Thelotter Review (2021) – Scam Site to Avoid or Legit Online Lottery?

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I have found theLotter one of the main options to consider and I summarized all their details below. Browse through the facts and have your questions answered so you can kickstart your plans without any delays. Let me show you why this site is often found at the top of review lists. 

Specs Overview

Payment options Card,Skrill, Neteller,  Paysafe, Trustly, Sofort, EPS, Bleue, CartaSi, Postepay, Bancontact, Rapid, PSE, Efecty, Safety Pay & Zimpler
Withdrawal options Card, Neteller, Bank transfer, Skrill
License information Regulated by Malta Gaming Authority
Customer support options Live chat, email, phone
Platforms you can use Browser, Android, iPhone, iPad
Supported languages English, German, French, Spanish, Portuegese, Italian, Polish, Romanian and more…
Bonus features Bundles, Syndicates, Promotions & VIP club


  • Intuitive website
  • Secure platform
  • Excellent customer support system
  • Respected lottery site for almost 2 decades
  • Lots of information available on the site
  • Lotteries from around the world
  • Helpful shortcuts 
  • VIP club


  • Apps aren’t ideal 
  • Some website features and buttons can improve
  • Payments don’t happen instantly
  • No starting bonus

theLotter Review

Time is money, so use these explanations to quickly coach you in the art of using theLotter. I cover all main questions and explain processes clearly with the help of images, so you can navigate on the platform effortlessly on day one. 

theLotter Explained

What is theLotter?

theLotter has been around since 2002 and has become a leading lottery site for players all over the globe. The company defines itself as a lottery ticket purchasing service, which means this entity buys a lottery ticket on your behalf. You can use either the website or an app and your mobile phone.

The platform serves as a source of information about various lotteries, it’s a purchasing service and it’s the medium through which you’ll receive your money.

How Does theLotter Work?

When you pick numbers on theLotter and confirm a lottery ticket’s purchase, this entity starts acting on your behalf. They have agents across the world who will go to brick and mortar stores and purchase a lottery ticket for you according to what you requested online.

Using the numbers you chose, they’ll complete the transaction with the store and then send you an email with a scanned copy of your ticket. This is your proof of having purchased a ticket and makes you eligible for winning money from that lottery. 

If you do pick correct numbers, your prize money will be deposited into your account via theLotter’s system. So, think if theLotter as your personal shopper when it comes to lottery tickets!

How Much Money Has theLotter Players Won?

You can easily check out the latest news about theLotter’s winners, because the platform has a page dedicated to winner stories. For example, you can read about a player who won $30 000 000 in 2017 in the Florida Lotto, even though she’s located in Panama. Or how about the guy in Iraq who won the Oregon Megabucks jackpot a few years ago? 

It’s clear you can win from anywhere!

In the 19 years since they first started back in 2002, theLotter has paid out:

  • $100 million+ in prize money
  • Prize money to 6 million+ players
  • Multiple R1 million winners
  • Jackpot winners

Who Can Use theLotter?

You can use theLotter for lottery playing from around the globe, but there are exceptions.

Restricted Countries

The latest updated list of restricted countries is:

  • France
  • Australia
  • Cambodia
  • Mongolia
  • Syria
  • Yemen
  • Israel
  • Afghanistan
  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Somalia
  • Sudan
  • Venezuela
  • Canada
  • United States, although players who are physically in Texas or Oregon can enjoy theLotter

This is according to theLotter’s customer service center when I asked them in February 2021. 

theLotter Platforms

theLotter caters for all players by providing quality service via both browsers and mobile apps. 

What is theLotter Like on Your Browser?

I don’t find theLotter’s pages as colorful or flashy as some other similar websites, and that’s actually a good thing. It’s uncluttered so it’s fairly easy to find what you’re looking for. The clean look also prevents newbies from feeling overwhelmed and there are helpful tabs in strategic places, for easy access. For example, you’ll often find the Help Tab on the right of your page.

I would appreciate some more menu options at the bottom, or enlarging buttons like ‘About us’ or Contact us’. Currently these are very small and they don’t stand out against other information. 

The platform does offer a wide range of information and the buttons at the top give access to the most important pages. Most menus are intuitive and there are explanatory bubbles to guide you through processes.

Thelotter Review (2021) - Scam Site to Avoid or Legit Online Lottery?

Is theLotter Mobile Friendly?

You can access theLotter through mobile apps too, using the same account you used on the browser. Just note that the functionality is limited. According to the website, you can pick numbers on your app but you’ll eventually be directed to the website browser to complete your transaction. What you selected will be transferred to the website and you can finish the process. 

This isn’t ideal, since you can just as well use the browser from the start, right? 

Android App

theLotter makes it easy to download the app via the link on their website but unfortunately the app doesn’t appear in the app store itself. For some people this is a red flag, but if you want to play on the go, give it a try.

Note that theLotter Lite app which I did find in the app store is mainly for providing lottery results, so you can’t do all you can do on the website. 

Handy features include results and jackpot alerts that you can set up according to your preferences. 

iPad & iPhone Apps

iOS users can also access theLotter, whether you prefer your iPad or iPhone. For iOS as well you can streamline your lottery playing by using the free services for lottery results alerts, jackpot alerts and a results checker. 

There is some flexibility with the iPad app where you have different display options of the tickets and different lotteries. Simply turn your device and the layout will adjust. 

Game Options 

Which Countries’ Lotteries can You Bet on?

theLotter allows you to pick lotteries from many different countries, including:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand
  • Peru
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • US
  • Ukraine

I really like how they list their lottery options and that you can organize them alphabetically or according to country. It makes it easy to find what you’re looking for or browse new options if you’re interested in a certain part of the world.

Online lottery jackpot

In one glance you can also see how much time you have left to pick your numbers before the draw. Even better, list them according to time left before the next draw. This helps you never miss a deadline. 

What are the Best Games on theLotter to Play?

Your idea of a best game could be based on the size of the lottery or the price of the ticket. It’s easy to find the biggest jackpot of the week on theLotter’s lottery list. Click on the ‘Jackpot’ icon at the top and the highest current jackpot will appear at the top of the list. 

online lottery jackpot by country

I would have liked it even more if they showed the single ticket prices on this list. This would make it easy to find the cheapest lottery ticket options. 

Playing on theLotter

How to Register on theLotter

Starting your journey on theLottery only takes a few seconds and it’s free to join. It’s also comforting to know that to get a sense of what the site has to offer, you don’t have to share a lot about yourself. All you need is a valid email address and you must say where you’re from.

The button to register is at the top of the page.

Sign up- login

The process is simple:

  • Click on Sign Up
  • Fill in your email address
  • Pick a password
  • Select the country you’re playing from

That’s all you need to access your new account dashboard. 

You can also consider accessing the site using your Facebook profile, but I prefer keeping all my different accounts separate. 

free account

How to Play on theLotter

To play any lottery, you can follow the easy workflow on theLotter. You shouldn’t find it overwhelming, since help features are available on each page. 

theLotter user profile

The basic steps each time will include:

  • Pick a lottery by using the dropdown menu or the row of options you’ll find at the bottom of your dashboard
  • Click ‘Play Now
  • View the virtual ticket and either use ‘Quick Pick’ which will appear when you hover the cursor over a ticket, or select your numbers manually.
  • You’ll see the cost of the ticket or tickets at the bottom.
  • Press ‘Play’ to submit your numbers

In order to place a bet you do need to make a deposit first. If you haven’t done so already, the platform will guide you through this process at this stage. Below I will explain in more detail how the payment process works. 

Your ticket is now purchased, which means theLotter’s agents will get the real ticket on your behalf. When you win money theLotter will notify you and help you claim your winnings. 

The theLotter Experience

Is theLotter User Friendly?

I find theLotter very intuitive and user-friendly. Any information I look for I can find within seconds, especially thanks to the platform’s expansive FAQ page. Even on other pages you’ll find valuable information, such as details about the lottery you’re playing. If you’re unsure what a Megaplier is or even if you want the latest news on the lottery you picked, chances are you’ll find some relevant text if you simply scroll down. 

The font and icons they use are clear and don’t confuse you, so navigating pages doesn’t take much time or effort.  

Does theLotter have Good Customer Support?

theLotter really impresses when it comes to customer support, both in quality of feedback and the list of options for communication. 

I prefer getting my answers quickly, so I really appreciate theLotter’s live chat option. You’ll find the button for this on the right hand side of your screen, so it’s easily accessible on most pages.  

I found the agents to respond within seconds and they gave relevant information in reply to my questions. 

Note that your chats won’t stay open indefinitely, so if you requested important information, copy it or you may lose it. Also, if you’ve been discussing a problem you don’t want to repeat everything to a new agent, so finish your query before getting sidetracked. After a while they close the chats and if you need to chat more you’ll start an entirely new conversation. 

custome support

If you do want to keep valuable information, end the chat and you’ll be asked some feedback questions. One of them is to request a transcript of the conversation.

custome support

There’s even a toll free number you can use and theLotter seems to have one of these for each country you can play from.

Email is also a support option but note that you do need to open your account before you’ll be able to use this feature. You can email them or use the contact form on their website to get the conversation started. 

If these methods are still not enough, use the platforms you probably use on a daily basis: WhatsApp and Messenger.

Whatsapp & Messenger icon

Money Matters on theLotter

What are Your Payment Options? 

theLotter caters with a long list of payment options that include:

  • Card – To a maximum amount of US$5 000
  • Skrill
  • Neteller – To a maximum amount of US$5 000
  • Paysafe
  • Trustly
  • Sofort
  • EPS
  • Bleue
  • CartaSi
  • Postepay
  • Bancontact
  • Rapid
  • PSE – this carries a minimum required amount of US$10)
  • Efecty – this carries a minimum required amount of US$10)
  • Safety Pay
  • Zimpler – To a maximum amount of US$5 000

In order to make your first payment you must provide more personal details:

  • Name
  • Birthdate
  • Address
  • Contact number

A form will guide you through the payment process. 

thelotter personal details

I appreciate the small details on theLotter’s platform, such as:

  • Asking you for a deposit limit: this helps manage your budget
  • Default payment option: you can change this whenever you want but it means you can load multiple options but certain steps in the payment process will happen automatically
  • Charges: All payment options can be used free of charge
deposit limit

theLotter only works with certain currencies and each payment method has a unique list of currency options, which you can view here. If your home country uses a different currency, the site will convert it to one of its chosen options during your transaction. 

How do You Make Withdrawals?

You’ll find the withdrawal button on your account dashboard. You can request payments in any of the following methods:

  • Card
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Bank transfer

This is a more limited list than your payment methods, so don’t assume you can use one method for everything. You’ll also have to wait anything from one to three days for payments. If you opt for a bank transfer, timelines vary. 

There are limits on withdrawal amounts. For amounts larger than US$2 000 and up to US$50 000, you’ll have to pick a bank transfer. 

Important note: if you win big there’s a chance you may have to travel to the hosting country of the lottery in order to claim a prize. 

How Does theLotter Make Money?

You don’t have to pay any commission on your winnings, but you’ll pay more for tickets compared to buying it yourself in a store. This is because theLotter asks a service fee for each ticket it has to buy on your behalf. 

Bonus Features on theLotter

Can You Expect Bonuses on theLotter?

theLotter does offer bonuses, but note that you’ll never be able to withdraw bonuses as money. 

What theLotter Promotions can You Look Forward to?

theLotter has many promotions, often a few happening at the same time. You can easily stay up to date with these thanks to the ‘Special Offers’ tab you’ll find on the right of your screen. Click and view to see what you want to partake in. 

special offers theLotter

How does Bundles & Syndicates Work?

Bundles and Syndicates are two handy options theLotter offers which means you pay a little less while improving your chances of winning.

With Syndicates you form part of a group of players that purchase a ticket together. If the numbers of that ticket wins, you share the prize. You can buy shares in this ticket – buy more shares to increase the percentage of the winnings you’ll be eligible for.

The benefit is that you can win without paying the entire ticket amount. You can be part of more ticket purchases, which increases your chance of winning, without spending as much as when buying multiple tickets on your own. 

With bundles you pay for a package: you get syndicate shares but you have a personal entry ticket. The attraction here is that you’ll pick the numbers you want, unlike when you buy regular syndicate shares. Also, you’ll get the entire prize if your numbers win.  

What’s the Benefit of Joining theLotter VIP Club?

If you’re a regular on theLotter, you’ll love the VIP Club:

  • You get up to 20% off on ticket costs
  • There may be multi draw discounts coming your way
  • Certain promotions are only open to VIP members
  • You’ll get more assistance managing your account

This club becomes an option when you’re on theLotter regularly, because you do need to accumulate points in order to join. You get points when you fund your account. The more points you have, the more impressive membership – with better benefits – you’ll have.

VIP levels

Security Features of theLotter

Is theLotter a Safe Lottery Site?

I contacted the site itself to get the latest security information. theLotter uses Geo-Trust Security and they confirmed that they use 128bit SSL encryption. Part of the safety features are your username and password, so make sure to pick a password others can’t guess. 

theLotter—Is it Legal?

theLotter is a reputable lottery site, which is operated by Lotto Direct Limited. This entity is registered in Malta and carries a license of the Malta Gaming Authority, numbered: MGA/B2C/402/2017

theLotter Complaints – what do People Say?

theLotter is well organized but when you compare it to other market leading lottery sites, the main thing missing is a start bonus. This will attract even more players, so I hope they consider it in future. 


How do I transfer money I won to my personal bank account?

You get your money in your bank account after doing a withdrawal. You can pick one of several payment options.

What does jackpot and locally taxed winnings refer to? 

You may not get the entire jackpot amount since tax payments apply in certain situations. Tax deductions may apply in the country hosting the lottery, or in your own country. 

Is there a connection between theLotter and official lottery entities?

No, theLotter is an independent organization, acting as a third party that purchases tickets and offers this as a service. 

theLotter—Quick Links

Want to find out more? Here are some links to the must see pages:

Final Word—Why Should You Try theLotter?

It’s clear to see why many people rate this lottery site so high! theLotter provides a simple yet effective platform to quickly play the numbers and hopefully win big. Their long time in the industry also gives me peace of mind to trust them with my money so I can hopefully make some more. 

Since it’s free to join up and there are many bonuses to look forward to, why not try it out today?

This article has been financially reviewed by Ben Heir, CFA Last Updated on March 24, 2021 by Ben Heir.

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