The 5 Crucial Steps to Becoming a Successful Financial Coach

Money has been one of the primary causes of stress, even before the COVID-19 economic crisis took place. Despite the increasing financial stress nowadays, there are less qualified professionals to help people who are suffering from it. Aside from financial advisors, financial coaches are what people look for these days. A financial coach doesn’t only […]

Online Slots Myths Debunked

myths facts

While there are a few things players should take into account when choosing a game with online slots, most online slots myths – if not all – are untrue. Factors players should take into account when choosing slots at shouldn’t consist of any online slots myths, so we’re on hand to help. Read on […]

UK Slot Machine Limited to two pound bets

UK Slot Machine Bets

Believe it or not, bookmakers – or the bookies, have been around since the 60s. A staple at the racecourses throughout the UK, their status has risen in the ranks over the years and now they’re even digitally based and available at online casino sites. It’s interesting how casino games have evolved over the years. […]

Milestones that affected the Online slots industry

Online Slots Industry

Although slot machines are the most recent casino game invented, it is for sure the one which has changed the most throughout the years. With the internet and the new technological changes, this game has changed further – play now at Star Slots. Starting from the first rudimental machine, let’s see some of the milestones […]

Lucky Bingo Numbers from Films and TV

Lucky Bingo Numbers

Sometimes, it’s difficult to choose the numbers you think are going to be lucky and you can spend a large amount of valuable time thinking about which numbers to choose. But sometimes there can be more fun ways to go about choosing these potentially lucky numbers for when you need them in Barbados Bingo. Looking […]