Is Pokemon an Anime

Are you a fan of Pokemon World? And does this question bother you too – Is Pokemon an Anime? If so, read on to find out and learn more about Pokemon.

Pokemon is the phenomenon that took over the world in the mid and late 90s. Today it is one of the highest-grossing franchises in existence.

A man named Satoshi Tajiri came up with the idea of Pokemon (Pocket Monsters) but had absolutely no money to make it. He was eventually funded by an outside company and was able to fund his one-day billion-dollar franchise.

Pokemon Red and Blue came out in 1996, with the anime coming out just the following year in 1997. They quickly became popular throughout Japan and the rest of the world. Pokemon fans can be found all over the world. And its popularity has only skyrocketed in over 25 years since its creation.

But one major question that often comes up among pokemon fans; “Is Pokemon an anime?” Many people claim that its art style differs from traditional anime art, while others declare that it doesn’t. So, Is Pokemon an anime?


Is Pokemon an Anime

Pokemon Anime TV Series

The Pokémon anime has aired for over two decades, with many fans having grown up with the show. The show stars a ten-year-old whose dream is to become the greatest Pokémon master ever.

He journeys through (as of right now) 8 regions. Battling other Pokémon trainers, earning gym badges, making friends, and catching new Pokémon along the way.

He makes new friends, whom he eventually leaves as their passions take them on different roads. He also leaves his Pokemon at Professor Oak’s Lab in his hometown of Pallet Town. The only person who stays with him throughout his entire journey is his trusty pal Pokémon Detective Pikachu.

For the question “Is Pokemon an anime?” There can only be two possible answers to this … yes or no. That much is obvious. But it’s the way people perceive the answer of “yes, Pokémon is an anime.”

But let’s first start with why people say that the Pokemon anime is not an anime.

Why People Say Pokemon is not anime

They state that the art style is very cartoony and not like most anime art styles of its time or of today. I personally consider the Pokemon anime to be an anime. So I’m gonna quickly refute this with a quick fact.

There is no real distinct anime style. Each anime show has its own drawing style. Naruto and Jojo’s Bizzare Adventures are two incredibly popular animes worldwide. Every anime fan and even non-anime fans (at least for Naruto) recognize the characters.

The anime Naruto, for example, would not be considered any less of an anime than Jojo’s Bizzare Adventures. The two animes have very different styles of drawings. Yet each community wholeheartedly believes that their show is an anime. No one says otherwise!

Is Pokemon an Anime

“Anime” in Japanese literally translates to animation. It’s just how they say animation over there. In this context, western cartoons such as Spongebob or Tom and Jerry could be classified as anime.

Pokémon is even made in Japan, the heart of anime. That by itself means that it is 100% an anime. The word “cartoon” here in the west is used to describe western-style animation. On the other hand, the word “anime” is used to describe Japanese-style animation.

These are shows made for entire families to sit down and watch together, mostly silly little shows. Pokémon holds Japanese-style art.

Is Pokemon an Anime

Differences between Cartoon and Anime Series

Here are some of the definitions of a cartoon and anime.

  • Cartoons: A drawn-out style of cinematography that often exaggerates its subjects in a humorous or satirical way. It is an illustration drawn in an unrealistic or sometimes semi-realistic manner. They are images whose main intention is satire, humor, or caricature.
  • Anime: A type of Japanese cinematography that is animated in the Japanese art style. It refers to a hand-drawn or computer-generated animation with the Japanese art style.

Using the same logic that anime just means animated cartoons in Japanese, many have stated that anime and cartoons are synonymous. That is, they are the same thing. This means that whatever we consider an anime is also a cartoon, and whatever we consider a cartoon is also an anime.

I personally don’t really believe in this since both art styles are very different when you put them side to side. Firstly, Cartoons, in general, are targeted at families to watch together. While anime can be for kids, teens (shonen and shojo), and adults (seinen). There are just too many differences between the two animation styles for me to believe these claims.

Difference between Pokémon Black and Black 2

It’s no secret that Pokemon has brought tons of great adventures for its fans over the years. Whether it’s the TV series or the video game sector, Pokemon World is undoubtedly a favorite to many people.

Pokemon fans have enjoyed Pokémon Black and Black 2 for years now. But can you pinpoint the differences? I know they might look almost similar, but these differences will show you just how different these two are.

The first thing you notice when comparing the two games is the graphics. Black 2 looks a lot more polished than Black. It also features full touch screen support and improved camera controls. The game-play has also been tweaked a bit, with new features such as the Pokémon World Tournament and joining Team Plasma.

Generally, Pokemon Black 2 is a sequel to the original Pokemon Black. The events seen in the later version are supposed to have happened some years after the previous game.

Other notable differences include:

  • The later version has much more content and characters.
  • The story is much more fleshed out in Pokemon Black 2.
  • There are new areas to explore.
  • You can find different kinds of Pokemon in the game.
  • The difficulty level has been increased.

All in all, both Pokémon Black and Black two offer great gaming experiences that any fan would love. If you’re looking for a longer and more fleshed-out game, then go for Black two. But if you want something shorter with just as much fun, then the original Black is perfect for you!

Key Take Away: Is Pokemon an Anime?

Pokemon, or Pocket Monsters, is an incredibly popular franchise, ranging from its popular games, anime, cards, and merchandise. From this, it has stemmed many questions and debates. One of them is “Is Pokemon an Anime?”

Speaking from my own experience, I believe mostly non-Pokemon fans think of Pokemon as a cartoon, while Pokemon fans consider it an anime. Even most anime fans believe Pokemon is an anime.

I think we know who to believe. The people who have watched Pokémon TV series for years on years, or those who’ve only heard of the show or watched small segments. In the end, the Pokemon show is an anime.

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What is considered anime?

Anime is a Japanese animation style.

What is considered a cartoon?

Cartoons are considered animations targeted toward families using humor in them.

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