Lottosmile Review (2021) – Scam Site to Avoid or Legit Online Lottery?

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LottoSmile Review

When picking online lottery sites, trustworthiness is a main priority for me and that’s why I was willing to give LottoSmile a try. This site is connected to theLotter, a platform I already enjoyed, so I had some peace of mind in trusting it with my money.

While testing all its features for this review, I realized why people find it so enjoyable. I share these perks and all the practical facts with you in this comprehensive feedback article.

LottoSmile Overview

Payment optionsVISA, MasterCard, Diners Club, WebMoney, Bleue, CartaSi, Postepay
Withdrawal optionsVISA, MasterCard, Diners Club, Bank Transfer
License informationRegistered in Cyprus and operated by The Lotter Limited
Customer support optionsEmail, Live chat, Whatsapp, Phone
Platforms you can useBrowser, Android, iOS
Number of games55
Supported Languages15+


  • Related to trustworthy vendor TheLotter
  • Over 50 lotteries to pick from
  • User friendly layout
  • Mobile friendly website
  • Can use theLotter Android and iOS apps
  • Good customer service
  • Supports many languages
  • Excellent security
  • Many helpful features like automatic notifications


  • Limited payment methods
  • Not clear who can use the platform
  • Some pages lag

LottoSmile Review

The faster you get to know LottoSmile, the sooner you can start enjoying its advantages. I listed all different aspects of this lottery site below, so scroll tothe section you want to learn about and get some inside information. When you make an informed decision when playing online lotteries, you may increase your chances of winning and LottoSmile with its many game options is worth a try.

LottoSmile Explained

What is LottoSmile?

LottoSmile is a popular online lottery site, which was created mainly for players from India and South Asia. You can view LottoSmile as a sister site to the well-known theLotter since the site is run by the company called The Lotter Limited. Although they’re completely different sites, you’ll find some similarities in their operations.

As stated on the site, LottoSmile is an independent ticket purchasing service. There’s no association between the brand and any entity that hosts the lotteries you buy tickets of. LottoSmile simply makes it easy for anyone to buy lottery tickets, no matter where you are on the globe.

How Does LottoSmile Work?

As with theLotter, when you use LottoSmile you’re asking the vendor to purchase a lottery ticket on your behalf. After picking numbers and making a payment, agents of LottoSmile will obtain a ticket, scan it and send that to you as proof of your purchase. This will be your document to claim winnings that may come from the lottery ticket.

In this way, someone accessing LottoSmile from one country can take part in another country’s lottery games. LottoSmile will also help to get your winnings in your account, so you don’t have to contact the lottery hosts yourself.

Who Was the Biggest Winner on LottoSmile?

The big winners mentioned on LottoSmile are part of the winners on theLotter. This includes a lady from Panama who won a Florida lottery and she walked away with $30 million.

Who Can Use LottoSmile?

While this is a lottery site meant for players from India and some other Asian countries, it’s not exclusively for them. Users from many other countries can easily register and use the services, even without a VPN.

There are restrictions though. While players from Europe shouldn’t have a problem, players from certain areas in the US may not be given access.

Unfortunately, the website doesn’t provide a clear list of who can use the services. This was also not available when I requested it from customer services. However, you won’t waste too much time trying to figure out if you can play or not. The website is well set up to quickly send you a notification if you’re not allowed to play.

Also note that if you already have a theLotter account, the platform won’t allow you to open a LottoSmile account with that same email address. The two platforms use the same database, so it immediately recognizes you as an existing player and will direct you to theLotter. If you do want to experience LottoSmile in addition to theLotter, you can simply use an alternative email address and you’ll have no further problems.

LottoSmile Platforms

LottoSmile caters to players using computers as well as their mobile phones, but only by utilizing theLotter’s existing resources.

What is LottoSmile Like on Your Browser?

You can use the browser on your computer, but also try the same website on your mobile. LottoSmile’s website is mobile-friendly so it’s not too cumbersome to use on smaller screens.

I appreciated the range of pages and information they provide. For example, there are dedicated pages for results and to see the latest available jackpots. It just takes one click from the main page to get there, so it streamlines your navigation on the site.

There are also explanations throughout the workflows, so if you’re unsure about anything you can simply read up, look at the helpful notes or open the help tabs.

Play on Browser

Play LottoSmile on Browser

You can also organize some information according to your preference. Do you want to see the biggest jackpot or which lottery’s deadline is next? Simply click on the columns on the lotteries page and the site will rearrange the data for you, so your required information lands at the top.

Play LottoSmile on Browser

Can You Play LottoSmile on Your Phone?

If you do prefer apps to a browser, download either the Android or iOS app. There are links on each page of the website, so it’s easy to find. Just note that this will actually be theLotter’s apps. This is one of the resources the two brands share.

LottoSmile on Phone

Is it Easy to Navigate on the LottoSmile Platform?

LottoSmile is an organized, uncluttered online lottery site and you easily find the information you’re looking for. This is thanks to well-thought-out menus and for not adding too much unnecessary information.

I also appreciate their clear descriptions and explanations, using images and diagrams. This helps new players to quickly get the hang of new concepts.

Game Options

Which Countries’ Lotteries Can You Play?

LottoSmile caters to all types of players, thanks to its extensive list of games. At the time of writing, there are 55 lotteries you can pick from. Here’s the list:

CountryAvailable Lotteries

Monday Lotto

Oz Lotto

Powerball Lotto

Saturday Lotto

Superdraw Saturday Lotto

Wednesday Lotto




CanadaLotto 649
ChileClasico Laotto




Daily Million








Loto 6

Loto 7

Mini Loto




Melate Retro

New Zealand



OntarioOntario 49





Mini Lotto



Lotto 6/49

South Africa

Daily Lotto





El Gordo


La Primitiva


Cash Five

Lotto Texas

Lotto Texas Extra

Texas Two Step

United States


Mega Millions



Loto Maxima


Super Loto

What are the Best Games on LottoSmile to Play?

If you’re after the biggest jackpot of the week, it’s easy to view it by simply using the Lotteries tab on the main menu bar. The platform caters to all the popular lotteries such as Powerball from the US and EuroJackpot.

I would have liked to see a list of lotteries with prices of a single play. This would be a handy tool if you want to plan how to spend your money or prefer the lotteries that are less expensive.

Playing on LottoSmile

How to Register and Login on LottoSmile

You can create a profile on LottoSmile from almost any page of the website. The button is at the top of the website.

The fewer personal details I have to share just to check out a platform, the better. Here you give very little information to get started; only your email address, a password, and your country.


On a very simple but practical dashboard, you can manage all aspects of your plays. It’s not confusing and this helps you manage your money more responsibly.

My Account

To fund your account and start playing, you’ll need to fill in another form first.

Fill Personal Details

I like that LottoSmile adds features like a ‘Deposit Limit’ because it’s yet another way to help players play responsibly.

How to Play on LottoSmile

I really appreciate the intuitive workflow and clear directions of LottoSmile. After picking your lottery, you’re shown the numbers you can pick.

How to Play LottoSmile

You can use the tabs at the top to pick a syndicate or bundle option, so all your options are minimal clicks away. You’ll even see the syndicate icon on other pages, making it easy to choose this money-saving option.

How to Play

You can make your own selection or use features like ‘Quick Pick’ to let the system do it for you. When you’re happy with your numbers, simply continue with the ‘Play’ button at the bottom.

Scroll down further if you have any questions about the lottery you picked. There are elaborate explanations to help you understand each facet of the game.

The LottoSmile Experience

Is LottoSmile User Friendly?

During my research of the platform, I didn’t come across much that bothered me. It was easy to search for information and the graphics are clear.

On the FAQ page, I found the page sometimes lagged, and the same happened on theLotter, so this may be an issue they should look to solve.

Does LottoSmile have Good Customer Support?

LottoSmile does offer diverse customer service support options, so they cater to everyone. Personally, I usually prefer an online chat, so I was glad to see the Live Chat button on the right of the screen on the home page. There’s no need to waste time looking for the feature.

While testing it out, a customer support agent was immediately available to answer my questions, and the replies were clear and comprehensive. It didn’t feel like I was talking to a robot.

Customer Support

An impressive feature is that they offer their support services in 15 different languages.

If you prefer other methods, the vendor does offer email services too. You do need to sign up first and then you use the contact form on the website to start the conversation.

The platform mentions toll-free numbers but this will only pop up after you register and confirm your country of origin. I also found a mention on their contact page of the agents phoning you after you made an inquiry. For this, you can use their contact form.

There is a Whatsapp number as well, which can be as convenient as live chat. Simply click on their link and start typing.

Customer Support

LottoSmile Payments and Withdrawals in Detail

What Are Your Payment Options? 

The list of payment options on LottoSmile is definitely not as impressive as on theLotter. Some of the most popular options are covered, but not handy payment methods like Bitcoin or PayPal.

The ones you can use to top up your account are:

  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • Diners Club
  • WebMoney
  • Bleue
  • CartaSi
  • Postepay

For card and WebMoney payments, there are maximum limits of $5000 per payment. Your payment option also depends on the currency you’re using. For example, WebMoney is only relevant for US$ and €.

How do You Make Withdrawals?

Withdrawal options are also very limited, only offering the following:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • Diners Club
  • Bank transfers

There’s not really a minimum limit, but for withdrawals over $1000 or $2000, you’ll only be able to use bank transfers.

Do you Pay Taxes and Commission on LottoSmile?

When you make a withdrawal of your winnings, LottoSmile won’t take any commission. However, they have no control over matters like local taxes or the fees your bank may charge.

In terms of taxes, the jackpot amounts you see when vendors advertise lotteries are amounts before tax deductions. Many of the countries and lottery organizations that host the lotteries will deduct tax amounts before paying out winnings. This has nothing to do with LottoSmile. They’ll pay you whatever the lottery site pays out. There are some tax-free lotteries too, so if you want to sidestep the bothersome tax issues, try them.

You may also need to pay taxes on winnings if your company’s legislation requires it. To get clarity on what applies to you in your country, talk to local tax lawyers.

LottoSmile Extras

How do Bundles and Syndicates Work?

Why play alone if you’re stronger in numbers? That’s what lottery syndicates are for and it could help you win more money, faster, without spending more.

Basically, LottoSmile will purchase lottery ticket batches with certain numbers. You can join a syndicate of other players and purchase shares in these tickets. So, you get a chance of winning through that ticket, without paying the full amount. LottoSmile does all the organizing, so there’s no work on your part to find syndicate team members.

Your piece of the prize money will be determined by the share you own in a winning ticket.

The platform makes it easy to understand this process, such as clearly stating the shares left on each ticket.


LottoSmile caters to different preferences, so you can decide how you want to play as part of the syndicate. Simply join a certain type of syndicate:

  • Random selection
  • Systematic
  • Additional numbers match guaranteed
  • Guaranteed number match

The Bundles option on LottoSmile is closely related to the syndicates, but here you’ll pick your own numbers for tickets too. This is handy for those who believe they have certain lucky numbers and want to play them rather than only the numbers chosen by the syndicate system.

One attraction of this option is that you’ll usually get a discount when playing bundles. So you save money and you increase your odds of winning.

If in any of these arrangements there aren’t enough players who buy up the ticket shares, LottoSmile will cover the outstanding amount. This means you don’t risk losing out on a win just because there aren’t enough players joining your venture.

What is the VIP Club?

Of course, the VIP Club is a sales technique LottoSmile uses. The system motivates you to keep playing because if you’ve earned enough points, you become eligible for VIP treatment. This can include:

  • Discounts
  • Assistance with managing your account
  • Promotions only VIP members have access to

The points you’ll earn every time you fund your wallet, at $1 = 1 point. The good news is that even as little as $50 can get you onto the VIP list, so almost anyone can have access to this perk.

Security Features of LottoSmile

Is LottoSmile a Safe Lottery Site?

You can easily find details about LottoSmile’s security features on LottoSmile itself, even on the home page. When a company is this open about its safety features, it’s usually a good sign.

On LottoSmile, any transaction carries protection of a GeoTrust security layer, which uses 128-bit SSL encryption. This will prevent your personal details from being shown to cybercriminals.

LottoSmile—Is it Legal?

LottoSmile, as a website which is operated by The Lotter Limited, is registered and legal to perform the services it provides. Registration took place in Cyprus and you’ll find the registration number HE 253243 on the website.

You can also have peace of mind about this platform thanks to its long track record. It has been in operation since 2012 and theLotter has been around since 2002. They’re well established, so they won’t simply disappear with your money.

Special Features on LottoSmile

You’ll find a ‘Special Offers’ button on the right side of your page, so look there for the latest news on promotions. You can save money with multi-draw offers, take out a subscription and get tickets for free or see specific offers on certain lotteries.

LottoSmile also does a lot to simplify things for users, with complementary services. This includes SMS notifications if you win, alerts about jackpots, and information about results that can be automatically sent to you. These are free to use; you simply need to activate them.

What Should LottoSmile Improve or Change?

The biggest drawback is the lack of payment and withdrawal options. For players who are specific about what they deem as safe payment options, it will make a huge difference if the website expands this list.


How will I know I won?

You can find out about winnings by checking the results yourself, but you can also use LottoSmile’s easy notification features. You’ll automatically receive an email if you win money or you can simply check your LottoSmile account. There’s also a free SMS notification service to register for.

How do I set results alerts?

This is a setting you can change on your mobile device. Under ‘free services’ > ’results alerts’ you can simply slide the button into the on or off position. When it’s on, you’ll receive alerts so you’re always kept up to date with no effort on your part.

How long until a withdrawal reflects in my account?

For most card payments you’ll only wait up to 24 hours to see the money in your account. With a bank transfer, the timeline could be as much as 5 days.

LottoSmile—Quick Links

Final Word—Do We Recommend LottoSmile?

It’s clear that LottoSmile carries much of the same qualities theLotter does and because of theLotter’s good track record, that’s good news for players. There’s no need to question the authenticity or safety of this platform and one of the main attractions is the long list of lotteries to pick from.

It will be easiest for players from India and surrounding countries in Asia to take advantage of the site’s many features, but anyone is welcome. All you have to do is click below, register, and start winning.

This article has been financially reviewed by Ben Heir, CFA Last Updated on March 24, 2021 by Ben Heir.

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