucky for you next time you have to choose your Bingo numbers?

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Lost Bingo Numbers

We were thrown riddle after riddle when the hit TV series, Lost, hit our screens, and this program involved a series of very specific numbers. Though these numbers for just as fortunate as they were unfortunate for the characters in Lost, all was not lost when they were involved with one of the most loveable characters in the series, Hurley.

Hurley used the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42 to land a big lottery win. Having landed such an impressive windfall, Hurley noticed that the people around him suddenly ran out of luck and only negative things were happening in their lives. We don’t want anything negative happening to you, we want you to have Hurley’s good luck, so why not try his winning number combination and see if you can land a hefty windfall too?

Bingo Lottery Ticket

It sounds like a bit of a random mix but the film called The Lottery Ticket was a big hit and you could use the numbers from that film to play in your next game of Bingo. The lead character, Kevin Carson, who was actually played by Bow Wow, went out one day and bought a lottery ticket with his Grandma. They decided that they would use the numbers that they have found inside of a fortune cookie to see if these numbers brought them any luck.

They brought Kevin and his Grandma a big fortune, landing them $375 million for their troubles. This is a great film, filled with risk and uncertainty, just like any game of Bingo, but will Kevin’s neighbors manage to get their hands on his winning lottery ticket before he has time to cash in his winnings? If you fancy using the lucky numbers from the hit 2010 film The Lottery Ticket, then use 4, 21, 32, 33, 42, and 45 but don’t tell our neighbors about it!

It Could Happen to You!

When a cop has dinner at a restaurant, he realizes that he does not have the right amount of money to leave the waitress the correct tip. Instead, he makes her a promise that if he wins the lottery he will split his winnings with her. Incredibly, he does win the lottery, heading straight back to the restaurant to keep his word to the beautiful waitress.

Although the cop’s wife is not too happy about him keeping his promise, he still keeps his word with the waitress, and through lots of amusing and dramatic moments, they share their winnings together. We are sure she’s not the only waitress in the world to be keen to share big winnings, so if you have your eye on a beautiful waitress, why not use the numbers 6, 8, 12, 16, 26, and 64 to see if you can share your winnings with someone you love today?

Paycheck Bingo

2003 gave us the gift of a Ben Affleck film. In the film, Affleck plays the role of a technology analyzer, where he decides to keep an eye on what his competitors are able to do behind the scenes without them knowing so that he can make some amendments to his own computer programs and being able to compete with them in a better way. Affleck knows that he is doing something illegal, so he continually wipes the memory of his computer so that he cannot get caught by anyone who suspects he is up to no good.

But does he remember to write down the winning sequence of numbers before he wipes his computer for the final time? We think he must have as his bank account showed no red when he had been using the numbers 4, 17, 22, 26, 37, 44, and 70. So if you would like to give your bank balance a boost, perhaps you should try using this set of numbers?

Waking Ned Devine

It may not be the happy start to a film that you imagined but it’s certainly a fun film to watch as a whole village is thrown into great panic, wondering what they can do to save the winnings of a man who…died. Ned, the man who died clutching his winning lottery ticket is now the owner of a large sum of money, but what happens when you die before you have a chance to cash in your winnings?

This is a clever film that shows just how evil money can be as you witness a community trying to outsmart the National Lottery and steal Ned’s winnings for themselves and their own good. But what did happen to this poor man’s winnings? Question yourself, question your motives, and question your morals, but there is certainly no need to question your winning numbers if you use the same numbers as Ned did. They were 4, 7, 19, 25, 29, and 40.

Though we hope that the excitement of winning Bingo using these numbers won’t literally be heart-stopping for you, we do hope that you have a great deal of excitement from using them and from playing Bingo. People do have a habit of getting very engrossed in the game of Bingo once they get going so be prepared for anything happen but enjoy yourself to the max. You might just be in for the biggest win ever and this could change your life!

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